Monday, 28 July 2008

Q Is For

Quinn (nephew)
Quiana (Josephine’s best friend)
Queen (useless unless you’re a bee)
Quotes (I collect)
Quiche (Nadalene’s mushroom and red pepper)

Quince (fruit only edible when cooked)
Quail (spends most of its time on the ground)
Qi (use ten times a day)
Quill (pen made from a feather)
Queer (something strange not someone strange)

Quiet (I need lots of it)
Quarrel (try to agree to disagree)
Quasar (distant energy source)
Quicksand (dangerous situation -- cancer)
Queue (left to throw-up in Disneyland on honeymoon, thanks Angelique)

Queasy (often)
Quitter (not yet)
Quiet before the storm (now)
Question of time (outcome certain just don’t know when)
Queen conch (Michel blew into at Angelique’s wedding)

Quilt (made from old clothes)
Quintessential (pureness -- Josephine)
Quizzical (inquiring -- Wahid)
Quit (I understand why people want to)
Question (we are not sheep)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I get it...amazing what the alphabet can give you.

Love you Renee
(PS, miss you to the moon and back)