Thursday, 31 July 2008

Tag ABC Your It

Look inside my upstairs window, I left the curtain open just for you.

Available: I could be, make me an offer.

Best Friend (female and male): Heidi and Robbie; and the sad thing is that they are both better friends to me than I am to them.

Cake: Emillios cheesecake that Nadalene makes with cherry pie-filling on top.

Drink of choice: since chemo, I really don’t like drinking anything. I gag on almost all liquid with the exception of tea.

Essential thing used everyday: my soul. I need it to show itself to me so that I won’t be scared.

Favourite colour: yellow. It is a feel good colour and it makes me happy.

Gummy bears or worms: neither. However, I like the look of the worms in that little cake people make for kids. Heidi made Miki a chocolate cake in an ice cream cone with icing and worms sticking out of it for her birthday when she was little and that was the first time I ever saw it. Heidi, I just was rethinking this and was that for Robbie’s birthday or Micki’s?

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada baby.

Indulgence: what ever my little heart desires. There is no denial for this girl.

January or February: Josephine, you must have seen that coming. Don’t give me a J and think I am not going to follow it with an osephine.

Kids: Angelique (32), Nadalene (30), and Nathan (25).

Life: is always worth it.

Marriage date: July 5, 1975.

Number of Siblings: 14 (12 living and 2 dead). 9 sisters = Kathy, Suzie, Mickey, Camille, Jacquie, Colette, Lori, Shelly and Pauline (dead). 5 brothers = Harry, Dwain, Gerry, Joey and Peter (dead).

Oranges or apples: neither and both.

Phobia: flying. But Shelly hooked me up to the fear of flying course on the internet and it really helps me every time I fly.

Quote: “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”

Reason to smile: Josephine is saying Grandma and Grandpa.

Season: Fall, although now I am starting to see the beauty in all of them. When you think you may not see the next season and it comes along, it is beautiful.

Tag three people: Camille, Jeannine, and Shirley. Of course I really want to hear from all of you.

Unknown fact about me: I am a great great aunt. Not only because I am a great aunt and love my family but because my sister Camille’s granddaughter Erin had a little girl named Ella. So thank you Erin, now I am a great great aunt.

Vegetable you don’t like: broccoli. Yes, everyone and their dog have told me to eat it because it is good at fighting cancer. It is also good at making me gag myself silly.

Worst habit: not listening to people on the phone. When I am on the phone I can’t wait to get off, so I am already summing up the end of the conversation even if I have just started talking to the person. Just as they say hello, I am already saying thanks for calling, talk to you later.

X-rays: are you joking. I have had so many that I have lost track.

Yearning: long life. I would love to live forever, bearing that I would like to live at least long enough to see Nathan married and happy.

Zodiac: Aries. The sign of me first, and if not me my children first. That’s right, I am full of myself.


Anonymous said...

And I just tried to phone...
K, have to agree, can't stand the phone, but it is my connection with family, but I also have to talk on it all day long at work... Not like when I was a kid and loved to get calls and to call out.

Never thought about being a great, great aunt, just too caught up in all the grandchildren and loving it.


Anonymous said...

Loving the seasons I agree,,,,each one of them, starting to see them through Cole's eyes has given me a new perspective on them,,,missing you always...Cole turned one last week ...yes already hopefully you can find time to fit us in so we can visit

All my best and Cole's too to you and the rest


Anonymous said...

Pudding -

Available: no – married for 1 year in September, committed for 15 in October

Best Friend (female and male): Annia and Chazzy of course. My inner core is comprised of Lizard, Kirdy, Suzanne and Jayz. I love them all and believe they have each formed part of my psyche.

Cake: Baked Expectations – Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

Drink of choice: Little Penguin - merlot

Essential thing used everyday: compassion – it makes me weak and strong

Favourite colour: grey blue – the colour of the sky – heaven?

Gummy Bear or worms: neither – chocolate all the way

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Indulgence: wine + chocolate (repeat) or pepsi + old dutch chips (repeat)

January or February: February – Valentines Day crafts, cards and candy

Kids: not yet – although I always thought I would have boys

Life: Live, Love and Laugh - invest in your inner core/self and core group

Marriage date: September 14, 2007

Number of Siblings: 2

Oranges or apples: Christmas oranges and granny smith apples

Phobia: social – comes and goes

Quote: old love is gold love, old love is best

Reason to smile: Nuggy’s (Josephine’s) laugh

Season: Fall – time to rest and Spring – time to rise

Tag three people: Ang, Chaz, and Nathan

Little known fact about me: I focus on quality not quantity on everything and everyone

Vegetable you don’t like: broccoli – just like my momma

Worst habit: I’m a loud talker thanks to mom who has finally gotten a hearing aid

X-rays: a few

Yearning: Health and happiness for all or at least my inner core - cure for cancer and lupus too

Zodiac: Sagittarius – honest and honest to a fault


Anonymous said...

Available: After 33 years of marriage I guess I'm not.(some days I wish I was, hahaha)

Best Friend: Heidi, so glad she came back into my life.

Cake: Any cheesecake, mmmmmmm.

Drink of choice: white wine, red wine......Cheers!

Essential thing used everyday: Corkscrew, hahah just kidding!Every second day.

Favourite colour: pink, pink and pink.

Gummy bears or worms: neither.
Not a candy chocolate is a different storyl.

Indulgence: I indulge too much.

January or February: January for Leo's b/day and we go on sunny holidays in January.

Kids: Chantel (my heavenly angel 27) Kyle (25)

Marriage date: October 25, 1975.
1975 was a good year,eh Renee?

Number of Siblings: 5, 4 brothers, one sister, (Thank god for the sister)

Oranges or apples: Oranges for Leo, apples for me

Phobia: Spiders......hate them.

Quote: "A woman who loses her husband is called a widow.
A man who loses his wife is called a widower.
A child who loses its parents is called an orphan.
There is no word to describe a parent who loses a child, for there is no word to describe the pain."

Reason to smile: Going to Sioux Falls to see Heidi on Friday (my B/Day)

Season: Fall used to be my fav season but now it is sad, so I choose Spring.

Tag three people: Heidi, Angelique,

Unknown fact about me: Don't know if it is unknown but I WANT TO BE A GRANDMA!!!!!

Vegetable you don't like: Well, I love broccoli but I'm not crazy about zucchini

Worst habit: Getting ready to go to the gym and then talking myself out of it.

X-rays: Have had many.

Yearning: I guess its the grandchild thing again.....

Zodiac: Leo the Lion - and Leo the Husband