Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Wednesday's Women No. 37

The pitter-patter of little feet scampering around the upstairs bedroom belonged to none other than the youngest child of Bridget and Emil Swan. She was a precious child was Baby-Chick.

Baby-Chick’s odd behaviour wasn’t something that developed overnight. You see she was always a little off even as a child. Her Nanny thinks she can pinpoint exactly when this occurred (and she would be right). It was during the bedtime reading of ‘The Little Red Hen.’

You see Baby-Chick knew that her family’s last name was Swan and that a swan was a type of bird. Knowing as well that her name was Baby-Chick she just assumed that she would grow up to be some kind of bird. Since ‘The Little Red Hen’ was Baby-Chick’s favourite book, she decided right then and there that she would be nothing in this life if she herself was not a red hen.

When Baby-Chick appeared at the Thanksgiving Day dinner table dressed in her finery her formidable grandmother had had enough and actually slapped her granddaughter across the face. At this time, even Nanny wanted to slap her as she knew that she would be the one held accountable for Baby-Chicks choice of clothing.

Grandmother had it, she was past up to her eyebrows in letting the spoiled youngest daughter of the Swan’s continue this charade of being a red hen.

Baby-Chick was very close to her mother and her father was protective of her. But even they thought the outfit picked out to wear for the evening meal was a tad too much.


Ces said...

Well butter me on both sides and slap me silly! She looks no different from the teenagers I see scampering around in the malls!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Cute tail feathers!

Deborah said...

HA! Everything is always Mom's fault! Love the drawing. How is Mom doing? Breathing better, I pray. **kisskiss** Deb

The Joy Of Ces said...

Yes! yes! Yes! You are right! I will not argue. My poor bay sister had to put up with me inside the house but I must also clear my name and tell that outside the home, no one dared hurt her because they were gonna get it from her big sister. Now, I remember lifting a small side table and poised to throw it at one of my sisters but let me ask WHO LIFTED A COFFEE TABLE? Hmn? Who lifted a coffee table?

Our mothers deserve more than medals for putting up with both of us but in the end what are sisterhoods without squabbles? I think only Bella was the good girl.

It's Thanksgiving eve here and I am thinking of you. I am at work. No rest for the rule writers. Hahahaha!

Wine and Words said...

Hee Hee! Snicker. I am thankful I have boys and have never had to deal with the way teenage girls like to exhibit themselves. Missing the mystery.

The Joy Of Ces said...

That was not flexing muscles, that was a Marilyn Monroe pose. Obviously a failed pose. Renee, you are a beautiful soul and you know that. I admire you so much and I hope you know that I love you. I just do.

The Joy Of Ces said...

Marilyn Manson! Hey! HAHAHAHA! Oh I love your wicked sense of rumor, I mean humor! TSUP! TSUP. Okay I gotta crank this rule so I can leave early today. It's gorgeous here. I hope you are warm in Winnipeg. Think warm loving thoughts. There is someone in Texas who loves you my dearest sisterfriend! TSUP TSUP!

Lori ann said...

well...i don't know, i think she's kinda cute...heehee!

yes!! so exciting, all my kids are coming, except the baby away at college :( but she'll be home at christmas. off to bake now. love love love,

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh cluck. Only people who dance around poles in very rural areas are allowed to wear that getup. Wonder if Baby-Chick eats poultry.

I squeeze you. xoxo

Silver said...

I hope your mom's feeling better.

love you so much,

Tom Bailey said...

This was a very entertaining story and VERY creative. You have a great story here.

Happy Thanksgiving.

A Cuban In London said...

I think she ought to come to m neck of the woods. She would not be the eccentric one, I promise!

Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

secret agent woman said...

I have to sya, that drawing is a tad disturbing. But poor child to be slapped for wearing a costume. Nothing would warrant that.

kj said...

Slapped baby chick across the face? For wanting to be different, expressive, perhaps for being herself???
I object. Grandmother was wrong wron wrong.

Now about those thighs. And tail. Wowza!

Is today a good day? I hope it is. Love is in the air


Debbie Egizio said...

Do you remember the character Chicken woman from the comedy show "Kids in the Hall"? Maybe she's related to baby chick. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee, I have an award for you on my blog. Thank you for being a good friend.


lakeviewer said...

She was at the South Coast Mall. I saw her with Jimmy Choos Shoes. Or not. Can't tell who's real who's not down in L.A.

Love the story!

Micki said...

Ha ha great! I love your stories you are awesome Renee!!

kj said...

Silly!--love is in the air for you too!

Myself: loving is the best thing I know.

You know I love you renee, so I won' t say it--haha!

Sonia ;) said...

I Love you Lovey xoxoxoxoxox

Annie said...

:-). Love you.xoxo

Arija said...

Whatever happened to fostering individuality in children? Slapping the poor kid around like that!

Baino said...

Haha . . .nice take on Thanksgiving. Have a relaxing day and take it easy! We have a dinner table rule, you have to wear a shirt . . I forgot to make one about the bottoms.

Michelle said...

Oh god, I love it....must show Kayla!

Jackie said...

LOL ! it's acceptable and fashionable these days to let the thong hang right out;)
Sending you big hugs!!!

Poetic Artist said...

What a story and the drawing is wonderfully funny. I do think you are amazing my friend.
I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

zoe said...

a tad too much? a tad too little, maybe :D
what a cute story and drawing--all us weird birds have to stick together, though...
here's one for you:

Birds are flyin' south for winter.
Here's the Weird-Bird headin' north,
Wings a-flappin', beak a-chatterin',
Cold head bobbin' back 'n' forth.
He says, "It's not that I like ice
Or freezin' winds and snowy ground.
It's just sometimes it's kind of nice
To be the only bird in town."

Shel Silverstein

hugs! happy thanksgiving from this side :D

TheChicGeek said...

Hi Renee :)

I just popped over to wish you a super Happy American Thanksgiving!

Hugs and Love to you, Renee :)

Angela Recada said...

Well, that little story and picture have certainly gotten me in the mood to have Thanksgiving with the in-laws tomorrow!

I hope you are finding some good moments in your days.

Hugs and love,

BT said...

What a great story, except the slapping bit, I didn't like that. Let her be herself, I say. Maybe add a few more feathers to her outfit!!

yoborobo said...

She should move to L.A. No one would even notice her. :) Thank you so much for my birthday wishes. I am SO tired now, and I am going to hit the bed, so I can get up early and start cooking. :)) Love to you and yours. I hope your mom is feeling better. Thinking of you - xox Pam

PS I am making progress on Mr. M!!!

Angie Muresan said...

For every tale there is a teller and you're a wonderful one at that. Have a the happiest of Thanksgiving dear Renee. Sending hugs and kisses your way!

Whisperings 13 said...

hmmpf. a slap indeed. :oP I hope she told them egg-sactly what they needed to hear.... afterall she is quite egg-straordinary...hee hee
you are delightful Renee!

Elizabeth said...

I hope your mother is better -- I love the story.

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

Thank you for visiting my blog today and leaving such kind words, what a surprise! I love that you have such a great story to go with the great drawing. Sadly, I understand Grandmother's frustration as I have my own little Baby-Chick who can put it up past my eyebrows too! -love that expression!

Chrisy said...

Poor Baby Chick with her Little Red Hen Complex and her horrid Grandmother! Put her on a plane and send her over here...we can loll about the pool together and peck at some champers...

Lila Rose said...

Oh golly gosh Renee this is a tricky story to figure out! I have since read it 3 times and I still don't understand!
Maybe it's a story for when I'm older. Or at least old enough to understand! Haha :)
Love and kisses,
Lila xx

pinkglitterfae said...

looking at that cute drawing, makes me want to 'shake my tail feather, lol!
cute story Renee
hope things are well in your part of the woods.....

LDWatkins said...

Love the story! Hope today is a good one for you.

Shelly said...

It's just too bad we can't be what we aren't! Another one of life's hard lessons.

Diana Evans said...

what a cute little Baby Chick!!! hehehehe....scary that girls wear such things...I think turtle necks and covered legs are the way to go!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!