Monday, 14 July 2008

O Is For

Opal (Jacquie)
Oldest (Angelique)
Owen (Elizabeth again)
Oncologist (Dr. Grenier)
Outrage (Bush)

Orange (yard in Trinidad)
Owl (Hedwig)
Old Dutch (onion and garlic)
Oncology (study of cancer)
Organs (donate)

Ovary (cancer)
OPEC (thieves)
Oxygen (Mom needs to live)
Ocean (Atlantic and Pacific)
Ouch (arms, fingers, neck, shoulders, feet, knees)

October (Don's Birthday)
Once in a blue moon (Josephine)
Oatmeal (every morning)
Obituary (too many)
Orgasm (mental/physical eruption)

Oil (reason America is in Iraq)
Open book (in many ways)
Off your rocker (almost)
Oh oh spaghettio (Josephine falls)
Opinion (don’t need to marry it)


Anonymous said...

O is for Oliver

Anonymous said...

O: Optomistic, optomistically hopeful! lol