Monday, 9 March 2009

Dreams Sponsored By The Letter N

Nadalene: Represents the truth. Dreaming of Nadalene is a dream of inspiration, imagination and devotion. There is a need in your life to be more understanding and compassionate. You are supercharged with emotions based on love and on an ability to create great things. *artwork by Kelly Vivanco

Naked: Denotes fear of being found out and exposed. The fear that others may see you as you see yourself at your darkest hour.

Nathan: Signifies freedom, tranquility, restoration, and renewal. Very significant in letting people know that they need to believe and trust in themselves. Represents renewed energy, vitality, awe, insight, and a sense of magic. *artwork by Kelly Vivanco

Nausea: Means you are suffering from a sickening situation or condition that you cannot rid yourself of.

Nest: Comfort, safety, homeliness, and protection are always inherent in a dream of nests. Balance is needed and can be found by comparing the condition of the nest in your dream to the parallels in your home life.

Nightmare: Signifies failure and disappointments or a decline in your health. Face issues head on and allow your mind and body to rest and heal.

Nimbus: To see a nimbus around you or someone else suggests deep spiritual growth and progress.

Nizam: You need to be open to a positive spiritual experience which will fill you with warmth and love if only you recognize it. You will have an opportunity to gain some amazing new wisdom and knowledge. *artwork by Kelly Vivanco

Nuns: Signifies purity, chastity and obedience. It also indicates that you need to live up to the vows and promises you have made to yourself and to others. It is possible to find the sense of security and calmness in your life that you are looking for.

Nymph: Represents the feminine mystique. It also symbolizes innocence, grace, and purity.


MuseSwings said...

your list of N dreams are very interesting! I don't often dream that I am naked - if clothing is involved it is usually that I have to be somewhere NOW and all of my clothes are in the laundry. I just love your pictures = it's always a pleasure to visit! Come take a ride on the Orient Express with us today! You can dream to the clickety clack of the wheels on the track.

Rusted Wings said...

What a beautiful blog you have!! Amazing art and thoughts featured! Thank you for your kind words you left on my art 'mother wisdom'.....may you always find inspiration, joy in mothering,
and healing dear one!

Melissa said...

Thanks for your comment about Katy's artwork, and your reminder to be grateful and delighted by this time of refrigerator masterpieces and "mom" dedications. I know now why my mom cherished all the little drawings I thought were stupid when I was a kid!
I had a nightmare last night~ scary,and all about my fear of death . . .
Hope life is treating you good today!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....the dream of nausea resonates with me! Wonder why!!!!

MarionL said...

Nice, nurturing post!! I never cease to be amazed at the nonstop, nimble nuances of your beautiful and naughty imagination. Hugs! (Yes, I had to pull out the dictionary for help. LOL!)

Sarah said...

Good morning Renee!!! Had some serious nightmares last week - huge suprise. I do show up naked on occassion in dreams. Usually in the middle of a college classroom taking a test I am not prepared for.... No stress here!! Thanks for the email hon!!!! Love, Sarah

Shelly said...

Beautiful artwork, but what is more beautiful are the meanings of the Nadalene, Nathan and Nizam dreams... how lucky they are to have you interpret them.

pinkglitterfae said...

I wish I remembered my dreams a little more. I had notebooks filled with my dreams when I was young, now I just wake up tired, lol!
you always pick the best images too... :-)

Michelle said...

Interesting, as usual.
I rarely remember my dreams, but when I do they turn out to be significant at some point.

Mixed Media Martyr said...

I love the "Naked" and "Nizam" artworks! They are thoughtful and inspiring!!

studio lolo said...

Wonderful list and images today Renee. Love them all!
I'm going to look up Kelly Vivanco because I love her style from what I've seen here.

I'm glad you got your little package. Did you notice I have her wearing a knit cap? I thought the maple leaf was a proper touch too ;) You're the one who put Willendorf in my head and then I had to run with it!

Thanks for the comments on my 'ten facts.' Even though it's been a hundred years since anyone beat me up, I still have dreams of standing up to them and hitting them back. I guess I'm fine with myself for always taking the high road. Bastards!

I wrote the mommy book as I sat with my dying mother. How old is your granddaughter? The books can be enjoyed by the young and old. I'd love to send you a set ;)

I hope your nagging haddock has left the building!


Anonymous said...

Merci Pudding!


Poetic Dreams said...

HIya Renee,
COuld ya please visit my blog?
I have a surprise for ya there. Wishing ya a wonderful day.

studio lolo said...

I think reading them to her now and once a year for her birthday until she turns 21, okay?

I love what you wrote about your family. You (and they) are blessed.

I'm glad she's next to your left ear. She's whispering to you how lovely you are;)


Anonymous said...

Love the art here, I am in admiration of these artists.
Thank you for your beautiful comment. Seriously what are you after, LOL!
Mark as just had a fishing program on tv and it reminded me the one time I went fishing. I caught the tiniest fish and hooked it too far into the fishes head and killed it. I was so sad. I have never done this again. Boo hoo! Poor fishy!
My first hubby who liked fishing took me and he puts maggets in his mouth to warm them up first. I was an 18 year old grossed out person, Urrrgh!
Does your hubby like fishing. He would probably laugh at me right now,lol!

Anonymous said...

my mum recently dreamed of seeing a gold ring and a brown ring inside her friends eye. She felt like the brown meant earth. She also saw four fairies in one window pain looking through and I was in the dream, she was showing me the fairies. Nana solly was there and she looked really well and younger.
We're not totally sure what the dream means?

Delwyn said...

A great selection today Renee
Happy days

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

I ♥ Nathan:)

I wish you only the sweetest dreams, Renee!


Love ya,

Daria said...

I wish I would have been reading your blog when I was heavy into dreaming ... when I was a child and when I was an adult.

I've mentioned before, since my cancer, my dreaming and nightmares have settled down. As I say that ... I do expect some intense dreams and nightmares on the weekend ... due to the chemo and meds.

I do find it very interesting.

glorv1 said...

Hi Renee, "N" I hope you are doing great. I am doing fine and thank you for your nice comments on my blog. Lets see, the letter "N".....hmmmm, that is a doozy and I think you pretty much have it covered. Except that I could say that N is for

Not getting enough desert

Have a great Tuesday.

YayaOrchid said...

Greetings Renee! Just stopped by to say hello! Hope you have a wonderful week!

lakeviewer said...

I wonder how meds affect our dreaming. What happens when dreams are so lovely that we know we are dreaming, but still continue to manipulate the dream, refusing to wake.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Renee, my mum will be so pleased! I can't wait to phone her her up and tell her. I have to wait until around 10 am she loves her sleep ins. Here is $50 dollars, well worth the money and more! Thank you! Hey we could spend loads of money here if we wanted too. We can be rich! Shall we go vertual shopping together?

Hey this is a great idea, shall we make a vertual shop? Mmmm! If only I knew how? Could buy love and hope. Promise and kindness. Yeah this would be a great shop!

You are such a wonderfully kind lady, thank you Renee so much!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I am really enjoying your dream series of posts - it is interesting to explore the meaning in them. Beautiful images as always.

Ces said...

Oh I got distracted from what I was going to say because of the image of the nuns. I always wanted to be a nun, not a dream, really, I want to be a nun but I like to wear lipstick; I don't think they will let me wear lipstick at the convent. I am not being fascetious. I know it's superficial but I loved the nuns who were very supportive and nurturing when I was a little girl in summer school, they were kind and were the best teachers and singers.

Ces said...

O fcourse they have to be in their habits. :)

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, I visit with nymphs every day. I live with two little ones, and I am writing to one at this very moment.


Mickey said...

I want to go to sleep tonight and dream of Nuns, Nizam, Nadalene and Nathan with all of them there sitting in my Nest with me I would surely wake up happy.