Wednesday, 16 July 2008

100th Post

Colette slept over and in the morning I said “Do you know how to do a blog Colette?” No, she answered, but thought it should be easy enough.

We sat together and went through the steps and before you knew it we had put together my blog site.

Things you may not know about me and my blog:

I do promote my blog within a very small group.

I refuse to put up a counter on how many people look at it.

I probably look at least ten times a day to see if anyone left me a comment and then I read it with bated breath. (What can I say; I am either an egomaniac or need reassurance [probably a bit of both].) Who am I kidding, make that fifteen.

I do not stick to one topic.

I would like to do way more political posts, but I know everyone would be bored and I would have to stand on my soapbox while typing it.

Mostly my family and support group know that I have a blog.

I read six other blogs on a regular basis.

I do customize my blog. I make sure I have a picture for every post. I do not use personal pictures. I do previous months/years journal entries once a month. I do a quote once a week. I do my version of the alphabet once a week. I do something interactive every couple of weeks. Unfortunately not many people want to interact with me (woe is me).

I post anonymously in the sense that I do not use my last name, oops, just realized that I placed it in a previous alphabet post.

I do not censor myself. I’m sure people wish I would, but if it can’t be real then there is no point. I want people to know that this is my truth on any given day. It does not mean the people mentioned in my blog feel the same way. I understand that although it is my truth it does not mean it is theirs. I try only to let it get personal with me. I will not tell you about family squabbles but I will also not pretend that everything is coming up roses for me because that would be a big fat lie.

For me my blog is an on-line journal. Many of you who have read my posts know that every month I do a post about previous month’s journal entries. So keeping a journal is not something new to me, however, an online journal was something new.

My blog is a diary that does not have a key. It is not locked and is open for everybody to read. I have nothing to hide. My posts are about my life and what concerns me. It is a call to the world “Hey, before I go, look at me. Remind me that I still exist.”

I have faced many new challenges and learnt many new things over the past 2 ½ years since I was diagnosed with IBC. Unfortunately every one of these challenges are not pleasant, nor have the things I have learnt been pleasant. My blog was originally a venue for me to reflect on what has happened to me and my family. A way to work out my emotions, my very own personal-pan psychologist.

To the people who have been reading my blog I want to thank you for your interest. I especially want those people who comment on my blog to know how much their sincere comments are appreciated.

For me the best thing about blogging is that when I die my children can look back at my stories and by seeing them and reading them they will hear whisperings of me in the wind. They will know that above all I love them. And above all they mean everything to me.


Anonymous said...

I have to tell you that I absolutely, totally enjoy reading your blog everyday. It inspires me in ways more than you will know. I tell my family everyday how much I love them because you remind me of how much a blessing life truly is.
The pictures you use are amazing and always suit your story. It blows me away.
You have such a unique way of sharing your feelings, opinions, stories that I can't help but wonder what you will write about next. And you know, if I check in, and there is nothing new yet, I have to tell you... I am slightly disappointed. So when this happens, I look back at some of my favourites and reread them.
You are one of a kind my friend...and I love ya!!

Suzie said...

Renee what a nice legacy to leave for your children and family,as I know I will treasure them always!!!I live you and think of you often,Suzie xoxo

Renee said...


You life-lifter you. Thanks for the wonderful comment, you did my heart good. I needed that today.

Love Renee

angelique said...

You have given us many things in life. Confidence, a positive attitude, happiness, faith, trust, respect. Really, the list is endless. I can even see how you give these things to Josephine. She has been saying grandma all morning. Not only am I forever grateful for all these things, I am also so proud of you and who you are. This blog is a unique and wonderful gift to us. You share yourself, your opinions and commentaries. I love it!

Ben said...

auntie renee, i'm not sure if i enjoy reading your blog more when im in a great mood, or when im feeling pissed off at the world....either way, i want you to know that you always come through for me, and i love you....

Deanna said...

I too check your blog at least once a day...usually two or three times if there's nothing new. You always make me think, and most of the time, make me smile.

I have missed you over the last few years since we moved, and it always amazes me how much your entries "sound" like you. I can almost hear your voice sometimes.
("for shit sake"... that one always makes me smile)

Happy 100th!!!
Love, Deanna

Anonymous said...

I look forward to your blog everyday. I want you to know it has become part of my daily routine...I have learned so much from you and myself from the words you have put in this blog. It is so great. I hope one day I could start one...I am afraid that I am way to cynical and think that if I spoke my mind like you do, I would probably end up with well, no friends! Keep up the wonderful writings!
Love, Tracie

Anonymous said...

100 Posts already! I am honoured that I was able to help set it up, but just cannot believe that this much time has passed and with EVERY one of the blogs, my life is enriched more, as you say this is for you, but really in the end, you leave it for us. I will love you always and will read and re-read many times and this blog will be printed one day, just the way you want it to be. Keep writing, I look forward to the next 100 and the next 100 after that and it can keep on forever.
Love you to the moon and back. Colette

natalie said...

like yvette, i too get disappointed when there's nothing new. from the time i was born, i've absorbed everything you've said like a sponge, and continue to do so. i love you!

Anonymous said...


Happy 100th!

You have truly given your loved ones the best gift - you shared yourself real and raw.

You also tapped into your life's calling to be a writer and I am so proud of your talent.

I am nourished by your love but the blogs add some flavour!


Anonymous said...

Hilarious, just remembered that I also wanted to direct attention to the picture (so perfect like all the pictures you apply to the blog), is that me (cause it looks like me and you) you are throwing out to another hall?


Anonymous said...

Renee, please keep writing. I look forward to reading what you have to say every day. It either makes me cry or laugh but most of all it makes me reflect on life. This connects you to those you love today and the connection will last forever and beyond. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings as it makes such an impact on those reading them. Love You Jeannine XOXO

taylor said...

Auntie Renee,

My morning routine is rolling out of bed, going to the bathroom, brushing my teeth, pouring a glass of cold milk and opening up your blog. (this even before I shower.) As it is stored in "favorites" on any computer I use, as well as on my cellphone I'm almost made it a 'sure way' not to miss it!

As well, I realised early on that early morning is usually when you write them, it's a way for me to start my day with wonderful insight, inspiration, and a letter from home (even if it's not being mailed to me.)

I love you,
I love your blog - you've inspired me to write in my journal,
I love your art.. ((Although, Since I was in Mexico and had no internet for 5 days when I opened it up most reciently I had to take a double look at the 2 people 'doing it'. haha))
Thank you!!
Taylor xoxoxo

pRiyA said...

Oh gosh, how i love your writing and your thoughts.
i am so glad you blog.

where the HECK do you find these incredible pictures? I love this one! hahaha...