Saturday, 28 March 2009

Regarding Renée

She is the 8th child born on March 28th 1956 in The Pas, Manitoba to a family of 13, the 6th daughter of what will eventually be 9. She is named by, and after Father René Major, a Catholic Priest at the church her family attended (Renée: r(e)-nee\ is pronounced ren-NAY. It is of French origin, meaning “reborn”).

Renée, adorable of course with huge bluer than blue eyes and lots of dark brown hair, the baby of the family, but only for 11 months.

When Renée arrived Mom was 29 years old and Dad was 30. She was nick named “Lover” by her father because she was a peace maker among her older siblings, she never wanted to see anyone fight and when they did she would cuddle both parties until it stopped.

Mom told me that Renée was her “little nudist”. In Winnipeg, we are lucky enough to enjoy all four seasons, experiencing a beautiful spring, summer, fall and winter, with both winter and summer sometimes at their extremes. Poor Renée never liked being too hot or too cold and to my Dad’s embarrassment he would often find his little 4 year old “Lover” naked on Portage Avenue waiting for him when he came home from work (honestly if you could have seen pictures of her, she looked like a little raga-muffin, my parents were very poor at that time and I for one believe Renée probably just didn’t like the clothes she was wearing).

When Renée was very little, maybe up until grade 3 she could not pronounce her r’s so when people would ask what her name was she would reply “Yenny”, the person asking would say “what?” and again she would reply “Yenny”, this would go on and on until the person would finally say “Penny?” to which Renée would reply “yes” … eventually when people would ask “What is your name?” she would simply say “Mickey”.

Yenny, lovable of course with huge bluer than blue eyes and lots of dark brown hair, naked as a jaybird in the bright summer sun.

Renée is a homebody from way back, she always had lots of friends and of course together they would plan sleepovers, but Renée would always instruct Mom to put a kybosh on these parties so she wouldn’t have to go, I can just imagine Renée saying “Sorry, I really wanted to, but I just can’t!”

I have one vivid memory of Renée as a teenager; she is standing in the living room of our old house on Elizabeth Road holding a coffee table above her head getting ready to throw it at Jacquie whom she had at this point wrestled to the ground - yelling $%^ &^*@#$% *&@#!$! - I was probably 6 or 7 at that time and should have been traumatized, but having always been a big fan of the divine Miss R. I just remember thinking “Wow, is Renée ever strong” LOL good times, good times.

Renée, enchanting of course with huge bluer than blue eyes, long straight dark brown hair and a beautifully freckled face.

Eventually as all little girls do, Renée grew up and was lucky enough to meet and marry her one true love Wahid, and because these two people fell in love she is the proud mother of her three very accomplished children; Angelique, Nadalene and Nathan. She is highly devoted to them and you will not find a more protective and loving parent. Renée is truly a mother who has held her childrens' hands for a while, but will hold their hearts forever.

Renée, devoted of course with huge bluer than blue eyes, permed dark brown hair, her heart full of love and her arms full of children.

Today Renée is 53 years old, the proud Grandmother of her very accomplished (she knows how to put her shoes on the right feet and isn’t even 2 yet!!) little Granddaughter Josephine, wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, artist and blogger extraordinaire.

As some of the comments left on her blog prove I am not the only one enamored by my sister;
“you are a true hero for everyone who is lucky/smart enough to come across you blog”, “ I am amazed at your candor. You describe your felling so well” “lovely, dear, beautiful Renée”, “oh you set my heart on fire!”, “storytelling through ART”, your blog is like an exciting new ride” “wow. A million times wow!” and my personal favorite written by Orly - “Sweet Renée..How you take pieces of your soul and arrange them all together to pierce through, directly to our hearts, is beyond me. The choice of words to describe indescribable events of your being and the essence of Renée is truly a gift to the wonderful people in your life and to us all. Your writings are superb, high class..high everything…

Renée, engaging of course with huge bluer than blue eyes, the most beautiful chic grey hair, “Lover” of music, world class soccer (and Nathans games), the Olympics, art, books, poems, teenagers, the underdog, the over achiever, all things beautiful and even some things not.

Birthday wishes to you Dear Renée, (my sister - my heart - my friend) and many, many more … xoxo Shelly

Postscript: In keeping with the true spirit of Renée’s early blogs the above artwork has been stolen.


Michelle said...

That is beautiful Shelly!

Happy Birthday beautiful Renee!!

How I would love to be able to give you a hug:)

Have a special special day!

Ces said...

Happy Birthday dearest renee. I cannot say enough how much I admire you. Let me just say, Ilove you.

Linda Sue said...

YES! Renee- all that! What a glorious post for the gal we love! HAPPY BIRTHDAY- I will forevermore picture you nikid...
Cheers to you and your sister(s).

Ces said...

What a beautiful tribute from Shelly. Gosh, there's no other way to deal with you but love you.

Bella Sinclair said...

Dearest Mickey,

What a beautifully written and heartfelt tribute to you, a true wonder woman, opener of hearts, and wellspring of honesty, grit, laughter and love. You've taught me to be more forthcoming in my I-love-you's. Never before have I written so many xs and os and meant them with all my heart. What a treasure I have found in you, and how you've affected my very soul. Your honest love is your legacy and shall never be forgotten by me, nor all those to whom I shall pass it along.

I love you, dear Renee. Happy birthday to you!


Lori ann said...

Renee, I came over from Rosarias blog to say Congratulations on your Beautiful Award and now I see it's your birthday! so I want to wish you a Very Happy Birthday Too!
Your award looks great!
xo lori

Giggles said...

What an amazing tribute to your dear sister! I was thinking she should be so proud to have such special things written about her flying through the universe. What a beautiful person she must be! Born the same year as me I might add. How lucky you are to have each other! Love the rolled r story. Really enjoyable read! Happy Birthday Renee!I'm hoping to find a link to her blog on your side bar! Beautiful illustration...but I love all your art!!

Hugs Giggles

pRiyA said...

Dearest Renee,
I wish you a Very Happy Birthday.
It has been an honour to know you for each moment of the million years that we've been friends with each other.
Every minute has been sheer happiness.
Hugs and kisses,

I would be very happy if you posted every single day.

Actually how about every hour or so...?

Giggles said...

Sorry Renee....happy Birthday to you!! I thought it was your sister... I feel very silly.... Hope you celebrate with love and laughter!

Hugs Sherrie

pRiyA said...

Er, did I say something stupid in my previous comment - 'every moment is sheer happiness'?

We both know there have been lots of sad moments too in our million year friendship, but today, I am going to shove those aside and pretend it doesn't exist.

I am reading all your old posts now.

Delwyn said...

Happy happy Birthday Dear Renee,

May you have a blessed day

With best Wishes,
and Love
Your new friend

lynne h said...

sweet renee... tomorrow i will not be near a computer, so i'm wishing you an early happy birthday. i am blowing you big kisses and wrapping you in giant bear hugs. have a beautiful birthday day... i love you, lynne

Mickey said...

It is 1:41 in the morning and I thought I would put a Regarding Renee on her blog but my wonderful sister Shelly has beaten me to it. Shelly that was really beautiful Really Really Beautiful. I did not think anyone could ever write as good as Renee but I am so wrong GOOD JOB. This is my......

"Regarding Renee"

Renee is very beautiful as you know on the inside but she is also gorgeous to look at. Renee has the most incredible eyes. They are big big blue eyes and when you look at them you can see all the love and compassion she has for you. Renee is extremely funny she tells the best stories and can make you laugh a real heartfelt laugh. I mean she is hysterical funny.

Renee as we all know loves her children and her precious Josephine and her wonderful husband,and her mother but did you know she also has tons of love and compassion and genuine caring for her neices {who adore her] and her nephews [who adore her]. She is always asking how the kids are doing and will make a point of phoning to see how things are going. Renee also loves and is loved by all of her sisters [who adore her] and may I include our sister in law Jeannine whom we all love like a sister. Renee often writes about complaining too much in her blog and we all say she has everyright to, but to be honest she never does complain, she is always so concerned about others, she amazes me.

For all the people who do not know Renee what you read is really and truly her. Renee is smart, sweet, kind, caring, compassionate, spiritual, and filled .. filled.. filled with warmth and love.

I am Renee's sister Mickey and I am so proud of her. Happy Birthday Renee I hope you have a wonderful day today.

I wish all of you could actually meet her.

Karin said...

Happy Birthday Blessings Renee!!!
What a wonderful way to get to know more about the wondrous woman, devoted mother, beloved sister Renee and her big blue eyes. I learned you have something in common with my husband as the 6th child of 9 (with several lost as well) in a large catholic family, and he was named for a(n almost) priest uncle (he died, during the huge flu epidemic of 1918 while studying for the priesthood)... but this isn't abut my guy, so I digress! Sorry about that :)

Had I known you were a little nudist with big blue eyes, I might have gone in a different direction, but instead you'll find that your gift revealed by clicking on
your birthday present!!!
(I wish I could hand it to you in person.)
To you, Renee, you brighten my days with your wit and humor, deepen my soul with your wisdom and caring, and open my heart with your sharing and love. A birthday {{{hug}}} and so much love,

Björnik said...

This is soooo sweet, I hope my sister can write something good about me too.

Obviously Renee you are well loved by your family and friends. One can tell by the sincerity of this post that you are indeed a wonderful person. And no words could even describe how you inspire me right now. No t even the significant number of comments you'll find in here.

To you my beloved Renee, I wish you all the happiness this world has to offer. May you continue to shine and grace us with your wisdom, love and friendship. Thank you for being there and sharing your self with us. Happy birthday Yenny!


To Shelly: are you the Lurker who commented on one of my posts?:) Thank you so much for sharing these bits with us. We love Renee dearly.:)

Mona van dijk said...

Happy birthday Renee lovely to know you.

xxx Mona

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a gorgeous birthday tribute from your baby sister! You are obviously not the only one in your family who is gifted with words - love the picture she painted of you:) So happy to have met you through your wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...

That is the just about the best birthday present you could ever give someone u love WOW
I wish i had a sister like either one of you, I really do.
oh i would give u a million different things if i had the power to....but I dont, I do however have the power to give u LOVE, more than u could possibly that shall be my gift to you, not just on your birthday but ever single day...more LOVE than you know what to do with.
you are so very loved by so very many.

Woman in a Window said...

Happy Birthday from a straggler who came over by way of Rosaria. Can feel the energy here and will come again.

CarolineH said...

Happy Birthday you gorgeous woman! I hope you have a wonderful day today. Love you!
Caroline xoxoxo

Wendy said...

Hi Renee,

I don't know you and you don't know me. If never beenon your blog and youve never been on mine probably. But....

if it's youre birthday you deserve some happy birthday wishes even if they are from the other side of the world from someone you don't even know.


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!!!! OMG!!! The wonderful post about your birthday was just so AWESOME!!!!! I hope that this was the best birthday ever and that you got to eat all the cake and ice cream you wanted! I hope that is was filled with lots of hugs and kisses and a ton of birthday wishes. You are so special and talented and amazing! I get such a kick out you!! Your humor and your whimsy are intoxicating! I know that I sent you a 18 wheeler filled with hugs and kisses, but now I just want to hugs you myself and say YOU GIRL!!!! May the Lord richly bless you and keep you safe. May He grant you your hearts desire and bring you joy! Love ya

French Fancy said...

I came to find out more about Renée after reading the glowing tribute to her from lakeviewer. You write some lovely words there about her, shelly - she sounds fabulous.

kathy hare said...

Happy Birthday Renee! I hope you have the most wonderful day...

All my love

Breeze said...

Happy Birthday...I have not seen your blog before and linked to it through Audrey. How is it I get such a gift on your birthday?! What a great tribute and I look forward to many more visits to this beautiful place!


kj said...

you'd better start visiting your friends. you'll need time to linger.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute for such a lovely lady!

Anonymous said...

To my Renee: Happy Happy B-Day, wish I could be there.

This is such a beautiful tribute to you, it brought tears of laughter and fun to my heart as I remember knocking on doors asking "is Renee here?" To which I mean people REALLY if you have seen one of us then you have seen all of us - they'd reply with WHO, no one here by that name and go to close the door, and I would quickly say, "is PENNY here" ... "yes how do you know her" "she is my sister"..

Renee enjoy your day, have a good time this afternoon and tonight, I'll be missing being a part of it. Happy Birthday (love you)

Great job Shelly, really beautiful tribute.

Love you both

John said...

Happy birthday, Renee

* Always a nice stir for the imagination, visiting here *

~ John

Renee said...

Shelly, what can I say....

I can say that this is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.

I can say that you write beautifully.

I can say that I started crying at the word 'reborn.'

I can say that you have started my birthday off wonderfully.

I can say that you are going to get a big smooch when I see you later today for this.

I can tell all of you others that Shelly has been my bed partner, along with Mickey, for 18 years.

I can say that Shelly is my youngest sister and she is brilliant and I love her.

Shelly, I can say without a moment's hesitation that this post means the world to me. You did it beautifully.

I love you so much Shelly. Thank you.

Love Renee xoxox

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Happy Birthday Renee!

*jean* said...

ooo i can feel the love oooozin off the screen...happy birthday, lucky to have such a loving sisterhood...

best wishes to you....

laughingwolf said...

happy b'day, renee :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee, aka Yenny, Penny, Mickey ...
Hope you have a great Birthday :)


RebeccaMom said...

Happy Birthday!

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

A most happy birthday to you my dear Renee. Make sure you visit my blog as I've left a birthday card for you there.
Hugs and much love,

Angela Recada said...

What a beautiful post - and how lovely to learn these things about you through the poetic and spellbinding words of your sister. You are touching so many, many people with your beautiful blog. Happy Birthday, Renee, and God bless you. Take care, Angela

Sarah said...

Oh this is wonderful!! What a joy to read about you from your sister's eyes!! You are all of those things and more!!! Love you bunches - I do, please pop by my blog for a little suprise for YOU.
Love and Happy Birthday, Sarah

Vevay Anderson said...

Happy Birthday Renee! I am a fellow Aries. I came from Lisa's blog, and I'm glad I did! I have enjoyed reading your posts!

Anonymous said...

I am choked up,
such beautiful writing
from your sister Shelly,
Love Sally

Aleksandra said...

My dear friend,something small from me and Walt Whitman

"Join'd with an irresistible,natural gravitation,She comes!
I hear the rustling of her gown,I scent the oudor of her breath's delicious fragrance,I mark her step divine,her curious eyes a-turning,rolling,upon this very scene.
The dame of dames!
Can I believe then,those ancient temples,sculptures classic,could none of them retain her?
Nor shades of Virgil and Dante,nor myriad memories,poems,old associations,magnetise and hold on to her?But that she's left them all-and here?
Yes,if you will allow me to say so,I, my friends,if you do not,can plainly see her,the same undying soul of earth's activity's,beauty's,heroism's expression,out from her evolutions hither come," ........


For my beautiful friend Renee,happy birthday darling,hugz from me! love ya! Sandra

irenka said...

Happy Birthday Renee.

Barb said...

Happy, happy birthday Renee. You sound like an amazing woman that has been through so much! This is my first visit (I came from Becky's blog).

Have a magical day!


Ces said...

Renee, darling birthday girl, I have officially declared: Spring Has Sprung In Winnipeg on your birthday. Aren't Bella, Linda and that Bjornik wonderful admirers?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Renee. Wishing you every blessing, Have lots of fun today as your family gathers to celebrate YOU. What a wonderful blog by Shelly.Beautiful and amazing, just like you.
Love, Your soul sister, Barb

pinkglitterfae said...

Dear Renee, you have lived an extraordinary life, and it's quite clear how loved you are by everyone. I enjoyed reading this lovely tribute to you by your sweet sister, and I want to wish you the happiest Birthday! with many, many more to come.
Enjoy you day!!

Anonymous said...

That was beautifully written, Shelly! The "stolen" picture was perfect! Happy Birthday dear Renee! xoxo

glorv1 said...


Camille said...

OMG . I thought at first this was you Renee, Writing about yourself. Wow Shelly you have truley done a beautiful job. I see you also have a great talent for writing. Somehow it has deffinitely passed me by. Love reading your reponses to our dear sister's Blog. I always think of you with Mrs Beasley & Going to the hospital every day to visit you, when you were hit by a car. Hope you guys have a GREAT time at Renee's Birthday party. Please give all my sisters a hug from me. Have a Happy Birthday Renee!

sandra mucciardi said...

I hear it's your birthday!! hapy birthday to you! hope you have a super day!
found you through linda!
your artwork is amazing!! just beautiful...
nice to meet you!
come on by any time if you'd like!!
bye for now!

kj said...

renee, fly that ostrich over to my place during your many stops today. and please tell shelly she makes me long for a sister--what love and support you two have for one another!!

Anonymous said...

This was absolutely beautiful, and so perfect! What an amazing tribute to one of the most amazing people anyone could ever have the privelege of meeting. Happy Birthday Renee!! Love you dearly!!!

sandra mucciardi said...

sister love ♥ it truly brought tears to my eyes....

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday, Renee! Thank you for your wonderful words.

lakeviewer said...

Renee, I'm glad you liked the award; and I see you already have it up there. Have a gloriously naked day with your amazing family and friends. Happy Birthday!


natalie said...

great job mom! happy birthday auntie renee - you are so amazing in everyway, i too started crying at about the exact same part! also, (cover your ears/eyes mom), i'm a naked ragamuffin as i'm reading this right now.
natalie renée

Ces said...

Well, I had fun drawing that piece and very nervous because I am afraid you may be disappointed. If you truly like it and I hope you do, I meant to give that to you. It has a few things that you can't see well. Her smile is better on the original. There is a piece of paper on the corner that says March 2, 2009 (when I first visited you) then a sentence in the grass that says Spring has come to Winnipeg, your name etched on a root, my signature dated today, your birthday. There is also a hint of a peacock. I probably will just send it matted so you can select the frame? Have fun on your birthday. I hope you are wearing something other than pyjamas, heheh!

Daria said...

Happy Birthday my dear friend Renee!

Wishing you all the best on your special day,


Mònica Ràfols said...

Happy birthday lovely Renée!
I only can say, after read your post, that I'll send you all the positive energy that I can through the Blogger!!!!

I hope you'll continue having the courage to show it. And I am honored to have discovered your blog:)

My family and I we love you!

Have peace!!!!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday, Renee! Hope you're feeling good! What a beautiful ode to a beautiful lady.

Renee said...

Mickey -- see everybody what amazing sisters I have.

Thank you Mickey, that was beautiful.

Love you. xoxoxoxo

linda cardina said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET BEAUTIFUL RENEE!!!! what an amazing family you must come from. your sister is beautiful just like you...nothing better than that sisterly bond.

I really hope you are having a wonderful day. make sure you tell nadalene, angelique and nathan i said "hi". make sure you tell them how loved and admired their momma is by sooo many.

have a great day my love. xoxxoxoxoxlinda

Ces said...

What a beautiful tribute by Mickey. Your sisters must all be talented writers and loving like you.. of course, you came from the same trees! I will fetch your snail mail address with an email. Tsup!

studio lolo said...

Dear Miss Winnipeg,
Woooo-hoooo, it's finally your birthday!! We've all been waiting for the official celebration.

I loved your sister's post. I learned more about you and that makes me smile. Big blue eyes, a young nudist, and like me the peace-keeper in the family. I'm sure the love and birthday wishes will be pouring in all day, so I'll keep this short.

I'm glad you popped over one day and signed "love, Renee' otherwise I may not have met you.
You are beauty and grace and dignity with a bit of kick-ass in there! A perfect combo ;)

There's a little birthday message for you on my blog. Please do stop by when you get a chance.

I know you celebrate every day, but I hope you make today special!
Sending 53 smooches and hugs!


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Happy Birthday, dear friend!
I'm sending you a great big hug!

Robyn said...

Happy Birthday to yoooooou
Happy Birthday tooo yooooouuu
Happy birthday dear Renee-ee-eeee
Happy birthday tooo yoooouuuuuuuuu

Have a great day Renee!

Deanna said...

Happy Birthday Renee...I'm hugging you all the way from here. (Can you feel it?)

Love, Deanna

soulbrush said...

what a beutiful and touching post. i have seen birthday wishes all over the blog today for you renee and want to add my own. 'life is not a rehearsal' and it seems you are proving that. hugs and warm fuzzies from (i hope) another new friend.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Renee!
What a beautiful tribute from your sister.

You are loved.


Simone de Klerk said...

Happy birthday dear sweet Renee. Such a wonderful and admiring story and so special, written by your sister. I feel honored to have been allowed to read this!

nanakin1 said...

Happy Birthday, Renee. You must be an amazing person to elicit such tributes from your friends and family. This is my first visit but I will definitely come back again.
Birthday Hugs,
Nancy (nanakin1)

glorv1 said...

Hope you are having a wonderful Birthday. Happy Birthday Renee. :hugs:

YayaOrchid said...

Renee, I just found out through Gloria (who posted on her blog Birthday wishes for you) that today is your Birthday. May I add my wishes to the long list of your readers that you have a wonderful, happy day full of blessings! Happy Birthday Amiga!!

Debra said...

Happiest Birthday Renee!

and many,many more!

Daria said...

Happy Birthday and all the best to you on this special day.

kj said...

renee, i left you a comment on my blog in response to the loving comment you left me there. i'm so glad you like the poem, but you;re going to have to visit me again for a little more mush.

xo & :) !

Anonymous said...

I, too, was the streaker in my family. Loved running around in oversized t-shirts and mooning my siblings. Can't say that I still do that...well, not that I'd admit. But my devlish side keeps me sane and those around me in stitches. Life is too wonderful, so have an incredible birthday, Yenny.

Noreen said...

Happy birthday Renee. I hope your having a wonderful and blessed day!

Love, Noreen

Renee said...

Ladies and Gents:

I am so overwhelmed.

If you notice that your comment has not been posted, don't fear, it will be and I can't wait to see them.

But wait I will have to do (sounds like I think I am a queen).

My birthday festivities are calling my presence. Can you imagine.

I will be back.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Ronnie said...

Beautifully said, Shelly. Give your sis a big bear hug from me. Have a great happy Happy Birthday, Renee!

marianne said...

Happy Birthday Renee!!!!
Hug >M<

A Cuban In London said...

Happy Birthday! You see? I said I would pop by and did not disappoint you. That post was beautifully written. Loved it.

Greetings from London.

amy rubin flett said...

what a wonderful storytelling gift you have! thank you for sharing...

Debbie said...

Happy birthday Renee!

Karin said...

Live it up girl!! So, what will be your birthday feast?! You ARE the Queen, for sure. I am simply sitting here grinning ear to ear at all the love that is pouring your way. To be in a room with you and your sisters must be such blast! I wish they and we were all gathered together (even if you are a homebody, and man oh man can I relate to that) in one place having one huge heck of a bash, because the energy from all these witty, generous, funny, and lovable people you have gathered here could probably conquer the world!!
Keep celebrating my friend - you've got the whole weekend for your birthday bash!!
❤X❤ Karin

Draffin Bears said...

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays Renee.
I was lucky enough to find your blog via, Bella.
Renee you are so loved by your Family and friends and what beautifully written letters, from your Sisters.

Enjoy your birthday festivities and I am sending my very best wishes to you


kenflett said...

"someone told me there's a girl out there, with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair." -led zeppelin

Happy Birthday Renee!

Lola said...

I came over from Rosaria's lake view to congratulate you on your Beacon Award and to wish you happy birthday! Both your sisters' tributes are lovely, inspired writing must run in the family!
Ciao dearest

Sonia ;) said...

Happy Birthday...I came by from your friend Sarah's Blog. She wrote very sweetly of you...So I am curious and happy to follow your blog. Very sincere and loving sister you have..Very best gifts are the ones you have, not the ones you wish for. Enjoy your comes but once a year..



Kate said...

Happy Birthday Renee,

I hope its a perfectly grand day!


Lisa said...

hugs across the ocean dear renee...beautiful writing shelly xx

PJ's talking2.... said...

I love the thought of you standing there naked, waiting for your Dad... so sweet.
Here's hoping you have a wonderful, love filled birthday. Oh, just let every day be your birthday... more presents... xo PJ

Flor Larios Art said...

I hope you have a super day!
Happy Birthday!
You are so very special...yes like a queen...a soul angel!

Baino said...

Happy day Renee

kathy hare said...

you don't have to buy it, it is yours... it's your birthday present :)
I will be needing an address to post it to..
I hope you have had a wonderful day


glorv1 said...

Yes Renee you are the QUEEN for today and if you behave maybe tomorrow too. :))) Take care.

Bella Sinclair said...

Dear Goddess of All That is Good,

Don't look at me right now. My eyes are swollen and puffy from all the tears. I'm a blubbering idiot.

I went to sleep last night, knowing that you were just starting your magical day. And in my dreams, I flew all the way to Winnipeg to be with you. It wasn't hard. I just had to follow the sound of laughter and crying and to feel the warmth of all the hugs and love, enough to virtually melt all the snow in Canada.

When I woke up this morning, one of the first things I did was visit you and read all the outpouring of affection from all over the world, all dedicated to this gift of a person named Renee. And that's when I lost it. I am a blubbering idiot right now. This is a thousand times worse than a movie on Lifetime.

I know you are weary from your wonderful day. I know your cheeks must be aching from all the laughing and stained with tears. I just wanted to tell you again how much I love you before you ended your day. Truth be told, I was afraid to get attached to you, knowing my heart would break into a million little pieces. But you reeled me in, and I am forever grateful to be your friend. I hope you know just how special you are, how utterly amazing you are, and how much you have touched people forever, and how much you have made a difference in this girl's life. Your love will live on long after both you and I are gone.

No need to publish this. No need to visit me with a response, dear, though I know you feel compelled to do so. I know you are tired. Just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me.

Hope you had an incredible birthday.


nollyposh said...

Oh such a beautiful tribute! It seems truly gorgeous and heartfelt writing runs in the family veins X:-) Thankyou so much Shelly for this truly lovely insight into a ~beautiful soul~ X:-)
and Renee ~HAPPY BIRTHDAY~ to the baby, the toddler, the teenager and the beautiful soul that you are xox

Catnapping said...

Beautifully, beautifully written. Happy Birthday!

nollyposh said...

oh damn! and then i read Mickey's comment and got teary all over again! xox

Lisa M Griffin said...

What a lovely post... its lilting in its prose, very engaging. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories.

MarionL said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, sweet Renee!!! My grandson was 2 yesterday and my daughter turned 30 on Wednesday. I LOVE MARCH! Hugs and Blessings from Louisiana coming your way!!!!!

Snap said...

Happy Birthday Renee! Eat lots of cake, make art, dance!

Ben said...

happy birthday auntie renee!! i love you and hope you have the best birthday. (sorry i wasnt able to see you tonight)

kj said...

is the party over? are the lights off and the outpouring of love now safely tucked under your pillow?

renee, here are a couple of well wishes from my blog:

Sidney said...
Happy Birthday !
just never give up... still want to wish you Happy Birthday for many more years... and eat a piece of your birthday cake !

Ascender Rises Above said...
happy birthday renee! I guess i can go on over there and tell her. ;-)

i hope you've had a wonderful day and your heart is full. you surely got some presents today! love to you and healing healthy thoughts always, kj

Two Mile Creek Primitives said...

Hi Renee',
Happy Birthday. I feel like we are twins of sorts. I will be 53 in June, My Mom was 30 when she had me. I grew up an only child but my Dad had 2 kids from a first half sisters Mickey. Hugs to you from me..another Rene' in Wis.

My Journey to Hope said...

Happy Birthday! You are truly blessed to have so many friends and such precious sisters! But you know that already. I hope you have a good one!


P.S. Is that beautiful artwork by you? If so, where can I see more?...

Indigene said...

Happy Birthday to you Renee! I have a sister, named Renee, who is also battling breast cancer, (stage 3). She is 49, a widow and the mother of 3 lovely children! I will wrap you in prayers, as I wrap my Renee in the same. I wish you many, many more birthdays!

Jen said...

I have just returned from three days away and have come back to such a beautiful tribute from your sister renee!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RENEE!!! You are an incredibly supportive and loving person. Thank you for being a visitor to my blog.

Lots of love

Sarah said...

Hi Renee and happy birthday! I think this is just so special, to have in such beautiful words to treasure, how you are loved and seen by your sister. I loved her sweet descriptions of you as a child.
Ever since OWOH I have been visiting you and am always intrigued and often really moved by what I read. I wished you had been the winner of my doll as well as the real winner, as you left one of the nicest comments and I thought you would give her a good home. Now I have a perfect excuse to send you another quite Spring like paper doll-as a birthday present! My email is on my profile so please email me if you would like to give Miss Spring Green a home. (I would have emailed you instead of leaving a weird 'would you like a present?' comment but can't see an email)
Sarah x

Sandy said...

Came over from Kelly's blog to wish you a Happy Birthday, it may be late but I hope it was a great day.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Happy Birthday Renee!! .. a fabulous post about a fabulous woman... How special you are to so many.. Lovely!!!

Cre8Tiva said...

happy birthday 3rd blogaversary is this week...i will be having a BIG GiVe AwAy...please spread the word and come enter!! blessings, rebecca

kj said...

renee, nice to see your avatar and words on my blog this morning! you are so welcome!

last night after a wonderful night out with friends, i stayed up very late and visited your archives. i didn't make it back to the beginning of your blog, but i plan to. i learned alot i did not know, and i was again struck by your grit.

it gives me alot of joy to know my poem reached you in some real and helpful way. that was my hope. lo said this was true too, and coming from her that meant alot too.

yesterday was a an epidemic of goodwill and outpourings. that kind of buildup and energy is rare, and special. certain people can ignite that, and who you are and your challenging circumstance created an energy that was infectious. for all involved, it was thrilling!

i'll look forward to connecting with you outside the blogs. and the poem will find its way to you within a week or two. meanwhile, i wish you and your family the best and the highest good every day. you never know what the universe has in store: that fire and passion in you has found some incredible expression through your cancer, and now it's being shared with so many people you've touched. i think you are a terrific woman.
love love

kj said...

but you ARE living, renee. that's what's real, right now.

i don't mean to deminish the reality. and i hope you don't think you need to step on a pedestal now that you have all these fans and friends. i know about that and forgetaboutit--just be yourself, knocking knees weary bones and all.

we'll talk more. anytime.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Renee! Hope you had the greatest of days!
I wasn't to well yesterday, but it didn't stop me thinking about you and sending happy birthday wishes.
It is so true Shelly, we here totally agree with you, Renee is fantastic!

Happy birthday to you......!
Happy birthday to you........!
Happy birthday dear Renee........!
Happy birthday to you.....................!

Debra Kay said...

Happy Birthday Renee.

Indigene said...

Thank you Renee, for your wonderful words of encouragement! I will pass them on to my Renee. Prayers and blessings to you.

Ces said...

Where's the cake? Bjornik ate all the cake! Oh never mind the cake, where's the whiskey?

Peach Street ~ Jamie said...

Renee I thought of you many times yesterday and wanted to get in here and tell you Happy Birthday. But, alas, I am a day late. Still, I hope you had a wonderful day and I see from this post that you aren't the only delightful soul (and writer) in the family! ;)

Happy Birthday!

Ces said...

Someday you should discuss the topic of love. That would be like throwing seeds on a flock of birds but no one is more qualified to tackle the subject matter than you!

Manon Doyle said...

Happy Birthday Renee! I've just met you in Blogland but I can tell that you are an amazing woman! I hope you had a great day!

Ces said...

But your love is genuine and unconditional. I am referring to trite and commonplace expressions and when need, wanting and desire and infatuation is mistaken as "loving". True love is unconditional.

kj said...

kj's sneaking in again to see what's going on. and she wants you to see her new avatar so you'll know it's her...

please stop by for a drink when the spirit moves you...

studio lolo said...

Dear Miss Winnipeg,

Have you recovered from all of the grand festivities? MY GOODNESS!!
I'm not surprised in the least. You have a way of bringing people together!

I hope your day was all you needed it to be. And I hope my little gifts arrived ;)

You are beautiful...and you are loved.


Anonymous said...

I popped over from kj's blog. I can feel the love in here. Happy Birthday Renee.

Diana Evans said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a beautiful post.....

Kaili (Billy and Button) said...

Renee!! I heard it was your birthday! I hope it was absolutely wonderful, as well as the wonderful year to come. Kaili xx

laughingwolf said...

good stuff, renee :)

Emerald Arts said...

Happy Belated Birthday Renee, I'm sure it was fabulous. How could it not be, what with you being you and all of the wonderful people that you have in your life.

I heart your sister too, seems writing skills and big hearts run in the family.

Love your Emmeline

Bata Batuta said...

If you want to see friend again - bring ransom

Anonymous said...

What a most beautiful tribute to your sister! She is so beautiful and I too, a bit late, wish her a wonderful and most Happy Birthday!

ostrich girl said...

Renee how blessed you are to have a sister and a sister that loves you sooooo much! Oh my gosh and all your sisters and the rest of your family sounds like they are all so wonderful! You are so truly blessed! Some of your posts are so funny but some are so heartfelt and sad and brutally honest! Thankyou so much for sharing so much of yourself! You are truly generous to be willing to be so vulnerable! I hope your birthday is soooo special and that you get to spend it with the people who adore you!xoxo Sheri DeBow

Anonymous said...

Oh Renee..your sister wrote so beautifully about you..I am sorry I couldn't come earlier to congratulate you on your day. I'm sure that with so much love your big blue eyes became small red eyes..I've never thought about ANYBODY in terms of 'larger than life'..but I do feel YOU ARE! My 10 year old daughter and my 13 year old son adore you as well, two more to the long list. MUCH LOVE..Orly

Caroline said...

Gosh, Renee - am I the last to add my birthday wishes here? I did leave you a message on the day on my own blog on Saturday - when you have time hope you'll pop over there. If you email me - with your address I'll pop the card in the post to you. So many lovely comments here - bet you had a fabulous day - you certainly deserved it!
With love

laughingwolf said...

hi renee... forgot to say i'm hoping the flood won't reach you and yours

blessings to all :D

Taylor said...

Auntie Renee!! Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday Auntie Renee!!

"Regarding Renee" was well done Aunty Shelly! You both hold special spots in my heart and your ability to use words is something I aspire to do. but right now, I am at a loss of words, and that does not happen often.
I am at a loss of words: and like you, that does not happen often.

Aunty Renee,
you're high class, world class, well rounded, beautiful and everything inbetween!
xoxo Taylor.

sandra mucciardi said...

artwork stolen! what's that all about? yikes is right!

Dawn said...

Shelly, oh my what a heartfelt tribute to your sister - my friend.. I love your sister, she makes me see, she opens my eyes to the world and I love her dearly xxx

You are blessed to have her as your sister, as I am to have her as a friend x

Tessa said...

I'm late - as always - even for an appointment as special as this one was. Happy days, Renee, happy every day. It is heartwarming and awe-inspiring to see all the love you have engendered - and not at all surprising. As I have mentioned before, you are singular and very, very special to very many of us.

You had freckles? Me too. Happy 53, Freckles.

sandra mucciardi said...


angelique said...

"Life began with waking up and loving my mother's face." George Eliot.
"The passion,love and obssession continued and will continue forever." Angelique Khan

I have been planning on writing something for so long, but the right words to explain how I feel just don't come. But I realize, that you know of course how I feel. I look at Josephine and I see her looking at me, I feel her grab my hand or put her arm around while she says mmmmm. Mama. And I think, I must have been like this to my Mom. I got to do this to my Mom. How lucky.

You look at the impact you have made on the lives of so many people you have not physically met. They are enamored and in love with you. They admire your strength. You make them appreciate life. Can you imagine the impact on you daughter? Can you only imagine the love?

So in love with you Mom.

Renee said...

Angelique I love you right back and then again and again.

Of course I know how you feel and can you imagine now that you have Josephine and are soon to have another little baby how lucky the mother is when the child touches her.

I not only imagine the love, I feel the love.

Love Mom xoxoxo

Deborah said...

Oh my. I don't think I have fallen for another soul as quickly as I have fallen for you. AND the sister who wrote this! Speechless. I love every image of you at all your ages. So sweet. Sending you all my love, Deborah