Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Plucked Them Right Out Of My Head

I was just minding my own business like I usually am har har, when I came across a blog entitled Transcript of a Significant Life (http://raihndrops.blogspot.com), where the lady (Lisa) took many of my beliefs and plucked them right out of my head. I asked Lisa if I could reprint them here and she said that would be fine.

Authentic Knowing

living is different to being alive
guiding is different to leading
curing is different to healing
making is different to creating
desperation is not faith
faith is not blind
hierarchy amongst realms is a fallacy
hierarchy amongst humanity is a lie
there is always choice
letting go is the greatest proof of love there is
energy is energy, perception of energy is what differs
sadness is not depression
some questions have no answers
with possession comes responsibility
no two humans alive on this planet share the same definition of normal
angels, ascended masters, gods, goddesses, guides are all aspects of the
ONE divine source
losing is not failing
transition is not death
religion is not spirituality
religion is not faith
you are not me
knowledge is not wisdom
i am that i am

~~ Lisa Ballico ~~

Thanks Lisa, you rock.


Melissa said...

Very nice!!
Thanks for sharing these, Lisa and Renee!

studio lolo said...

DITTO freakin' DITTO !

I'm sorry I couldn't say it in a softer way, but damn, I ate every word. She echoes my thoughts exactly.

Thank you both.

Michelle said...

And thanks to Lisa I get to meet you too lovely lady...Lisa is my bestest friend and she does rock!


Lisa said...

thank you for sharing my work-blessed be - it appears we may indeed be sisters with our aries and views on life xx

Dave King said...

There's a lot of food for thought there.

Jen said...

Thanks for popping by my blog Renee, and meeting my middle child!!

Lisa is pretty special and her writing is inspirational!!

I like your blog and will be checking back often.


jacquie said...

i love this blog, as it shows just how powerful one single word can be and how one word can have many meanings. it is all in how you receive it.

together strong

jacquie said...


the art is amazing.

Dreamers Dream said...

this is beautiful

Ronnie said...

I just enjoyed a lovely 30 minutes or so reading your blog.
The whole clepto art stealing thing cracked me up. I like the idea that you are adding artist's names.
No fuzziness in your brain, Renee.
You are a brilliant woman.
Thanks for posting Lisa's list. I'll be stealing it and posting it on my fridge.
Lots of Love,

MuseSwings said...

"minding my own business" yep - me too! I love Lisa's verse thanks for posting it! I'll read it again after I've had a cup of coffee.

Liz said...

"letting go is the greatest proof of love there is" that hit me right between the eyes. wow, don't I know it. Thank you Lisa for summing it up so beautifully.
I'm still chewing on the golden nuggets of wisdom and insight you shared with me during our long overdue visit yesterday. I'm putting the camera down...
You change the way I live my life Mrs.Khan, always for the better. I love the way you think and feel and I so deeply love who you are. xoxo

Sarah said...

Oh Renee - she said it so wonderfully !! Could I repost it on my blog - with credit to her I wonder!! It's just what we where talking about - just so clear!! Thank you for sharing this!!!
Hugs, Sarah

Dreamers Dream said...

haha im sorry x)
i fixed it :))


Renee said...

Oh Liz. oxoxooxo

I just realized the impact of that sentence too.

Love you and as you know it is a mutual admiration society.

Love Mrs. Khan

Dreamers Dream said...

Thank you soooooo much (:
though, theres still tons of flaws

ah thank you
its hard keeping up with them because every morning i wake up, forgetting that i have them . xD

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Renee...thank you for posting this piece. It is wonderful! And very....soulful! I love it!

love audrey

lakeviewer said...

It is a striking rod, shaking off one cliche after another. I'm Not surprised that you were affected by it. You are done with old tired answers. The poem reflects it.

Anonymous said...

I agree Renee, our writing is very similar in style. I think it is born of authenticity as well as a shared path. I also wish you, Daria, myself...the world could be rid of cancer. It is shocking how a disease can strip a person of their sense of self. Suddenly, we need to become someone we never knew existed - a fighter/survivor/thriver...whatever the current lingo is.

Tonight, I am having dinner with a much loved friend who is visiting from Wpg. I shall raise a glass of red wine to you, my dear friend.
Love, audrey

Anonymous said...

I recently worked on my Personal Directive, and one of the points is that, when we know the end in imminent, I want my close friends and family to join me in raising a glass of wine, sharing memories and how much we love each other. Friends who are in other countries will be "skyped" in, so that we can all have that glass together. I am clear in that I don't want those closest to me saying goodbye when I can't hear them - it needs to be while I am alive and can have a glass. Or a bottle!

Sarah said...

I popped into her blog and requested - thank you for sharing this!!!
I'm so glad you like my dragon! I adore doing eyes - they are my favorite part of any piece - they set the tone I think! Lots of practice - lol.

Anonymous said...


These words sound like you created them.

I can't believe how many awards you - go Pudding!


Lisa said...

wow- wow- thank you so much Renee for sharing my words.

i only ever write my truth as i see it- the validation i have recevied here is amazing

Lisa xx

Karin said...

pluck pluck pluck!!! it's that tapping into the universal voice we don't always hear, or choose to listen to, but amen sisters!! So very beautifully said. Thanks to you both for speaking truth - loud and clear.
sending love and wellness to you Renee,

glorv1 said...

I am that I am. I too have always felt that way. Beautiful words. Thx for sharing.

CarolineH said...

oh Renee, I just love these. I can see how they were plucked out of your head. Wonderfully done!
Love you,

Karin said...

Renee, you are the best - truly!! Thanks for all your loving support, amazing humor, great insights - your Allness!! I feel your embrace, and as long as we can get all these great folks up on that pedestal with us, I'm all for staying up there :)
I love you,
❤ Karin

Emerald Arts said...

Very interesting. Agree with everything except the point on energy, since it's measurable... but we'll leave my science out of it :P

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Indeed, some great thoughts, Renee:) Thanks for sharing with the rest of us. This is the hardest for me, but I do try!

"letting go is the greatest proof of love there is"

Sleep tight!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I'm with Studio Lolo!!! You ladies ROCK!!!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

A powerful verse!

Anna Lefler said...

That's beautiful! And I love your new banner art - wow!

BTW, I just noticed that I'm not following your blog yet?!?! How is that possible? I think I'm maxed out at the 200 limit, but I'm going to unfollow someone and come right back, ok?

Also - thanks for going to BlogHer to vote! It's not really clear, is it? If the link doesn't show, I think it means you have to register with BlogHer - not to attend the conference - but just with their website. It's free but I'll totally understand if you don't want to deal...really. Thanks for trying!



Anonymous said...

Oh, I love these words. Yeah I agree also!
Thanks so much Renee, for your comments left on my blog!

Dawn said...


Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

How did I miss this yesterday? I need to ponder some of these.
"losing is not failing" - how true, perhaps trying is winning.
"knowledge is not wisdom" - someone may have knowledge, but not the wisdom to use it
"living is different to being alive" - living beats existing
"there is always a choice" - even in little things
"letting go is the greatest proof of love" - I'm sure parents experience this with their children

Authentic Knowing - what great thoughts.

Angela Recada said...

Hello, my Angel,
Have you noticed, that when your heart and eyes are open, you see the angels all around you? I've started noticing that this year. I've been finding angels everywhere I look. Before this year, I hardly noticed them at all, even though they were probably always there.

This post rocks.