Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Welcome Home

My Mom called me early this morning crying. I thought my Dad had died.

My Dad did not die but my cousin Debbie Baron died on Monday from lung cancer at the age of 53. Her funeral will be held on Friday.

Debbie's parents were my Mom and Dad's best friends. They were my Auntie Gloria and Uncle Louis. Debbie and her siblings grew up with us like cousins. In some way, the only cousins we had as children.

My sister Suzie told me earlier this year that Debbie had cancer too. I reconnected with Debbie and we met a few times since then and talked on the phone several times.

Debbie was a very tough cookie and did not believe that she was going to die. She could not see that happening to her as she was the only parent to her son Luke.

The last time I talked to Debbie, she had just gotten out of the hospital. She had been in there for three weeks as they were trying to stabilize her pain. We talked about me coming over there, but at that point she was just too tired and we said we would meet another day.

I guess we will meet another day, it just won't be here.

I know how much you love your Mom and Dad and I really hope that they are there to meet and comfort you.

We love you Debbie. Rest in peace.


jacquie said...

we do love you debbie
rest in peace in your mom and dad's arms. i will cherish all of our childhood memories

Anonymous said...

Boo Boo here, And I say boo boo, because I can hear your booming voice yelling boo boo... I somehow know that you know how I feel, I do remember when your mom died and you told me how she kept seeing your dad and grandma waiting for her, I hope too that you are with them now.

As jackson says, our childhood memories flood back and at the same time they really have never left, you