Monday, 22 June 2009

Dreams Sponsored By The Letter Y

Y: To see the letter Y in your dream indicates a need to ask yourself questions and to make some hard decisions.

Yard Sale: Indicates that you are recycling past experiences and finding use for old ideas and skills. You are learning from your past.

Yarn: It may mean that you are stuck in a rut and are going about your life in the same old pattern you always have. If the yarn is tangled then it signifies emotional distress or confusion.

Yasmin: Symbolizes exotic flowers. Yasmin is the sweetest flower in the garden; a reminder to stop and turn our heads in wonder. (Angelique’s middle name is Yasmin.)

Yellow: If you dream of yellow be prepared for a bright sunny day whether the sun is shining or not. Yellow brings clarity and awareness. Yellow will clear the mind making it active and alert. (Yellow is my favourite colour.)

Yew Tree: Symbolizes death and mourning. (Taxotere is made from the yew tree; a chemo treatment I was on.)

Yin Yang: There is a need to balance the opposites. It represents the feminine and masculine, the spiritual and the physical, and the emotional and the rational.

Yoga: Symbolizes unity, harmony, calmness and control of the body and spirit. You have great self-discipline.

Young: To see young people in your dream symbolizes a fresh outlook on life. There may be a need to be more playful and carefree.

Yoyo: Represents the ups and downs of life. (My father was the yoyo champion and no one could ‘walk the dog’ like he could.)


Marie Antionette said...

Hello Renee,I think its just grand to meet someone who made an award.I've never met any of the people who make these awards that go around,So its a real pleasure to meet you.I see you are going though medical issues too.I will pray for you,We never have to many of those.Thank you also for your well wishes.I don't feel very pretty these days...LOL.I will make it cause i have a very strong will,I just bet you have one too.How else would you have linked up with me.We will be strong together.I loved this post it was most interesting.May God bless you Renee!!! Imagine my arms around you...Hugs Marie Antionette

Sarah said...

Good morning Renee!!! I do love your dream letters!! Yoga, I dream about that..and maybe yellow! Wonderful! Hope today finds you well hon. IT's freezing here!!!!??? Love, Sarah

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Hi Renee
These posts REALLY make me wish I could remember my dreams better! If I have a real bizarre one, that sticks but it never seems to have much meaning. ha!
Have a super week!

Marion said...

Another great dose of dream therapy, Ms. Renee! I love the first one, the girl in the glass with the doves and the foxes forming the letter "Y". It's a beautiful photo.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

Sonia ;) said...

Y...for Yawn...Its monday and Im tired..LOL...Y..Yankeee...that be me from the Northeast. Y me on Monday...

AHHHHHHH Monday work week starting off BAD..AHHH Ok had to vent.

XOXO Sonia

YayaOrchid said...

Hey, Renee! How's your Summer going? Any hot days in your whereabouts? We've had 3 digit days lately, and it ain't pretty!
Just wanted to pop in and say hello Dear Friend!

lakeviewer said...

Yes, I'm first in line, yah! Whimsical stuff here; plenty of thinking and coffee sipping. Good choice of pictures. Love it all.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Ms Renee! Love your dream days.
For me, a dream of yarn would be a nightmare - don't get me started!

Love Angeliques first AND middle name!
Yellow: I am taking pictures for my Friday shoot out, and was, just yesterday, astounded at how many things are painted yellow!
Yew: intersting about Taxotere - especially the "mourning."
Yo yo: I never learned to "walk the dog." I wish that your Dad were here to teach me. I'm making a note to myself that when I eventually meet him, I am requesting lessons!

Love to you!

yoborobo said...

Great post! I seriously need to start dreaming about yoga. Lately (besides my anxiety parking lot dreams) I've been dreaming about being on vacation. I think that means I need to go on one. Wanna come? :) You have a great day today! xox Pam

Marie S said...

Good morning beautiful woman!

I never dream of the letter Y, yard sales, or yarn?

Yasmin sounds so wonderful, I like saying it. So Angelique is an angel flower?

My daughters favorite color is yellow too. And she is Sunnie.

I am in awe of the berries on the yew tree they are so unusual.
I'm sorry.
I had never seen one before, thank you.

Balance???????? LOL!

Y is wonderful Renee, Here is too your father. Salude!!!!!!!

Shelly said...

I haven't had many "Y" dreams but I have had more than a few "Why?" dreams.

A Cuban In London said...

I loved this post so much. First of all, what is the 'walk of the dog'? Many thanks on that yin and yan being placed so close to yoga. I need peace of mind and body today, I have got a terrible cold and so has my daughter.

Greetings from London.

glorv1 said...

Hi Renee. The letter Y huh. Hmmmm. How about Yankee Doodle coming to town,:)) hehehe. Have a great week Renee, I will. Take care.

Yoli said...

Oh but you for gor that Y is also for Yoli...LOL. Just kidding, I do love what you have made with my pretty letter.

Marie Antionette said...

It doesn't matter who made it,You are a very sweet lady and I hope we will be very good friends.I bet your beautiful too.XXOO Marie

Polly said...

very informative post, thank you for sharing this.

my favourite colour is also yellow. it's so cheerful

and I love yoga.

but I don't think I ever dreamt of any of these things... I need to pay more attention to my dreams

Lola said...

I had a very strange dream the other night, (hey, I'm dreaming again!!!) I have to look up the letter P in your archives...

Big hugs to you, dear dear Renee.

Lola xx

Baino said...

Oooh I have yellow and young people all the time!

Deborah said...

Good morning Love! Kinda creepy about the yew tree meaning and that cancer drugs are made from it. I dream a lot about my own children being young again. I like those dreams. **blows kisses** Deborah

Marie S said...

Meta has encouraged me to paint again. Thanks Renee!!

I figured they were because they used it for treatment.
They are just very cool looking!

Meghann said...

I've never dreamed about any of those, but I don't remember many of my dreams anyway. I hope you had a good day yesterday and today, I pray for you always :)
Meghann xoxo

Ces said...

Wow! I think it's wonderful that your father was a yoyo champion. I think that says a lot about him!

Happy Monday! You are young at heart!

Marie S said...

Me too the last time I painted, I painted a shirt, and the time before that my bathroom wall(forest).
I use paint all of the time and use the information that I gained from painting everyday.
But when I put down my brushes in the 70's I pretty much let it go.
I am having fun and feels new.
Full circle maybe?

Angela Recada said...

Hello dear Renee!

I just saw the comment you left on Lola's blog and laughed my dimply white ass off! Thanks to you, I snorted and passed (just a little) gas at the same time! Just thought you should know. . .

Ces said...

I miss our threesome Renee!

TheChicGeek said...

Hi Renee :) I love the first looks like a woodcut drawing...very pretty.
I love yellow too...It is such a happy color :)
Have a Beautiful and Dreamy Day!

Ces said...

Renee, do not be down. Don't worry and think positive for our dearest. Just envelope her with love. Don't be angry, just hope.

Prometheus said...

I think i have seen young people in a dream recently. My friends children or something like that. What happens when we get to Z? Are you gonna start again from A?

Ribbon said...

oooh I would like a nice long Y dream :-)

best wishes

beautiful stuff once again Renne... just like you x

yoborobo said...

A vacation sounds dreamy (hee hee)! We can meet at the airport and toss a coin to decide where to visit (I was thinking of a dart to throw at the 'destinations' board, but with airport security, I think that is a bad idea). Where to go? Hmmm...someplace tranquil and green has its appeal. As long as they have good coffee in the morning, and a nice glass of wine in the evening, I'm game (as in YES which starts with Y!).

Ingrid Mida said...

Your dream blogs are so yummy!!! I had a very vivid dream last night and I forgot to tell you about it.... It wasn't a Y dream though and I have no idea what it means....

Pattee said...

Renee it's so good to be home and able to comment on your blog.

I had dreams of Indian children last night I was trying to save and take from India to America... wasn't a pleasant dream....

I didn't know yellow was your favorite color....

I have another small present I'll get in the mail, but first I need make Nathan's Fool!

I love you and hope again to visit sometime dear one.

Marie S said...

I love you and hope you are felling better.
I miss your 3 some too!
I'm sorry.

Marie S said...

Thanks that made me feel good.
Give me a few minutes and you will see.
Be back soon!

Strawberry Girl said...

I love your dream interpretations, too bad I don't really dream of anything specific like this. I usually dream of my family and sorting things out. There have been a few interesting ones (Involving bouncing on mattresses to get down from the upstairs of my grandpa's house, to a flood that drove us up to my parents house, to one where we were passing out potatoes...) I should get them out and write them up to share... sort of interesting (Oh yeah, there was also the one of my sister as she was going to see a psychologist, that one made me cry).

rochambeau said...

Hi Renee,
Thank you the dream lessons for the letter "Y". Wishing you all the wonderful things that Yoga has to offer, but not only in your dreams, but in life!!


kj said...

renee, your feeling down and sad and mad and maybe even lost is so understandable. bella's loss is huge for her, for you, for many. there will be good days and bad days, but your love for one another will be a golden thread.

thinking of you,

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

We had yew tree shrubs in my front yard when I was growing up. I never knew what they were until now - I recognized the berries.
In reply to your comment - My dear Renee, you will have a place of honor in the gypsy cart of course!
It is funny, but the last time I was in Mexico I kept asking people how much a burro cost...trying to get a general idea. And then I wanted to know if I could just ride it through the street without a permit. The answer: About 50.00, and of course I could...This was Mexico!
Love to you,
Catherine xxoo

Woman in a Window said...

i am whispering through this dream post this week. sssshhhhh...i was never here~

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Renee, dear, there are awards for you at my blog.

Kate said...


What a lovely post yellow and yarn and ying yang and more a delightful list.


Marie S said...

Check out liberty lady and liberty lady 2
Tut rocks, I am glad you are enjoying it.

~* The Beldame on Peach Street *~ said...

Hi Renee,

I just wanted to stop by and say how are you? I hope you and your family had a lovely father's day together.

I have an award to post on my blog given to me recently by a friend. Ironically, it's the Renee Award. It is a blog award that I will truly cherish and try to live up to with each word or deed on my blog!

Have a great week Renee!


Elizabeth said...

Really cool, Renee. I'm so curious about the process you use to create these posts -- the art, the interpretations. HOw do you do it?

Jenniwren said...

Hi Renee, Great post, I love the pictures!Thank you for popping by my blog earlier in the week. I have just come back from a lovely week long holiday in Tasmania. It was fabulous.
All refreshed and ready to blog!!!
(as soon as I get my photo's downloaded to the computer)
Have a happy happy day!

Tessa said...

Sending love and kisses and hugs a-plenty 'cos I know you're feeling a bit uppity-downity at the moment darling Renee, and I think that loving puffs of cloud from across the pond may just help even the tiniest bit?

Yellow is my favourite, too - my whole house is various shades of that delectable colour! Yellow is liberating...and yes, mellow and warm...

What did I dream last night...hmmm, let me think. (Sips coffee...thinking...) Oh yes! I dreamed about balloons - a sky covered in balloons of all colours and I was cross because balloons are bad for turtles...and the sea is so full of rubbish anyway. Erk. I saw a programme about an island near Hawaii where the albatross nests and it was FULL of plastic which they think is food....awful. Must go and look in your archives for B dreams.

Manon Doyle said...

Oohh.... I love your dream days! I dream a lot......
Yellow, yoga and yoyo's.... these are my favorites!

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee, lovely to hear from you.
So pleased for you winning Micki's Mermaid, she is beautiful.
Loved the ying and yang art and the family, children. I have been thinking about balance, we must be connected.
My youngest is off school with conjuctevitus, she is so enjoying the time at home. Bless her and no struggles with the eye drops either.
A true star.
The drops are helping, I think she may need something better, as it isn't quite budging.
Send you a big hug and kiss!
hoodles and hoodles of luv!

studio lolo said...

The first drawing and Yin/Yang are wonderful! You always choose perfect images.

Angelique other name is more beautiful ;)

I know your heart is heavy. That's because you're such a loving friend. We all process things in our own way and at our own pace. There's no right or wrong way.

This is countdown week. Holy crap.
I'll pop in when I can though.
I'd miss you!


Sue said...

As always, your dream posts are so interesting and the pics are such a bonus!

I KNOW I have dreamed about a yard sale before, but like so many others, I rarely remember my dreams. I'm sure I've never had a dream featuring a yoyo! LOL

Hugs to you my friend, may all your dreams be beautiful!

Pyzahn said...

Hey Renee...I LOVE, love the artwork in your masthead.

I also am beguiled by what you do here on your blog.

I do, however, differ on dream interpretation. I consider symbols very personal with no "pat" definition. Take an object from your dream and describe it as if you were talking to someone from another planet, i.e, a car is something that takes you from one place to another.

Pull together all object descriptions along with mood, settings, feelings, etc. and before you know it your intuition kicks in and you understand what the dream is telling you.

My dreams are EPIC and I often get writers cramp jotting them down. I long for short and sweet that deep in symbolism.

Sweet dreams, sleep well.

jgy said...

Hi Renee,
I love your letter posts.
Yoga, my favorite thing lately, I wish it was a mandatory part of gYm which I never liked in school.
My daughters name is Yasu and our last name starts with Y, so I must say, next to J its my favorite.
I also read thru your posts on this page, you are so brave and expressive to share so much and to be so positive through your experiences.
For some reason I woke up today with the phrase ' a sentence of life'. And coming to your site, I feel that. To life, Renee, to life!! Hope you are feeling well, and sending xolove,

Art Fan Ako said...

Wow! I'm touched by your blog. You have powerful words her and I can feel your inner strength. Continue the fight, the journey. Don't give up.