Sunday, 20 July 2008

P Is For

Pudd (me)
Peter (brother, nephew, brother-in-laws)
Pauline (sister)
Paul (nephew by marriage)
Police (Ben, Hakim)

Peach (canned)
Polar Bear (white hair/black skin, now we know how they got on the island)
Psychologist (Jule)
Pearl (Nadalene's engagement ring)
Platinum (Nadalene and Charlton's wedding rings)

PICC (infusion site in my left arm)
Pacific Ocean (largest)
Pluto (no longer a planet)
Planetarium (pizza at Santa Lucia)
Porthole (cruise ship in Greece)

Pray (hope in words)
Pathology (determined cancer)
Pain (varying levels)
Peace (needed now)
Pamidronite (monthly two hour infusion of calcium for my bones)

Precious (my family)
Pretty (icing)
Palliative (treatment)
Poignant (sharp sadness)
Proof is in the pudding (action not words)

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