Thursday, 12 March 2009

50s Housewife Quiz No. 3

Be a little gay and a little more interesting for him. His boring day may need a lift and one of your duties is to provide it.

All together gang. ‘Get real.’

This is how it went down in the Khan household.

Wahid hit the jackpot on this one. Seriously! I have always been gay and I personally think I am very interesting. One of the best parts about our marriage too, is that Wahid is always really interested in what I am saying and thinking. Actually, maybe it was me who hit the jackpot.

Early in the marriage I had small babies and was breast feeding them, I did not have energy or any interest in breastfeeding him too. So, if his day needed a lift, he would have to lift it himself. Later when the kids were older and I worked full time, I never had energy to worry about his boring day.

I do not have and never had a duty to make his life for him or to make his boring days less boring. However, now that we are older and I see him come home tired from a very physical job it is my pleasure to show my interest in his day. I do it, truth be told, not because I am interested in his day, but because I am interested in him.

Be a little gay and a little more interesting for him (Passed). His boring day may need a lift and one of your duties is to provide it (Failed when it would have been a duty. Passed now that it is a privilege.)


Anonymous said...

Love the last line..privelege v. duty. Hard to believe there was ever a time when June Cleaver was more than a tv character!

Anonymous said...

I love this one nicely told..I agree with ALL..You are so funny..

Ces said...

Oh lord, please help me. I want to say something but I have pc woes. Darn. I will have to come back later.

Lisa said...

im sure if i were suddenly 'a little gay' my husband would certainly 'lift' so to speak..

lisa xx

Debra said...

Okay, I really want to know who wrote this stuff (obviously, not a real housewife) In our home Steve would come home after a hard days physical work and not even want to talk, much less be entertained by me. Entertaining? Seriously was I supposed to what? Sing and Dance? Twirl the kid's over my head?
I really don't get this one because housewives then, well most did not work outside the home, so what would they be able to do that was entertaining? Regale him with talk of the children's bodily functions? What was on sale at the Butchers? I thought talking about others was gossip, so it could not have been talking about who was doing what.
I am assuming the word "Gay" meant lighthearted and happy. I can tell you many times I was just leaving for my job, I don't think "Gay" would have described my mood most of the time. I was usually too busy. (Can I assume the lady in the photo had not yet given birth? I could only imagine the trama her children would have suffered if their mom dressed like that to greet dad after work)

Michelle said...

Imagine all the frustrated psychotic 50's housewives there were....I wonder what the spousal murder statistics were?

"Gay Wife Beats Bothered Husband with Spoon After Boring Day"


lakeviewer said...

Uou were born smart. And Wahid caught on right away. Good for both of you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Renee, this is so true and really pleased your hubby is interested in all what you are doing and saying. I laughed at the breast feeding part, where you didn't want to worry about breast feeding your husband also. Good when you don't feel obliged!
Oh I found out that my sister's new man in her life also warms maggots in his mouth. Maybe a UK thing?
Two mums at school this morning said "I don't know, what are yorkshire beef burgers" after reading the dinner menu. I replied "thick ones"
You are special Renee, I am always telling Mark about you and your posts. You are part of my friends and family now. I am so proud of you also!
Will you send me your address again. I would like to send you something for your birthday and I have deleted a lot of my emails. Silly me.

Ces said...

Thank you so much for the kind words and compliments you wrote at Bjornik's blog. I am so honored.

I always loved the word gay. When I was young my friends and I always said we were gay and happy, then some groups used that word and it is never the same again. So now I don't use that word any more to describe my happiness scale. It's such a nice short concise word and young people these days don't know that there is another meaning for it that used to be wholesome and not controversial. Anyway, my husband and I don't have a need to ask each other how our day went we just pick the funny stuff for laughter and the troubled ones if we want to ask for each other's opinion, advice and guidance. It is mostly him listening to me because I am the one with high stress level and typhoon level raging ability. We also email or call each other. Mostly it is me calling him for no apparent reason and telling him I love him or I miss him. He emails me to tell me if he prepapred dinner in a crockpot so I don't have to cook. His office is three houses down from our house and he also can work from home. Today I am working from home and conduct all my meetings by telephone and have our dog Daisy sleep by my feet! Hooray!!!!

Yes, you have definitely touched my heart :) Thank you.

Sarah said...

I will have to agree with you on all counts. Jim and I have an understanding. I do not regale him with boring stories about each and every preschooler's day. I do not have to watch the latest soccer video on youtube or discuss the chemical compounds of silver from our area. We have plenty of other things we both find interesting. Sometimes that is nothing at all.
Love ya, Sarah

Ces said...

I am having so much fun reading the others' comments. Debra is a hoot!

Gina again said...

I have always wondered if people ever truly lived like this. Not in my family, I can tell you that for sure. Although I have one aunt who did try. She is the most angry, repressed person I've ever known.

Shelly said...

Duty or not you, your charm and humor could not help lifting Wahid’s or anyone else’s boring day…I laughed at the line about breastfeeding, but also at Lisa’s comment – very witty you two!

studio lolo said...

I love what you and Wahid have ;)
I think you're perfect for each other.

I myself greet Brian at the door, wrapped in Saran Wrap with a pink boa draped across my shoulders. I leave a little corner of the wrap folded back so it's easy to "get at me" because you know, he's tired, poor guy. GET REAL!!

Here's how it is at the Gaylord household. He works at home and has turned our bedroom into a messy office. He's the editor of a produce publication and finds it very hard to get excited about writing about fruits and veggies all day. He's able to meander to the refridgerator several times a day to fill his needs.
I'm in and out all day running from one patient to another and in between I'm usually on the computer talking to my blog pals.
We're happy and gay because we choose to be, but we also do our share of bitching and moaning. The good thing is we're usually in sync! Dinner is usually an individual effort or I'll make something healthy and delicious and we'll eat together. The highlight of the evening is when I kick his ass in Jeopardy!
Does it get any better than that?

Thanks for the smile to start my day!

studio lolo said...

We always start our day with a smooch!

Thanks for thinking of him.

Saran Wrap doesn't really come in that big of a roll :D


When is your birthday? I saw mention of it.

Flor Larios Art said...

Renee you are very made me laugh...eventough I am sick with a cold.

Ziongirl said...

Still looking for my "Wahid"!!!!
You are blessed!

Linda Sue said...

Wahid is the luckiest man on earth- fancy getting to share a lifetime with you! I have envy and I would be "gay" ...for YOU!
Duty- that's an odd concept in a loving relationship isn't it? "duty" what's that about?
When I was first married my maid of honor pulled me aside and said i should always uphold my wifely duties...I asked what she meant and she just got all redfaced and whispered "you know..." I don't know, never did know will never know and am still you know?

Anonymous said...

Okay... there you have it, I am a natural 50's wife, I really see it in its reverse form, it is only right for them to have to ensure that we are loved, kept happy etc.. I must have really missed the boat... The breastfeeding, no dam way, they should be breastfeeding us for it is really reverse... that I am sure of.

PS: Renee had a beautiful baby shower for my grandson Ryan and needless to say it was wonderful...thanks Renee
Love you to the moon and back (sometimes I don't love you to the moon and back, but today I do) enjoy your day and come on girls get it

glorv1 said...

That was a good read and the comments just as good. You already know about my life with my husband or esposo, so I won't comment on the subject other than to say good as usual. Have a great Friday.

Ces said...

Hi I just dropped by to tell you that I made dinner tonight while wearing an apron over my skirt suit, stockings, pearl necklace, lipstick, high heels (well 2 1/2 inches is highh for me). I set the table, washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen and now I am taking a 5-minute break to blog before I hop in the shower and prepare myself for the night...Oh darn I ran out of Prozac!

Caroline said...

Hello Renee, I've just found your blog and wanted to say that I found your post and all the comments delightful. I'll be a follower!

Ces said...

Someone took my avatar and left that lie of a comment. I never cook in my suit. I would rather go hungry than ruin a suit.

Renee dearest, I am giving you fair warning. If you don't want to think of pain, try to skip my recent post.

I read your comments at Bella's You are one special lady.

Björnik said...

Hi Renee! I just love reading your posts and for a very short time I've come to adore you. Your husband must be really lucky to have a very interesting and intelligent wife. And I would suggest to all the men I know to come and learn from you.:)

By the way, thank you very much for the heart-warming compliments.:)

studio lolo said...

My birthday is August 7th. I'll be 56.
It was 1991 when I got my cancer diagnosis~stage 4 cervical with uterine involvement. I had the best oncology gynecologist at Brigham and Women's in Boston. (A few strings were pulled.) I was told "if you have to have cancer, this is the one. It's the most curable although people do die from it every year." I had surgery...gone. No chemo, no radiation, just months of blood tests for 5 years until I was clear. You said your diagnosis put an end to your birthday celebrations. For me, I refused NOT to celebrate ever again. I feel every birthday is a gift, but then it depends on our perspectives,right?
I hope you have a milliom more birthdays too Renee! And I hope I can get to Winnipeg to celebrate at least one of them with you.
When I was told I had cancer it was like she was reading the newspaper to me. She was bored because she had probably given the same news to so many women. She told me it was the worst case she had seen in a while and assured me it was no big deal. I looked her in the eye and said "I'm sure this is no big deal to you but I'm scared to death and it IS a big deal to me."
From that day on I never looked at a blade of grass as anything to be taken for granted. And I never went back to that unfeeling doctor.
Years later I heard that particular cancer was sexually transmitted. Uh, that made me feel better! I was always ultra faithful, but what comforted me as well as pissing me off is knowing that cheating, indiscrete boyfriends and husbands can actually cause you to get this. But I'm not bitter. I'm alive and thriving, fat and happy but not happy about being fat ;)

I'm sorry about your friend's advanced stage. I hope the haddock card made her smile in the midst of her situation.

Love you, Miss Winnipeg ;)
Miss Hamilton

word verification, I kid you not : ilness

Bella Sinclair said...

I do love you, Renee. More and more and more! Thank you for your wisdom. I will take THAT and fill my box with it. I may have to get a bigger box.


Mickey said...

I love how you write Renee this is all so true. You are hilarious and Debra's comment is tooo funny. You both speak for me Love it. It seems all of us readers have alot in common. You gave us a reason to feel gay and have a good laugh. Thanks Love you soooo much.

pRiyA said...

Did you see the movie Revolutionary Road, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo di Caprio? It is about a seemingly perfect 50's marriage gone awry. I thought of your posts at once.