Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Wednesday's Women No. 17

While on the subway this morning, I overheard a young woman in a white coat talking to her friend about how there was no one out there for her. How she felt that she wanted to engage other people but they just were not open to it. How she was going to spend another week before Valentines dodging the question of what she was going to do on Valentines.

I felt sad realizing that the one time of year that really reminds us of our heart (every shop window) this young girl felt so disheartened.

As we exited the subway we went in the same direction. She walked much faster than I and was almost at the top of the stairs when I saw a young man coming down. He seemed a tad nervous but tried to meet her eye and gave her a wee smile.

Unfortunately, I noted that her head was down and she did not seem aware of him at all.

I’m not saying that they would have been Valentines this year, but who knows, maybe had she smiled back and if they take the same route every day, the next time they would have given each other a ‘hey’. And, well, who knows.


Lisa said...

so true........
to see we must look.

BTW- my daughter is florist so valentine Day in our house is mad stressed rush !
Lisa xx

Melissa said...

Great post!
I love to think of the possibilities inherent in every interaction, of chance and destiny and how they intertwine. . .
Thank you for your kind comment about the photo on my blog header/banner- or whatever it's called. . .
It is not my house (how I wish for a large flattish field. . .Alas, I live on a mountainside. The grass is always greener, etc.. .)
Actually, that photo was taken about five miles down the road, while running late to school last spring. Late or not, I had to stop, because the combination of light and water and ice was priceless.
Take care, Renee!

YayaOrchid said...

Aww Renee...that is just so sweet! I should've known you're a hopeless romantic like me.

Micki said...

Fab picture and great writing!

So true as well, I walk past many people everyday and barely smile let alone say hello, maybe we should all give it a go sometime?

Micki x

Anonymous said...

Yeah, who knows? I would like to think they are suited for each other.
Mark, my hubby was like this girl. He was 29 went I saw him in the next year in collage. He had 2 girls friends in school at around 16 years old and both hand used him or slept with his best friend. So years he sat in the corner of a pub with his head down, thinking no-one liked him. Wasn't until the beer was wrecking his insides that he stopped drinking and went to collage. He had been there for a year before I started the same course. I had noticed Mark, because he looked like the man in my dream who I was very happy with and so content. Well, I thought if it is going to happen it will. So didn't act on it. I was on my own with my second hubby gone, rand off with another man.
My friend Nicky, also single, was flattering her eyelids around him, to get help and to be liked.
I then thought He's mine, she's not having him.
I was too shy to ask him out right. I tried to get him to notice me, right down to buying a set of art posters similar to he was working on and take it to him. He never guessed or even thought I or anyone was interested. My sister Didi, told me to write him a note and ask if he wished to go to the museum together. So I did. I left a card taped to his desk and dreaded him coming into my classroom and saying he wasn't interested.
Well dinner break ended and in Mark came....
He knelt down at the side of my desk and said he is interested and he would love to go o the museum with me. Thats it we was hooked on each other from then. We were known as the collage sweetheart romance.
Hopefully someone will notice her enough to go that little extra and help her to notice him. This man surely going to be worth.

Femin Susan said...

nice paintings

Tessa said...

Oh sad girl in a white coat - but you're so right...maybe next time.

jacquie said...

i loved it.... i would say look around you and take everything in or you may loose out on an opportunity,love or otherwise.

together strong

Micki said...

ha ha yeah, I just don't get the hat thing either, why why why? lol

Micki x

Shelly said...

Unfortunately society puts a lot of pressure to be "in" a relationship. Especially at this time of year - I hate it, but I often find myself asking that question "are you seeing anyone?" not that I really care or need to know but just as part of the conversation???

Just like another "Wednesday's Women" we need to keep our head up - our mind, heart and soul open!

p.s. This will be my first Valentines Day in ages that we will actually be leaving the house - lol.

Anonymous said...

You never know what a smile can do for another person, affirming, accepting but you need to look.
Very poignant reflection. Barb

lakeviewer said...

Hi Renee,

Thanks for your last comment. You have a generous soul, always reaching out and handing out assistance in some way. Your comment was much appreciated.

studio lolo said...

I wonder how many times a day this happens? Sad.

I have a friend who swears he'll be alone forever. He never looks at people, he looks past them. And he wants the perfect woman.
Uh yeah, he may be alone forever :)

I love this post. And we should think of our hearts every day.


Sarah said...

Here I thought I would be ready for this weeks Wednesday's Women - given I was clueless last week. K - was not - makes my heart hurt for her. How sadness sometimes blocks out the joy - how very much we miss when we are looking in instead of out!! Wonderful Renee!!! Love, Sarah

Deanna said...

You're such a softie! Perhaps he was trying to catch her eye to tell her that her zipper was undone...(hee hee)

(and who knows where that may have lead...)

Happy Valentines!

Noreen said...

Thanks for the reminder.

A smile to a stranger, really, takes little of my time and may make a difference in someone else.

Rima said...

Hello Renee.. that's a sweet tale :)
Thanks for your kind wishes on my blog :)

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

I agree! Once we shut down the possibility of hope, we don't allow opportunities to come into our lives. And, what greater opportunity than the opportunity for love:)

And, eye contact and being in the moment is soooo important!

Dawn said...

I agree with Lisa... my daughter China is 16 and has never had a boyfriend. She thinks there is something wrong with her,that her red hair is the reason, that she is too fat, too tall -otherwise why else has she not had a boyfriend.

I never had a BF at school, too shy and timid truth be known - and tell my daughter that she is special and that it will happen when it is right; but she doesn't believe me in the here and now so I can only wait for the day she says "hey mum I have a BF"

XXXX Love you friend xxxx

Anonymous said...

I love this Renee. And I wonder what thoughts are going through her head as she exits the subway station. It looks like a cool, windy day - maybe, love will blow her way before the day ends.

My friend and I raised a glass to you last night!
Love, audrey

Carolyn said...

Wow! Your blog postings are always so interesting. Thanks for sharing!

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh my, I read an article on lucky people a short while ago. One researcher found that people who think of themselves as lucky as really just more observant of their surroundings than people who always think they're unlucky. You have to SEE the opportunity in order to grab it. (I did a post about it at the beginning of the year, actually. Very interesting study).

If only this poor gal had looked up and seen his wee smile.

Sarah said...

Hi Renee,
As Rene wishes for herself, so I wish for her also! That your pain will be relieved & that you find balance.
I will work on your shoulders and neck tonight hon!
Giggle(thank you) do you hear my sister's giggling - me - wise one!! Love you Renee!!

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

"That best portion of a good (wo)man's life, His(her) little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love."
~William Wordsworth

Sweet dreams:)

malena Sandra said...

Renee,very romantical,you are such a fine soul,wish there are more of you in this world,love Aleksandra

brokeneyeball said...

my fortune cookie today said:
"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."

and in the case of the girl..she is an example i think, if she had not been so down on herself or something, she couldve seen the boy and smiled back.

p.s. Renee! Im so happy you liked the paintings and the doll! :D
and I like reading your blog even though I haven't commented much.

glorv1 said...

I wonder what would have happened had she looked up. We'll never know but we can dream. Thx renee, have a great Thursday.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

You are a great optimist and very observant. One can feel the great love in your heart.

tinker said...

What a poignant observation - and lovely writing. I hope she looks up someday, in time to meet a special someone's eyes...

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

You have to open your heart to possibilities - you can create your own luck in life!