Friday, 6 February 2009

Fantasy Friday BLD No. 3


Dreamers Dream said...

ah, these are adorable :)
i like the mermaid one.
it reminds me of the books i used to read about the little mermaid in elem.


jacquie said...

love the art of all of them
together strong

Sarah said...

I gree Renee - I think we have know each other a very long time!!!
I kinda like the blue guy - makes me wanna hug him!!

studio lolo said...

ooh, nice choices!
I like the last one the best. I really love offbeat art that makes you look twice! I'm hoping to come up with something way different for "IF" today. Well, I don't think I'll find time today...too busy, but soon.

I hope your Friday is filled with fantasies of the best kind ;)


Rebecca Ramsey said...

How beautiful!
What a nice way to start a (hopefully) dreamy weekend!

Sarah said...

Thank you for your comment on my "Witchy Kitties" they are kind of my signture pieces. I love doing them - they make me smile!!!

glorv1 said...

I like them all. I hope you have a great fantasy Friday. Me, I'm cooking homemade chili beans and some corn bread. Take care.

Catnapping said...

i like them all, but the one that captured me was the cute little horned troll with the lollipop. i'd like adopt that one.

Ms Dragonfly said...

wow, thank you! glad i did :)

Micki said...

Loving todays second cute!!

Thanks for all your lovely comments over on my blog, Having that tattoo took almost a year to complete, lots of cash and a fair bit of pain, but I am so glad I did it, i'd always hated my legs (stupid girly things we do) and now at least I love one of them ;)
The longest I sat being tattooed in one sitting was just under 5 hours and I was ready for it to stop I can tell you!!

Good luck in my blog draw!!

Micki x

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Oh, if only I still had those perky boobs:)

Julie-ann said...

Love the mermaid picture.
I always knew you are innocent,lol! No really, you are.
Deep down our child within us never goes away!
We get up to more mischief while adults,lol!

Julie-ann said...

Like your new heading picture, just as thoughtful and interesting as the last one. Very different, same beauty.

Lisa said...

gorgeous- love the mermaid one x

Bella Sinclair said...

Ooooh, I think I like the fluid motion of the mermaid painting the best. And the rooftop picture inspires me to do something similar!

Julie-ann said...

Your never gonna guess! Your book arrived this morning! Yeah, I was so pleased when I saw your name on the top of the parcel. I ripped open the paper and found your Imagine a night! Thank you so much.
We can dance now!
Gonna drool over the lovely pages! While dancing!
Ergh! What a picture to imagine!
So pleased!
I cannot believe how long it has taken though! Just so unreal! The book is here, arrived!

Julie-ann said...

Renee, thank you so much for the beautiful message!
I will cherish this for the rest of my life!

Julie-ann said...

This artist is amazing, love the art so, so much!

jgy said...

Hi Renee,
Thanks for your comment the other day.
That night I had a snippet in a dream, where I was posting a post to you and the title was "Dear Renee"
and then after I finished I clicked on to your site and you had just then written one to me titled "Dear Joanne".
Wasn't that sweet? Definitely it was a response to what you'd written.
Bless the divine in you.
Fun dreamy pictures.

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to show concern for my mom,I only hope and pray that you can have a miracle too.
Many blessings,Flora