Friday, 18 July 2008


Make sure that you have put down your cups and that you are not eating right now. I do not want you to spit out your food or have your drink fly out of your nose like I did.

I cannot help but share the best laugh I’ve had in ages.

Bush’s laughable tit-terrified Abstinence Education Program (after spending over a billion doll hairs) is now encouraging all states to tell their single young residents that they should avoid sex entirely until they turn 30. ha ha ha

What? No you heard me right. He wants everyone to abstain from sex (unless they are married and it cannot be a gay marriage as he does not accept THOSE people as even people never mind married people) until they are 30.

Do you think I am making this up? No, even I don’t have that good of an imagination.

But what can we expect from people who want to destroy anything that is beautiful.

Okay everyone, one, two, three: ha ha ha.


Anonymous said...

The description that you spelled out re: Bush, what was it, DIPSHIT, yep that would sum him up in a nutshell....

Yeah, people that think they can take the beauty of love making away from GOD, creating a family is still a Christian thing to do isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Good Morning!!!
I definitely had to keep reading after seeing this pic...
Bush (Shrub, as I like to call him) is a bonehead twit.
His politics are totally laughable and unrealistic.
I join in your laughter my friend...and I am glad I was not eating or drinking...hee hee!
Have a great day...
Love ya