Monday, 9 November 2009

I = Angels And Goddesses

Israfel in Arabic folklore is the angel of resurrection and song. He is described as four-winged and ‘while his feet are under the 7th earth, his head reaches to the pillars of the divine throne.’

Israfel is said to look three times a day and three times during the night down into Hell and is so convulsed with grief that his tears would inundate the earth if Allah did not stop their flow.

It is said that for three years he served as a companion to Mohammed, whom he initiated in the work of a prophet, and then Gabriel came and took over and dictated the Koran to Mohammed.

Another tradition in Islam speaks of Israfel, Gabriel, Michael and Azrael being sent by Allah to the four corners of the earth to fetch seven handfuls of dust for the creation of Adam. On this mission only Azarel (the angel of death) was successful.

It is stated that Israfel is one of the four angels to be destroyed in the end of the world in which the Koran speaks will occur at the sounding of the third and final blast. There is a strong feeling that God will revive them though.

Israfel is also the angel of music and inspires people to sing, play musical instruments, and to compose music. He also encourages renewal, resurrection and regeneration. Angels speak from the mind and sing from the heart, not as we do through vocal cords.

However it is important to note that the Koran does not mention Israfel by name and so it would be incorrect to identify him as a Koranic angel.

Ixchel is the Mayan Goddess of the moon, water, healing, childbirth, and weaving. Her name means ‘Lady Rainbow.’

The sun was Ixchel’s lover but became jealous of the morning star, who was his brother, accusing the morning star and Ixchel of being lovers. The sun was so jealous that he threw Ixchel out of the heavens and she had to take refuge with the vulture divinity.

The sun followed Ixchel and lured her back home once more, only to become jealous again. Ixchel, tired of the sun’s actions, left him and wandered through the heavens as she wished; becoming invisible if the sun came near her.

Ixchel is most commonly shown as the Old Moon Goddess (called the midwife of creation); in her main form as Mother Goddess and Weaver (who set the Universe in motion); and as the Young Moon Goddess shown with her totem animal the rabbit (the rabbit is a scribe who keeps the lunar calendar).


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love Ixchel -- she is a favourite Goddess of mine. Israfel is new to me (I don't know much angel lore) but what fascinating info!

deepazartz said...

WOW!!! thats one nice myth! Its nice to know about so many things that one had not known before. It enriches you,right? You do provide so many nice things to go through...

Sarah said...

Oh I love Ixchel...what a wonderful myth to tella bout rainbows! I love that!! Amazing both of them though!! I love Mondays with you hon!!
Love you, Sarah

Silke said...

I love these posts - every time I read them, I feel closer to these angels and goddesses! Gorgeous images as well!! Much love to you and your family and all the angels watching over you!! Silke

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

You teach us all so much!
Love, Darla

Diana Evans said...

Hi Renee!!! hope you had a nice weekend....I love your wonderful series on Angela and are always willing to teach us!!!

Have a great Monday!!!


Annie said...

Love all the angels. Love you. xoxo

Linda said...

Israfel and Ixchel are wonderful mythic beings. They must be on the "hero's quest", sent out to find a 'boon', something they can bring back to benefit all mankind. It is usually a gift of understanding, of seeing. Only a handfull among us speak their language which is ancient.
One of them is you.

XOXOXO right back at you.

Nevine said...

Renee, I do love when you post about angels. And angels of the Islamic tradition are not very well known, so that's nice of you to do that, too. Azrael is all too popular in Egypt (my home country). I've heard his name muttered in horror at many a hospital bedside, and I remember my grandmother's last words to my mother while we watched her slip away: "Leave me, now. My parents are calling me, and Azrael is here to deliver me to them."


Angela Recada said...

Good morning, dear Renee,

I love these posts. I appreciate all the research, the stories and the beautiful art you select. They are perfect.

The words, "Angels speak from the mind and sing from the heart," will fill my heart today, as I throw myself into all that I must do.

Thank you for your love.

Thank you for you, love.

Love you.

Michael Rivers said...

I love these stories!! Happy Monday!

Diva Kreszl said...

I have just returned from a nine day trip and can't tell you how much I have missed your informative them all! While away I read a new book by Sue Monk Kidd the author of 'Secret Life of Bees' & 'The Mermaid Chair'. You might enjoy her books and I highly recommend them, especially this new one 'Traveling With Pomegranates' co written with her daughter. I just spent the last few minutes reading your posts that I missed and I am so sorry that you lost your friend, your posts about her brought tears to my eyes. You paid her a beautiful tribute in sharing her with us.

Angie Muresan said...

That is one very busy angel! What a wonderful little story!

Angela Recada said...

"And of course you love angels, you are one."

That's exactly how I feel about you, dear Renee.

Here's another of my favorite blessings, just for you, today and always:

"May soft be the grass you walk on,
May fair be the skies above you,
May true be the joys that surround you,
May dear be the hearts that love you."


Barbara said...

Dear Renee, Beautiful post. I always love these, since I know so little about this subject. And I went back and read old posts to learn about your friend, Sandy. I'm so sorry about your friend. A lesson for all of us to keep the music in our voices. Hugs, xoxo

Sassy Scribbles said...

interesting! I look forward to every "angels and goddesses" post, it's nice that you share them as my knowledge of these beautiful and powerful creatures is very limited! :P Thanks!^^ Have a wonderful week Renee!

LOve from the other side of the world!

RNSANE said...

Renee, you have certainly given me an education this morning. I am not at all up to date on "angels and goddesses" and I do need to read this post again...once is not enough for my aging brain. The illustrations are beautiful. Thanks for this.

Lori ann said...

Dear Renee,
I've been away, I just now read about Sandy. I am so sorry you've lost your friend. You wrote about her so sweetly and gave her such a pretty cat painting. You are such a good friend.
I love the singing painting and now I know about angels that start with the letter I. You really are such a good friend.

Meghann LittleStudio said...

Wow, how fascinating! Neat post :)
Hugs and prayers,

Manon Doyle said...

I'm also loving Ixchel.... Old Moon Goddess! Wow!
The post is terrific! I'm learning so much!!

lakeviewer said...

Lovely stories, of heaven, hell, angels and how we are all connected somehow.

staceyjwarner said...

Dearest Renee,

As I always I learn so much.

It is nice to be taken out of time and reminded of magic.

much love,

secret agent woman said...

You know, soap operas have nothing on mythology!

Baino said...

Fascinating. I've had the Koran sitting on my bedside table for three years and only read about 30 pages. Tough going I can tell you!

Marion said...

I think I like Ixchel best since I'm a moon maiden. Love & Blessings, sweet Renee!

studio lolo said...

Exquisite art and lore.

The subtle grey/blue tones compared to the eye-popping primary colors is such a WOW moment!

I could never be an angel because I wouldn't be able to pronounce my name ;P

love you by the way...

yoborobo said...

Hi Renee - I have never read about the angel Israfel. How lovely that he inspires us to sing. I'll remember that next time I am humming a tune, or singing along on the radio. It's a nice thought. :) I knew of Ixchel from my days (back in prehistoric times) as an art student (art history class). Love the colors in that illustration! xoxoxoxo Pam

PS I did need that hug, so thank you!

Sonia ;) said...

I love you Lovey xoxoxo

The artwork and lesson in all the different angels is wonderful.


Sophia said...

What an amazing piece of artwork. I just LOVE coming and learning from your blog. I swear I must be retarded, because I am always learning something I did not know. hahahaha :)


zoe said...

thank you renee, your blog is a real source of inspiration! the artwork today is beautiful, and i wasn't familiar with israfel or ixchel...big hugs!

Karin Bartimole said...

This series of posts is so rich and fascinating for me Renee - I just love them! Once again you have taught me something new, and I leave the richer.
Love, Karin

Ces said...

What peck my bush? What are you talking about? I have yet to reply to your angel post and already you are corrupting me! Shame on you! TSUP! I love you too.

Ces said...

You know what Renee? I want to have an angel who is wise and funny like you, beautiful and intense like Manon, graceful and passionate like Deborah, sweet and artistic like Marie, resilient and adventurous like Arija, intellectually brilliant and beautiful like Bella, loving and mirthful like Vanessa and irreverent and full of mischief like me, wonderful and literary like Tessa, gifted and loving like Silke, classy and learned like Allegra, beautiful and nurturing like Diana and, nimble and fabulous like Linda.., and brave and gentle like Sheldon.

Vacetesialdi Armademarelish

P.S.: LIFT YOUR BRAIN OFF THE GUTTER! What is with you and pecking?

Bailey said...

Oh Renee, I adore that line "and wandered through the heavens as she wished."
If only!

Love and hugs,
Bailey xox

Ces said...

So sorry to hear about the pain today swetheart. I whisper prayers for you and Deborah today. Tsup!

yoborobo said...

I am sitting here, watching Lucas do his homework and thinking about angels. It's so nice that I know one personally. :)) love you! xoxo Pam

TheChicGeek said...

I love this post, Renee. It's so interesting to learn about the various goddesses. I really enjoy that.
The first painting is very interesting. Ixchel is a very cool goddess...I like that, Rainbow Goddess :)

Sending you love and hugs and healing prayers :)
PS: My sister is doing great now! She will go home in a week :))))

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I always love to tune in to your blog on Mondays...I learn so much about all the angels & goddesses and the lore behind them all!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

So interesting!
Hugs to you today!

Debra Kay said...

Even the gods and angels have their troubles. I especially like the rainbow goddess, turning the sun's single light into a fields of glorious color.

Arija said...

Angels are so fascinationg but sometimes they do speak to one in a most musical and loving voice.

Rikkij said...

Renee- fascinating stuff. I just liked how this read
[Ixchel is the Mayan Goddess of the moon] I'd like to be introduced like that but I don't have the wares. Take care~rick

Allegra Smith said...

Leaving you some cookies and a basketful of love. As always.

Anonymous said...

Renee, how beautiful to learn about these angels and Goddesses. This religion is awesome.
Love the second painting, how much colour and devotion.

You actually got to meet Wendy, I am so jealous! I am still hoping to buy some art.
Wonderful news, I recieved a message from her this morning, what an amazing suprise!

Luv and hugs! BIG LUV AND HUGS!


Doris Sturm said...

Very interesting. I've never read much of these things, but I probably should...there is much to learn in this world.

Thanks you for sharing this with us, Renee.

Have a blessed day!

Indigene said...

Thank you for being an amazing teacher and muse! :)

Anonymous said...

I believe there is no such thing as coincidence - all things have a purpose and a time.

Now, that I came back to read your new post today, I re-read your 'Angels' post and realized, Hey! Flipping through the channels last night, I started watching the series "Angels in America". It aired several years ago, but I had no interest in watching it.

I completely forgot about reading your 'angels' post earlier in the day, so I didn't make the connection, but I bet my subconscious mind remembered, and it completely dragged me into the show.

And today I'm reminded, there must have been a reason for me to read that post yesterday and see that program. It was destiny connecting me with someone else who needed good thoughts to come her way.