Friday, 12 June 2009

Fantasy Friday BLD No. 18

*artwork B by Lisa Falzon and D by Linda Olafsdottir


Ribbon said...

I love the surreal images that you post here. I love the surprise of them.
thank you
x ribbon

Anonymous said...

Little drummer girl, so perfectly poised upon her ram, assuring us that anything is possible as long as we put our minds to it!

Lovely little lady painting flowers as the birds circle, reminding us to never stop dreaming.

Gorgeous girl in the filgree gown, reminding us to take time to give thanks for the blessings in life!

Beautiful, serene images!
Love and hugs to you,

Sarah said...

Good morning dear Renee!!Hmmmmm..the first one disturbs me somehow..disjointed maybe...but that is also what makes it interesting.
I adore the second on..adding whimsy to places that need it.
Well Renee...the last one just looks like Nonni!!!! She even has a dress like that...not floating away..but similar in look.
Wonderful hon!!!! Love, Sarah

Daria said...

Sweet pictures ...

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

I am always fascinated by the images you find Renee, I always find myslef studying them....which is the point I am sure! Have a good, good weekend. XO

Deborah said...

Good morning Renee. May God bless you abundantly this fine day. Sending you all my love, Deborah

kj said...


you are a total magnificent honest wonderful doll.

you boring? hahahahahahhahahahaha

love you too

Anonymous said...

OMJoy! These speak right to my beautiful and innocent. Really Renee, how do you do it?

Love you to the moon and back

~ ennui ~ said...

great images...
have a wonderful weekend :)

pinkglitterfae said...

great images today Renee, and I love your new blog look.
have a fabulous friday!

Pattee said...

Hi Renee...
I wish I was that little girl painting flowers on top of a big metal thing, robot it looks to me.

Love ~Pattee

Meghann said...

Woo, I like the girl painting onthe robot head, and I would so love to ride a sheep. I don't know why, but I would :)
Hugs and prayers,
Meg xoxo

K said...

I was just about to say that Ribbon!
i really look forward to seeing what will pop on your blog on Fantasy Friday!

Have a great weekend Renee!!

Marie S said...

Yay! It is friday.
I love the images this friday.
Fun, playful, comtemplative, and sweet.

I love the first picture, the real and drawn, ready to beat her drum.

I draw on my robot everyday, he likes it.

In the 3rd picture the little girls dress is like a dream.
Sweet images Renee, thank you so much for gathering them.

Diana Evans said...

you find the coolest pieces ever...and I love your new banner piece....did you paint that???



Lori ann said...

Dear Renee,

thank you for sharing this beautiful art,

i hope you have a fantastic friday,

xoxo lori

Kate said...

Oh i love the girl riding the sheep. Such fun. My daughter actually did this when she was little although she looked a little more terrified than this girl did.


lakeviewer said...

Oh these three are so precious, each leaving a trace of themselves through their art. How thoughtful of you to select these for us.

studio lolo said...

Good morning sweet Raven sister!
I love BLD Fridays ;)

B)That's me, Leo pushing the buttons of Brian, my Aries husband.
I always pull out my snare drum when I want to get his full attention!

L) Sweet...reminds me of Bella's artwork :)

D) That's me again, only this time I'm unravelling! These are trying times with this move. I'm strong though and I know things will be wonderful back 'home' again.

Have a gentle weekend, sweet friend.

love you,

lakeviewer said...

Renee, I am off for a week down in California to celebrate Father's Day with the family.

I will miss you. But, I shall return soon.

Love and good thoughts.
I hope the sun shines on you.

Snowbrush said...

My god, Fantasy Friday again already?!

I see in the top photo that the bird grew tired of circling and is now resting on a branch. I hope this is a sign that he will be gone soon, my darling.

Ces said...

Dearest Renee,

I find these illustrations endearing. I especially like the first one.

Sisters: I think it’s marvelous that you have so many sisters and they all seem very supportive and have a wicked sense of humor. Strong women too! I would like to be a fly in the room and watch all of you laugh. I hope Colette does not swat me. A Gemini hates flies and will break everything in the room just to swat a fly.

Colette left a beautiful and warm message on my blog. Thank you to your beautiful sister Colette. I like all of your sisters’ names.

I only have two children because I ran out of names to give them. If I had many children, the rest will just have initials like L (Elle) K (Kaye) M (Em) J (Jay) P (Pee) B (Bea). See they are just letters but they sound like real names. When they are older then they can supply the rest of the letters. Therefore I laud you mother for giving all of you women beautiful names.

You know what you are Renee? You are an enigma to me. You stimulate my curiosity. It seems you are an endless series of adventure and excitement.

Have a great weekend. I am working all weekend long with an early start on Monday morning. I just want you to feel sorry for me and think that I am one cool dudette for being a sport about it.


Sarah said...

Again lovely picks! I can't decide of the girl riding the sheep is dreamy or nightmarish! I like your new banner picture-by the same artist I presume?
Have a lovely weekend,
Sarah x

Deborah said...

OMG Renee, I just read your survey on KJ's blog!!!! In the pool and the mother-in-law comes around the corner and sits down!!!! I snorted the water I was drinking up my nose! Oh how I love you!

Linda Sue said...

Beauty! Great images as usual- esp. fond of the girl in the red and white squiggle dress. I hope that your week end is relaxing , sunny, well spent- thinking of you, with sand in my shoes...

Manon Doyle said...

Hi Renee,
I really like all three of these!
Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Shelly said...

my fantasy is to get my house organized this weekend.

yoborobo said...

I love the little girl on top of that crazy-looking sheep. :) Happy Friday - I hope you have a fantastic weekend! xox Pam

Michelle said...

That first one! Snort!!

The gorgeous, just what a pretty flowing dress feels like :)

Thinking of you, and of Mayflies...


Anonymous said...

Giddy up! Have a fab weekend. If you don't hear from me by Monday, that means I'm in jail.



Anonymous said...

Hi Renee, it is so cool, yeah, getting somewhere and able to share the knowledge. I love it when I learn something new.

Have a great weekend with lots of laughs!

luv and hugs!


Anonymous said...

Hi Renee, I didn't wish to moan about my face. It is under control say a third of each day. My teeth on the left side still feel like sharp points in my gums/cold/hot/sensations, like they are metal. My top and bottom jaw feel like there it is wired upto to something behind my ear and gets pulled tighter if talking to much/turn left to much or feel stressed. I take cocodamols during the day when too much and amitriptyline at night which is not doing its full job. On the good side, I remind myself to feel more positive to overcome the pain and discomfort, as I really don't want to let it get the better of me. Have been thinking about cracking to tooth so the dentists have to take it or them out as \i still feel I would be more comfortable without them. Going to buy a sports mouth guard to see if this helps over night. Has the dentist mad one is for the bottom and puts me enormous pain, so much it is unbearable burning pain.
I think it is because it is a bottom one and the damage muscles healed tighter the push more pressure on my top teeth? So thinking a top guard may help?
It is only the two top teeth on this left side and this side face in pain, my right side is not there,relaxed and normal.
Well after all this I bet you wished you not asked,lol!

How are you, Renee?
Did you read up on the blueberries?
I know you are keeping strong the best you can and you have been forced into been a warrior. Such a
Sh*t deal, I don't swear very often.
I love and respect you so much Renee for shinning out and your big beautiful heart!
So hard to talk about and I know you will want people just to see you and not the cancer, which is one reason sometimes I don't ask.
I still think and feel about you dearly.
Enjoy you and your blog, but especially you!

Luv and hugs!


soulbrush said...

gorgeous all of them and i lurv your header too.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Some Really Sweet Images !! Great One...Loved your blog..Thanks for sharing..Also I Have Started My Own Website And Would Like You To Have A Look At It.I Would Love To Have Your Comments On That Also.Unseen Rajasthan

Woman in a Window said...

I'm drawn to the first. There is something there that speaks directly to my imagination.

Have a good and full weekend.

Ces said...

Sorry for using you blog Renee but Colette left me a comment and then I just realized that i was confused. I thought she just had a birthday, oh no, it was Camille, so now I am embarrassed. I thought I could just let it go but as I was expressing sentiment I really can't pretend that everything was in its proper place. So please tell Collette, I will make it up to her and return when I am awake, alert and oriented to time , place and person!

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures, very serene for me and beautiful...hmmm reminds me of someone i know and love ....hmmm who could it be? OH yeah YOU!
Have a beautiful weekend my sister friend.
I love you

Marie S said...

Me too Renee!!! I can not believe how lucky I am.
Isn't she so talented??
Just awesome work and I love her dearly.
She has been encouraging me to paint again.
Thank you Renee, you make my heart sing,
love and huge hugs,

Angela Recada said...

Hello, dear Renee,

I love the art you chose for us today, and I hope you have a really, really good weekend.

I'm sending big hugs and lots of love to you, dear friend.


rochambeau said...

Hi Renee,
Hope you are having a good night.
Dropping by to wish you everything wonderful. Like all of your fantasy artworks.

with love,

Yoli said...

My dear Renee, passing by in my insomniac slippers, it is 1:04 AM here. I love these images but the one I love most is your header. So beautiful, so bittersweet.

Coreopsis said...

It's so cool that I recognize who made some of these pieces even before I read the acknowledgment. Lisa's drummer girl is in another world altogether, one with somewhat tattered edges, but that's okay, because it is INTENSE, and that's the way one should live ones life--with an intense awareness of EVERYTHING, including the tatters.

Even washes dishes and folding the laundry should be a joy.

I really like the bottom one too--the sweet little girl with her dress becoming something else altogether, or rather, with it slipping into a different sort of pattern.

I enjoy these contemplations--thanks for posting!

Sonia ;) said...

Love the artwork...Makes me feel like a child...or to try and capture my inner child...

Sonia ;)

Anonymous said...

Is that "Mad Sheep" disease? That first piece is crazy wierd!

Fresh Mommy said...

Wow, these are so interesting!! I love the colors and fantasy!!