Monday, 7 July 2008

N Is For

Nizam (husband)
Nadalene (daughter)
Nathan (son)
Natalie (niece)
Natasha (niece and goddaughter)

Nectarine (peach’s cousin)
Narwhal (first saw in an alphabet book)
Nana (only grandma I knew)
Name (Renee Gabrielle Khan nee Ste. Marie)
New sheriff in town (Josephine)

Nest (Cusson)
Native Americans (treated badly in Manitoba)
North Pole (no land just a layer of ice)
Nieces (12)
Nephews (21)

November (Wahid and Nadalene birthdays)
Now (the power of)
Night (relaxed)
Never (famous last words)
Nuns (Catholic school Grade 2 and 3)

Needles (typical 5 pokes to get it in – ouch)
Nail in my coffin (cancer)
Naked (exposed)
Nintendo (Nathan played Bens’ for hours)
Nip it in the bud (that is how I roll)

1 comment:

Ben said...

proud to of made the "N" list....thanks nathan, i owe you one