Thursday, 12 February 2009


My back has been sore all week, well now it is letting up. But my shoulders and my arms are killing me.

So, I prayed ‘Dear God, please help me.’ Then I got really quiet and listened for some love.

I felt guidance, love, and support come in, and I could tell that it was God because he spoke to me.

‘Dude,’ he said, ‘take some of your pain meds.’


This is the word of the Lord.

Thanks be to God.

*artwork by Carol Roque


Ginaagain said...

God is infinitely practical. I hope the medication helped.

Paul said...

Haha, that is one cool God you have there.

Lisa said...

the lord speaks in mysterious ways - yes my love, take the pain meds and thank the universe that we have them to help us with times like this.

sending love, Lisa xx

malena Sandra said...

Does it help you,against pain?Hope it does.Is there anyone to hug you around?Here comes my hug,ok.Love.

Anonymous said...

I love it when God is the voice of common sense! I came across your blog kind of randomly, but I love the artwork. My good friend was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer last year and had breast tissue and tons of lymph nodes removed, then lots of chemo and radiation. She is now doing great and is hopefully free and clear of the dreaded cancer. I sure hope those birds will give up on circling your head too.

Sandy said...

Hi Renee,

Thanks so much for entering the OWOH contest. I've decided to send you a consolation prize of a Bottle of Hope. Please send me your contact information through e-mail and I'll get it out to you next week some time.

I've written about you in my latest blog entry.



I am... said...

I love how God speaks our language sometimes! This one made me laugh out loud...Love this posts and hope you are feeling better with a bit of medication and love from me! Thinking of you lots xo

Tessa said...

Indeed. Wise old chap, eh?

Rest easy lifting heavy things, including thoughts. xxx

Louise@fireseed said...

Hi Renee,
I am sorry you are having so much pain, I can't help you with that, but maybe I can bring a smile to your face today at least -
You have won my glass monkee bead on my One Heart One World giveaway!

This was the only way I could see to contact you so I hope you find this comment.

If you contact me before Saturday 14th at midnight he's yours! (If not I will need to redraw the winner) My email is - my blog's at ;o)

I'm thrilled that a fellow Canadian has won and really pleased that he'll be going to a home where he might be able to bring a little smile and brighten a day.

Anonymous said...

cool, dude!
Hope your feeling happy today Renee! We so need you here, I want to keep you forever, can I?
Look forward to reading your messages and your personality so much shines!
luv and hugs!

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Very good advice... isn't there something about "God helps those who help themselves"? Guess you were supposed to get that bottle open & get some relief.
I hope you are feeling better and that your day will be a good one. Peace be with you...
xxx ooo Cheryl

jacquie said...

was it god or was it dad sending you some love.....if it wasn't ...then i say dad there is strength in numbers..with all the love in your room, you would remember that. dad, can you please say all together gang and help renee with her pain....not to be selfish, but could you get then to help me too.

together strong

glorv1 said...

Oh I like that God "rocks." I hope you are doing better. I'm sorry for all the pain you feel. Sending good vibes to you. Take care and try to have a great Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Who says God doesn't answer our prayers; sometimes in mysterious ways. Hope the pain is less today. Love, Barb

Anonymous said...

Dude...good post! I loved this one! And it's true - God is great. God is good. God believes in pain relief.

I do hope you are feeling better as well. I have had pain in my upper back for the past week - haven't heard the voice until I read your blog. I am off to take pain meds.

Oh..I am SO happy you were pleased with the toast. We toasted you as soon as the wine came, and wished you monumental success with treatment.

Love ya Dude.

Liz said...

Too funny! Faith and action, together at last... xo

studio lolo said...

You make me smile every day!
It's your heart and humor that shines through your pain.

Dude, you won a monkey??


ChatElaine said...

Hi Renee thanks you popping in Billie was very happy with your comments and I gave her your hug!!! Just one more question can you tell me what length you require for it to be. In inches will be fine, Pink Josie is approx. 3cm or just over 1" in length x 2cm or3/4" wide. So if you have some item of jewellery that is ideal just measure the chain length for me I will do the rest. Hugs to you. Elaine

B said...

I love the artwork you find and put on your blog.

Julie said...

Oh how can cancer make me LOL? When Renee becomes the pain med prophet of the Lord. That is some gospel I can get behind!

Love you!

Melissa said...

Renee, you make me smile!!!!

lakeviewer said...

You certainly have God and the angels on your side. And with all the friends circling around, someone is bound to find your medicine bottle and open it while you are still praying.

Believe in whatever helps you get through the night.

Noreen said...

Renee, you are a great listener and follow direction well.

I, like you, pray for help. Unlike you, I seem to wait for the 2x4 across the back of my head before I become a little teachable and begin the process of following direction.

Thank you teacher. I hope your feeling much better today!

Love, Noreen

Sarah said...

I do love his sense of humor - Dude!!! LOL Renee! I will focus on your upper half!!!! Gentle hugs to you!! Take those meds girl!!

I adored your comment - mental duck becomes mental swan!! You made my year!!! Love you hon!!!!
There must be an illistration in that...... xxxoo Sarah

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

God sounds suspiciously like Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn's character) in Fast Times At Ridgemont High! :)

Michelle said...

Oh cool!

You are a brave lady.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dude:

Dixie has been lurking, really needed to hear this... I will opt to take a couple of doses of the Lords words and hopefully let them sink in. Glad it helped.

I am forced to deal with such excuse me, I am looking for the word, be right back; IMBECILES...

Love you to the moon and back, and yah, further..


Michelle said...

Renee, thank you for your comments. She has Stage 4 Colon Cancer...major surgery in Feb last year and after 6 months of slow growth her CEA levels are now going through the roof, no chemo options offered so far, no hope for cure as lymph nodes were involved. I do talk to her, in fact I probably know more than she does, she hasn't wanted to know so far and I have respected that...but its getting all too real and scary now. I just want to help make it bearable for her throughout.

Linda Sue said...

HAHAHA! That God- what a joker!

Sarah said...

Dude - it's a totally rad collaberation!!! We'll be two peas in a far out pod man.
Ok sorry - went to high school in LA - slipped back there for a moment.
Renee you will get 1/2 credit for my quack to honk picture!!!
Love, Sarah

Dawn said...

I hope you did as you were told... Painkillers are there for a reason, to help ease pain - so take them when needed PLEASE, you will function better when you don't have the pain and I don't want you to have pain okay, you hear!!!!
Love ya x

Sarah said...

The party was fun!! I have amazing kiddos!!
K - you shall be my muse!! How lucky am I to have you as a muse!!!! Love, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Renee! She is on the mend now.

Anonymous said...

DOnt ya just love God sometimes?

He gave you a duh moment to rewflect in..nice to be back here to visit again...

LaWatha said...

Ha- Reminds me of the joke about the guy that prays and prays for God to let him win the lottery. (I'm paraphrasing here because I totally suck at telling jokes!) The guy gets upset because obviously God is not listening to his prayers... no matter how much he prays for God to let him win the lottery, he never does- finally God says to him "Hey, you gotta meet me halfway here... you have to buy a lottery ticket!"

Or something like that. ; )

I hope the pills left you feeling painfree and able to enjoy the day.

Sending lots of love your way,

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Hallelujah! You've been reformed. Even in your pain you took the time to credit the artist:) Now, that's God's work! Sorry, I being bad:(

Hope your tomorrow is a good one!

Bella Sinclair said...


Laughter's supposed to be good for the body and soul, and lady, you just gave me a good dose of the giggles. Hope you laugh every day. :D

Flor Larios Art said...

Hi Renee,
Praying for you...hope you feel better already.
Thank you for always visiting my blog and for leaving your beautiful and encouraging comments.

Shelly said...

I could totally see God calling you a Dude - you are (even still at your age) one of the coolest people I know ... I wasn't expecting that and it did get a chuckle out of me ... I just hate that you are in any kind of pain or discomfort.

A Palmer said...

Dudette, my husband has gone through all kinds of cancer therapies and the one thing we've learned is to stay ahead of the pain with the meds. It's easier on the bod and the brain than getting behind. So gobble 'em up girl. God had somebody invent them just for you!

SweetAnnee said...

Take MEDS!!!
do what you need to ..
In battle must make everything
as good as the can.

You want to talk

just email me through my blog profile

Praying girl. We're the same age too
give or take a year.

fondly, Deena