Thursday, 19 February 2009


The birthdates for Pisces are between February 19th and March 20th. My niece Natalie’s birthday is on the 28th.

Colour = Purple, Green
Metal = Tin
Stone = Sapphire and Emerald
Tree = Willow and Elm
Plants = Heliotrope and Opium

Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. Pisceans often feel like they are being pulled in different directions, making it very difficult to make concrete decisions. Pisces are considered the most receptive sign in the zodiac. They are impressionable, spiritual, and open-minded.

Ruled by Neptune, God of the Sea and master of illusion and mystery, Pisceans have an affinity for the performing arts. Pisces twist the world to fit their version of a dreamful and more beautiful world. Sometimes ignoring the reality, Pisces often see a skewed version of what is really going on. When a Pisces can detach from what they want something to be and embrace what really is going on, then they can be at their most adaptable and show tremendous understanding.

A Pisces easily perceives the feelings of those around them. They have a high level of emotional intelligence and make wonderful teachers. If a Pisces can keep real to themselves and committed to others, then and only then will they be able to make wonderful guides for the soul. Pisceans are born under the last sign of the zodiac and because of this they have within them a little of all the signs. This gives Pisces the ability to identify with people from all walks of life.

Pisceans are especially loved by their Aries aunt. Although Pisces people are frequently labeled wishy-washy, this Aries aunt knows that is not the case of her Pisces niece. This Aries aunt believes her Pisces niece to have the best qualities of the sign and believes that she is a deep person with real dreams. Pisceans at their best are tuned in to a higher purpose and their dreams can transcend the individual. They have a deep love for humanity and a compassion that knows no bounds. This Aries aunt has a deep love that knows no bounds for her Pisces niece.


Lisa said...

lovely- this aries women always seems to have challenges with pisces women- however, as i am constantly surrounded by them, i am learning fast to adjust.

Lisa xx

studio lolo said...

I'm just on my way to bed and thought I'd check to see which of my friends has new posts. You're up late my dear.

Feb 19th is my mother's birthday and I miss her deeply. She never really had a chance to see how good life can be. I'm working on a book about her called "One Good Year." I don't want to say much about it here, but one day I may have the courage to finish it, me with my 9th grade education.
It's late and I've had some wine, so rather than ramble on I think I'll go to bed and read.
I think I might even do a post about her tomorrow. Maybe.
I do like to keep my blog upbeat and if I talk about her I might make a mess. We'll see.

Goodnight Renee. Thanks for the Pisces info and for being there.
I hope the side is feeling better ;)


JGY said...

The signs pass so quickly. Nice to see them marked by your inspiring astrological posts.
Best wishes,

Michelle said...

I am a Piscean too...and have played all her parts...working on the good ones now.

Alovely post and obviously a special girl.

Anonymous said...

I want this art, beautiful!
How are you Renee?
Hope you are having some great days!

Dreamers Dream said...

ah this is beautiful :)

Haha, im a scorpio x)

Kate said...


You are talking about me today. My BDay is the 27th. A lot does apply to me except the wishy washy thing. We are also a very creative sign. Here is a funny thing although I am a fish moving in2 directions I am allergic to fish.

I hope you have a great day.


Daria said...

Hi Renee,

I love coming to your site ... it is always so bright and beautiful. It raises my spirits.

Thanks for that,

Sarah said...

Good morning hon!!!Having a rough morning - will write later. The beautiful pic shored up my spirits though!! I know one Pieces woman and she is a challange - adore her though!!! I'm a Libra!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Renee so much, I have tears in my eyes reading your comment. I will write them down and try my best to tell them the best that I can. Thank you so much for your advice. Will let you know how the appointment goes. I have also had an MRI scan and the results should be ready when I go. The CT scan didn't show anything. The red on the face and swollen gland is the only evidence I have so far.
Your my bright shinning star Renee! God bless you so much for the huge amount of personality and love you have! All my love!

Jeannine said...

I learn something new all the time from you. I have been a pisces all these years and I didn't know that my stones were saphire and emerald. You are so right about Natalie. I am another aunt that thinks she is a wonderful person.
I hope you are feeling better.

Love Always Jeannine XOXOXO

Renee said...

Jeannine, don't think I don't know you are a pisces too. March 19th, I think.

I love you too.


Shelly said...

I truly believe that Pieces Niece would not have turned out to be such a deep person with real dreams had she not been such a sponge – absorbing, taking to heart and believing everything her Aries Aunt ever said to her.

xoxo to both of you.

studio lolo said...

Okay, I'm not crying in my wine now, how embarassing!
Your niece is soooo lucky to have an Aunt like you. I'm sure she knows it and feels that special connection ;)
I have a wonderful Pisces friend who has all the best qualities listed. I call her "Mother Earth" even though she's a water sign. Her rising sign is Leo, so maybe that's why we have such a great connection, but I've learned so much from her on a spiritual plane (for lack of a better term.)
My husband is an Aries and I adore him. The selfishness of the first sign sometimes rams it's way through though! I can't imagine you'd have one selfish bone in your body.
I love the image you've chosen and the contentment on her sweet face. It's perfect!

BTW, I did go on the get my GED at age 24 and then went to college at 25 but was unable to finish.
I consider myself a student of life and hard knocks and I'm alright with that. I think my mother would have said I did okay :)
Thanks for your sweet comment.
Back at ya my dear.

Anonymous said...

very interesting.I've learned something new as usual. I have 2 sons with birthdays in that time frame Feb.22nd and March 5th
Thinking of you. Love, Barb

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee, It is a big possibility that it is nerve damage?
Prof Loescher says I have muscle damage. I can only open my mouth 2 fingers width. When I say to her, "I can understand muscle damage, but why does it keep making me ill"? It is this she thinks that I am depressed. That the illness is depression. I am hoping the photo's will help.
I see Dr Harris on Tuesday.
I have asked my hubby to take the afternoon off work and come with me.
Thank you so much for all your guidance, I will take these with me when I go! Will write a list down over the weekend.
Renee! I wish everyone could be healthy, doesn't seem fair at all!
Your my star, Renee!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

What a very lucky girl your niece!!!! This is wonderful and so beautiful and whimsical too! You are such a talent Renee! I love the composition of the piece too. Great work Renee!!!

mermaid musings said...

I am a piscis ;-)

natalie said...

studio lolo is right - i am so lucky to have an aunt like you. and like my mom said, i would not be the person i am today without you - you are one of my most pivotal people and i truly have always believed and valued everything you've given to me. i remember once when i was little and i wanted to look like nad. i asked you to cut out a triangle from my bangs, so they would fall like nad's did. you of course took the scissors, and barely cut anything, but you molded my bangs to look just like hers - you also told me we looked just alike now (of course i believed you and i loved you for it)

thank you for this tribute - i learned a lot about my sign - i hope to take the best away from it. i love you auntie renee.
love, natalie renee

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

I've read your other "astrological" postings, and they are such a creative, beautiful, and touching way to write love letters to your family members!

P.S. I'm a Libra, and a cool "dudette" just like your son-in-law :D

glorv1 said...

Yes I know a few a few pisces and Carmen is one of them. She is impressionable, spiritual, and open mindeed. Thanks for posting this Renee. Have a great Friday.

Bella Sinclair said...

This Aries mom loves her Piscean daughter and hopes she grows up to be as beautiful within as your Piscean niece. A happy early birthday to her!

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

A poem I wanted to share with you, Renee:

i carry your heart with me

I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart)
I am never without it (anywhere i go you go, my dear;
and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling)
I fear no fate(for you are my fate, my sweet)
I want no world(for beautiful you are my world, my true)
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

Here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart…

I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)

~ee cummings

Good night, my friend.


Lisa said...

I'm so happy to have found your blog and your beautiful art. I, too, am a Piscean and identify very much with most interpretations. Staying true to myself is the most important thing I can do at all times. Thank you. Your niece is a very fortunate girl. :)

MarionL said...

You're such a wonderful aunt! Both of my daughters have cool aunts, my 2 sisters. I, too, had cool aunts and was raised by one of them from the age of 6 to 12. She was a treasure and an Aries, I just this moment realized!

My husband is Aries as is my youngest daughter, her husband and their son. Luckily, they have a Capricorn daughter to be the peacemaker amidst all those hard-headed rams! I'm a Moonchild and my oldest is Scorpio, but to even things out, my oldest grandson is a Moonchild, too. I feel more of an expert on Aries, though. LOL!

I can't imagine a world without aunts. I could (and may) write a book on my Aunts....they were wild, wacky, wonderful, hard-working, hard-living and hard-drinking country women. I'm rambling! Blessings and Peace, Marion

Dawn said...

Well this Cancer girl loves her Aries friend, I love how you wrote about your neice, what a fabulous aunt you are...

Your words and images are always so meaningful

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

mm, nice profile for us fishy ones.. especially the opium!

I am... said...

This is so like me....I am not a big reader of the zodiac, but wow...this is me to a T...
Hope you are having good days my friend.

Anonymous said...


This was a great tribute to Natalie. I think the 2nd paragraph was bang on. I also like "They have a deep love for humanity and a compassion that knows no bounds."

Natalie has always held a reserved seat in the khan's heart.


Mickey said...

Did you know that a certain Pisces neice is adored by her Capricorn Aunt - God Mother. Happy Birthday Natalie on Feb 28th. You are everything beautiful that a person can be and so true that a Pisces can relate to all people. You are gifted in kindness towards others and I would bet you do make an absolutly wonderful and loved teacher. I believe everyone who comes in contact with you is blessed.