Thursday, 25 June 2009

June = 06

What year did you graduate from high school? I graduated from Windsor Park Collegiate at 18 years old in June, 1974. My siblings all chipped in and bought me a gold initial ring with RSM (Renee Ste. Marie) on it (Mickey has the same ring). My parents bought me a white Rambler Ambassador convertible. I went to my dinner and dance with David (my boyfriend at the time) and my darling friend Shirley and her husband Leo. Remember what fun we had Shirl?

Did you do anything fun during this month? Totally, I have had a lot of good times this month. Josephine’s birthday is on June 1st and her, Angelique, Don, and I sat around their kitchen table eating birthday cake and we all wore princess crowns that Flo bought for Josephine. On Sunday that just passed; Josephine, Wahid and I went to Jacquie’s pool because Jennifer was in with the kids and we had the best time ever. I could watch Josephine laugh all day long. And boy can she laugh.

Do you have a favourite baseball team? No, although I did play baseball as a kid and loved it. When I was little we played at recess and I was the pitcher. One time the ball hit me in the nose hard and my Dad had to pick me up from school because it would not stop bleeding. He took me to Children’s Hospital where they packed it and then took me to ‘The Beachcomber’ where I got to sit on a barstool and he had a coffee and I had a milkshake. I think he owned a television repair shop at the time.


Deborah said...

Good Morning Love! I greatly enjoyed reading this. I love learning more about you. Your moon and star have found a perfect rising spot over the pond, above the cannas, watching Meow-Meow steal fish food. Wishing you Joy today. **blows kisses** Deborah

lakeviewer said...

These are special moments, and special memories. Renee, I hope you have some special summer vacation planned.

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

I just remember after about my sophomore year that I couldn't wait to get out :)
Still don't miss it 25 years later(how the hell does that happen so fast?)
I'm definitely getting crowns for everyone at our next birthday party!


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Wow, what nice graduation presents!
I graduated May of 1977 and my parents gave me a luggage set. I guess that was their loving way of saying 'Adios!' ha
LOL (Lots of love)

Marion said...

You have such wonderful memories, Renee. I enjoyed reading about those precious moments in your life.

I graduated in June, 1972 and got married in September of the same year. (Still married to the same man, too.) I didn't get any graduation gifts that I can recall and my mother was home with my baby brother and couldn't come, but my two older sisters were there. We were very poor, on welfare. I really don't remember much about it except for the disappointment of my mother not being there.

I got my first brand new car when I was 34 and bought it myself. All our other cars were used models. (I'm working on a 'car poem' which is cracking me up because I'm up to about 20 cars and still going.....LOL!)

Blessings, Peace & Love to you!!!

Marie said...

Hi Renee. Thanks so much for visting my blog and leaving your lovely comment. You and I are the same age. I used to live in Winnipeg back in the 1970's when I was a young bride and also I lived in Gimli when I was a girl as my dad was in the airforce. I was made aware of IBC several years ago and keep a close watch. My mother had breast cancer when she was 53. Thankfully she survived. I hope you don't mind, but I am putting you on my prayer list.

Ces said...

Renee! You and I graduated from high school on the same year! I was 15 years old. Right after graduation though, I went to college as if I was in a hurry, I wanted to graduate and be done with college. I did finish at 19 but could not practice my profession because I had to be 21 to practice a licensed profession, so it was a perfect example of "Hurry up and wait!" So I continued university and studied another specialty and eventually worked as a speech therapist, oh dear, I had so much fun working at that rehab center, I organized my patients into a girl scout troop and I took them camping. Darn! we had wheelchairs and splints and braces and crutches to deal with, I told them to bring along their maids - hahahah! Girls Scout camping with maids, the council gave me a permit, they thought I was a crazy young troop leader but they let me take the girls. Hahah!

I have many reasons to be happy this month. I have so much to be thankful for. I am blessed but I also feel sad. Well, that's life. Can't complain about it. But I fret.

Shelly said...

My siblings all chipped in and bought me a jewelry box also engraved with RSM on it - our siblings must have no imagination haha (just joking) I actually think you organized and picked it out. I still love it and use it to this day!

Marie S said...

A very nice view of you Renee!
Those were the days, I had a plymoth Valiant LOL!! With tapestry curtains.
Thank you for sharing you life with us Renee.
Love and huge hugs.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Wow, you got a car! No one would even let me drive their car! I graduated in '73, and I really don't think I was quite ready for it. Our graduation ceremony was whacky - my crazy group of friends all wore Groucho Marx masks on stage and it created such a stir (not a good one) that they even put it on page 2 of the city newspaper. It was considered disrespectful. How times have changed. Most of that group are now doctors, lawyers, and even a judge. We sure had fun! Have a great weekend, Renee.
Catherine xxoo

Meghann said...

Cool! Well, not about the nose part, but neat!
I hope you have a happy day today :)
Hugs and prayers,
Meg xoxo

Holly said...

1973 West Springfield High School

Fun?? Is that what I'm supposed to have when not working or being tired?

Red Sox - yeah baby!!

Pattee said...

Hi Renee,
I graduated in 1970... I got an 8 track tape player and I went out with my boyfriend at the time (Rick Johnson) I hated high school! And almost didn't graduate... My family life was stressful...

I think wearing crowns and eating Birthday cake sounds fantastic!

Your blog posts are the most interesting thing I read online... : )

I never liked any sport even tho I was fairly athletic.

I wish I could make a crown and wear it for my Birthday... hmmm now that's an idea!


Meghann said...

I gave you an award!
Congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Renee..I wish you a beautiful summer..

kathy hare said...

I'm speechless Renee.. thankyou so much.. your parcel arrived and it felt like my birthday, all those lovely things.. I love LOVE love the sun charm, I have just decorated my kitchen so I have hung it at the window where I can see it all the time..Thankyou so much my friend, what a lovely surprise...
I will also treasure the little acorn :)
love you

Baino said...

Ha! Well I graduated in 1975 and my parents gave me a hug. I did go on a great 'gap year' trip though it only lasted 4 months, but nobody bought me a CAR! Not even when I graduated from University in 1979! Spoiled rotten you were!

Marie S said...

I thought you would be the perfect person to look after her with love.
Love and huge hugs.

Michelle said...

My nose got broken by a netball when i was 10...ouch...never been the same since :)

still flying....wheeeeeee


Sarah said...

That was good to get a car! I finished school in 1984 and didn't do anything much! I was naive and inexperienced and went off to college fairly terrified! I went to Leicester Polytechnic-what do you mean you have never heard of it? It had its good points. I made some lifelong friends and met Andy there too. Notice I don't mention the education!
June has been a good but work busy month. Andy's birthday is in June so we had a family celebration for that. I have been outside a lot in various ways which is good. Glad you are having a good June too. It's fun dressing up even in little ways.
As for baseball-no! Being English I should support a football team but I don't. Andy supports Newcastle and is constantly disappointed!
Have a good weekend. Where did you meet Wahid? I love knowing where people met each other. I always marvel at the amount of chance involved in meeting your other half.

Daria said...

Wow you have a great memory ... I wouldn't be able to remember half of that ... about graduation that is.

Good on you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Renee, I was actually laughing out loud when I read this! You paint such a clear picture with your words that I could actually see each of those events! So sorry about the nose! But hey, you got a milkshake out of the deal!
Love to you

kj said...

ever notice how often i stop by to say hi before i take the time to read your post(s)?

i know why. sometimes even in the midst of hustle-bustle i just want to say hi.


Jen said...

I graduated in 1999. My 10 year reunion is coming up (the day before my birthday, so it will be quite a weekend!)

Your June sounds as busy and delightful as mine has been! It's been full of love and graduations.

I wish I could say I was more into baseball, but I've always associated it with ruining cartoons during the season! I've never been to a real game though, so that might change my tune once I experience it in person!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Great post Renee! How wonderful to get a car for your graduation. I am sure you had such fun times in it! I graduated from High School in 1982, and then went on to university for 4 years. I had a part time job at a deli and saved up and bought my own car when I was 19 yr.Happy Times!

Stepping off the edge said...

I graduated from high school 3 years ago. no. wait. holy crap! make that 23 years ago.. OMG- what happened!! LOL- ::donning my Queen of denial crown::: well- that can't be right - because i am only 28! again. and again. The thing I love most about my dad living with me is that to him I am always 5. soemtimes that isnt so good- but most of the time- it's nice to know that someone still sees me as a sweet innocent little girl- keeps me laughing, keeps me silly.
as for high school. UGH. and thats all that needs to be said! LOL!
Have a wonderful day/night/week!
:::::hugs SO big::::

yoborobo said...

Hi Renee! I loved hearing about the birthday party - what a joyful thing a small child's laugh is. :) You really do need to write a book about growing up in your family. I could see you sipping your milkshake while your father drank his coffee. :) xox Pam

Ribbon said...

Hiya Renee... i can't remember the year I finished school. It was sometime in the seventies. There was no celebration. I'm the youngest in my family by 12yrs and I think they were over celebrating anything by the time I arrived :-)

Lovely to read your fun in the sun with Josephine... such a lovely name to say.

best wishes always

Wendy said...

Yes, nice graduation presents! Seems so long ago now. June is a happy month. Gardens blooming. Weather not too hot yet. Carefree living.
Happy Summer!

flossy-p said...

ooo, happy birthday to little Josephine!

Thanks so much for your council on changing your last name. I am really warming to the idea of doing what Nadeline and Angelique did; taking both names, and being able to choose to use one or the other. Do they have to use all of the names on official forms, bank accounts and what not?

I'd like to take Adam's last name, but not have to change everything, hehehe. That's me being lazy ;)

Woman in a Window said...

18 in '74?

Diana Evans said...

I love when you take us back in time and share your memories...wonderful!!!


rochambeau said...

Hi Renee,
I like hearing you weave your memories into tales. You are good at it and you have had many good times.

Do you still wear that ring?


secret agent woman said...

I graduated from high schol in 1981, in Switzerland. It seems like a million years ago. June is a special month, and I don't think any of us ever lose that feeling of school ending and ghe summer beginning.

Sue said...

Such great memories you have Renee! I would have to do some fancy math to figure out what year I graduated (I think it was 69, but not sure - I'm terrible at dates!)

I do remember I loved high school! Soooo much fun - good times!

My first car, when I was 21 was a red Rambler Ambassador convertible... great dependable car. I loved it.

Wishing you as wonderful of a July as your June has been!


Marie S said...

She told me she wanted to be with you!
How could I refuse?
I still have the other one, remember?
I love you too Renee.
Take good care of her, she is special and filled with magic!
Love and hugs,

Lola said...

Lovely Renee June moments, thank you!
I graduated in 1985, it feels like yesterday...

Ciao, beloved one.
Lola xx

A Cuban In London said...

Graduating from high school, meaning college in the UK, was summer 1989. It was great fun because I knew I was going to uni, i knew that I wasn't going to be drafted, I knew that I woould not be sent to Angola to die like many other youngsters, some as young as I was at the time, 17 going 18. It was a time to dream. And then the economy collapsed and we entered the 'special period'. But I discovered the pwoer of friendship in uni, with non-uni students. Friends who were there to pull me out and for whom I was there to offer a shoulder on which to cry. Yes, I remember those times and I loved this post because you've given me a piecemeal of your life that I totally appreciate. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Ces said...

Hello dearest Renee, thank you very much for your kind, loving and complimentary comments about me over at the Mental Ninja's blog. Thank you Love!

Mundo Mundaca said...

With certainty one of the best moments of our life are them lived in the years of the school,where everything seems us possible where we have everyone to the reach of our hands and where the horizon seems to be there nearby.Thank you for doing to remember of those wonderful days.

Dear Renee, forgives me the absence was several days without . Would like that you send me your personal email ( if possible) for me can feel more details on my work how we had spoken previously.

Meghann said...

The weather is ok here, it has been really HOT which I love, but the dog and hubby don't, lol, so I have to sort of put up with their complaints while I am loving it, tee hee.
We are supposed to get some thunder storms, I hope so, I love them.
Prayers and hugs for a good day,

Tessa said...

When I graduated my parents packed me off to Australia for a year heaving palpable sighs of relief. Sweet Renee....playing baseball (like a pro, no doubt), zooming around in her convertible and dancing with David. And all the while, I was eating flies and rounding up sheep on a frothing horse with a bunch of mad Aussie Jackaroos on my Grandfather's station at Nikavilla. Gawd, I wish I'd been you instead!

Beth said...

Graduated in 1983 from Grant Park High School. Proud to say there are still pictures of me and the girls' track team on the wall of fame there (embarassing shorts we wore back then!!)

Shelly said...

I was just sitting at work working (haha) and thought David? But yes I guess David was around then – I never associate him with that car. When I think of your white convertible and the men in your life I think about the one you tried to run over with it – now that’s a story to tell!

Renee said...

I should tell that story one day Shelly.

Have a wonderful weekend with you darling girl.

Love Renee xoxox

Clarity said...

Dear Soul,

You look to be enjoying the time you have now as well as the simple beautiful memory with your father. It's so good to hear someone who knows all their blessings. I hope you and Wahid have many more memories together. His name means "number one/first" I was told a while ago.

BT said...

What a lovely uplifting post Renee, I can just imagine you sitting with a crown on your head! What fun.

Robin said...

wonderful memories.....
Thank you for sharing them