Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Love Play

disciples never
got the Zen message, but I,
the Blind Donkey, know the truth:
love play can make you immortal.

The autumn breeze of a single
night of love is better than
a hundred thousand
years of sitting

~~ Ikkyu ~~


Tessa said...

Wise Ikkyu - wise Renee! I have just spend a lovely half hour catching up on your posts all of which, as usual, are a joy. Both words and images.


Shelly said...

Timeless ... to think that was written 600 years ago - it is radicals like Ikkyu that make history fascinating to me.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful poetry posted by such a beautiful woman!

glorv1 said...

That is an interesting quote and very wise as Tessa says. You get all these wonderful quotations that just mesmerize people when they come to your blog. One leave hear thinking about what was read and it's meaning. Thank you for that Renee. It keeps my brain working and at my age I need that.:) Have a great Tuesday.

Sarah said...

I will have to agree!!I love the picture too - their expressions are amazing! So clear and true!! How are you feeling hon???
Love, Sarah

pRiyA said...

Love that. When I read it, I think, absolutely!

this too like the God vs Religion post, goes into my Seaweed Soup blog, where I collect all the nice things I've read.

Thank you.

lakeviewer said...

And I thought you were just a pretty face. I'm in awe at your boundless imagination and retrieval system. Mostly, I'm fascinated by the way your mind works in the tunnel you must live in.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and adding the suggestion of producing a whole post out of the commentary. Now, I like to comply to that one, it is reasonable and mostly, a great ego booster. The problem is, I can't quite figure out how to do the copy and paste without messing up everything. When I began venturing out of my house/blog and meet all the other people out there, I learned that there are many tools I do not know how to use, yet.

Tam Hess said...

Beautiful! xoxo

Michelle said...



HeArt Collective said...

mmmm beautiful...
thanks for the shot of inspiration.

lakeviewer said...

I don't remember if I already left a comment; here it goes:

You never fail to amaze me, Dear Renee. Your mind can find Ikkyu and present him to us who know nothing about him and we stop in midday and take it all in in big gulps.

You make us take big gulps of air and sunshine and rain and life.

Angela Recada said...

Just found your blog and I'm so glad I did! You and your words are incredibly inspirational. I look forward to coming back. Best wishes, Angela

Ces said...

I really believe this. I am a proponent of this practice, no, not the pornographic aspect of it but the sensuous and loving relationship between two people who deeply care for one another. Lovemaking is a discipline and a vocation. It requires practice, dedication and concentration. It is like eating. One can gorge and never really taste the flavors or one can dine and taste the flavor of the first pressed extra virgin olive oil on that garlic encrusted bread, the tangy lemon flavor on a wild trawl-caught Alaskan king salmon or halibut, smell the whiff of that chewy chocolate brownies baking in the oven or one can just have a McDonald’s cheese burger and fries; supersized. However, I also believe that it is a matter of lifestyle and choice. There are people, no matter what their station or economic situation in life may be, who strive for the best and even in times of distress, pain and suffering there is a certain regal air, one that inspires great novels and artists. Someday when I die, I want to be remembered as someone who loved deeply, felt intensely, thought keenly, touched tenderly, suffered beautifully, expressed outrageously or otherwise did not give one shit when she chose not to care.

Bella Sinclair said...

See, this is another reason why I don't like going into those ball pits.

*sigh* Oh, Renee, love is a miracle. So funny how it can mess with your head and make you obsessive and give you fluttery feelings. There's nothing like it.

I love you, but you know that. :)

cat ♥ love said...

so so true!

btw, that illo works very well with these wise words.

love makes us whole.

Vincent Juanes said...

Really beautiful. Regards

MarionL said...

So true, so true, so true!!!! Hugs and Blessings!

BT said...

What a superb poem and such an adorable illustration. I have to say Ces's post is a work of art in itself!

Ces said...

My dearest Renee, take whatever you need and want. I am so honored that I share something with you.

Bella Sinclair said...

Isn't Ces just the best, most thoughtful commenter? She expresses herself so vividly, tenderly, and unapologetically. I agree, that last line is absolutely wonderful. Knowing Ces and how fond she is of you, I think she would be deeply touched for you to use her words.

I think of both of you as women with deep integrity - not only the honest and moral type of integrity, of course. But also the type of integrity that means whole and undiminished. You are the same inside as out, within any given cross-section, in any given situation. And that's what makes you such a remarkable person.

I am off to Ces's place now.

Ces said...

I wrote this response on my blog but I should have written it here.

Oh Renee! Why did I just meet you? Why did I not know you when you were 17 and I was 15? You could have helped me escape from that dog that chased me when I climbed over the wall to get a few mangoes from an orchard in Panay island, or you could have laid down next to me and my friend Sally as we looked at the stars above on top of that roof of the psychiatric hospital where I had my summer insternship, or jumped into a moving ferry boat because they have already removed the gangplank but it was the last trip that evening, or drove that motorcycle into the water off the pier in Antique, or drive that car into a herd of cows in San Jose, or sneaked in to the dormitory because we missed the curfew? You were thousands of miles away and I did not know you but your spirit was there with me, that outrageous tempestuous spirit that defy the rules and dare jump over the barrier because we think we can and we want to.

You are a stranger yet I feel so close to you, we have different mothers yet you are my sister, my kindred spirit. I came here asking for nothing but you gave me so much. Someday there will be an empty space in my heart where I will fall into the night.

Ces said...


You punctuated my equilibrium this evening Renee!!! Thank you.

Björnik said...

Hi Renee. It's been some time since I began eavesdropping on your conversations at Ces's blog. And I find you very funny. And when I learned about your state of health here, I believe that you're a strong woman. Just dropping by to say hello. God bless!:)

Anonymous said...

Wow, truly wise! Inspired!
Good morning Renee!
We are getting spots of sun here. Hoping for spring?
Hoping your day is bright and sunny!

luv and hugs!

Lisa said...

hhmmm- i see the point in that- thank you sweet friend- your posts are always stimulating on some level
Lisa xx

Mickey said...


Dawn said...

perfect image for oh so truthful words... another gem from my dear friend! xxx