Friday, 13 February 2009

Fantasy Friday BLD No. 4


Sarah said...

Good morning hon - how is my muse today?? Hm - the first one makes me think of jellies - candy. The second erotic... hmmm a stag and a fairy- I didn't notice her wings at first - interesting, will think on that one. The third one - I loved - which is funny as I'm not drawn to cupids - but the exausted one - very cute - the colors are stunning - rich and deep - like love maybe. You make me think so early in the morning......
Love, Sarah

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Thanks for your comments, Renee. I think it's the ceremony that I love about the Episcopal church too. There is a good bit of it that I don't believe, but as you said I love the comfort and the stability of it all. I love the service at our church & the beautiful music.

pRiyA said...

thats on treasure trove of a collection of pics you must be having with you Renee.
loved each one.

Anonymous said...

Renee...lovely as usual! I love that you included the heart for Valentines Day. And the stag - what a handsome dude!
Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you are feeling better. Thanks for your comments yesterday :)

malena Sandra said...

Aiii,what a beauty,mamma mia,but if I have to chose one,I'll go for the sleepy head(it looks a bit like me).Dear Renee,did you have had some good time,with less pain?Hope so,and thank you again for your shine in my dark moments,love Aleksandra.

studio lolo said...

I heart the heart tree.
That stag is a stud ;)
It looks like Cupid's work is done here. He's a tired little guy!

What does BLD stand for?

How's your day in Winnipeg going so far?
I hope it's gentle.


Melissa said...

I love these!
Especially the bottom one!
Happy Friday the 13th!

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Now, these images leave room for the imagination. The second one, well we can clearly see why she goes for him. After all, look at those big, big horns:)

Hope you're feeling better today, Renee!!

jacquie said...

love all of the artwork.
so love the tree and heart, perfect for a valentines weekend.
the other two i love equally.
love jacquie

glorv1 said...

Happy Friday the 13th, and also Happy Valentine's day ahead of time. I thing the second one is interesting, kind of like a beauty and the beast type of relationship. Hope your feeling better and thx for sharing your always interesting pic. Take care.

Lisa said...

beautiful pics my friend- each one has depth and intrigue on some level xx

Anonymous said...

Oh how cute, a heart tree. Happy valentines day Renee! Sending you some virtual flowers and chocolates!
Just incase your hubby forgets,lol!
I wonder if my hubby will remember for me,mmmmm?

AlekSandra said...

Halo Renee,was there something wrong with my post to you?Hope you are OK.

Sarah said...

Good evening Renee! How are you feeling hon?? Was very busy day - am whipped - fell asleep in the tub - lol. You have been on my mind all day. Hoping that package will show up at your door soon. Had to go through customs I guess. Hope it gets there soon. Will talk with you tomorrow!
Love, Sarah

AlekSandra said...

Helo,again,I have made a beautiful note for you yesterday,and I think that went into a dream of resting cupid!Anyhow,fine time,with no pain,Happy Valentines and hug from me,thank you again for wonderfull paintings and whishes,Aleksandra.

Dreamers Dream said...

seventeen magazine?
i think thats an amazing idea!
Renee thank you so much for all your words- seriously, you don't know how much every single one of them means so much to me.
by the way, happy valentines day <3