Friday, 20 March 2009

Fantasy Friday BLD No. 8

*artwork B by Leah Palmer Preiss


*jean* said...

oo i love these! you tell a story in these without words! love that!


Micki said...

That first picture is brilliantly scary!! love it!

lakeviewer said...

This is hard, today. It is easy too, a face peeled from a prickly pear? Is that how we all feel when the public peel is off?

Anonymous said...

I love each of these, but I think that my favorite is the last one - sort of Wizard of Ozish with the wind blowing people hither and yon (what exactly does that mean?). I must say though, the huge eye in the first one captivated my attention for some time!
Love to you

Ces said...

Oh, my brain is being tickled early this morning! Hello Darling I wish you a fine day.

Dreamers Dream said...

hmm i wonder how i would look when im a character..

Michelle said...

oooooh.....where do people get their inspiration from here?

Nice choices Renee....Freaky Friday I think :)

Flor Larios Art said... your images!

Sarah said...

Good morning hon!! How are you feeling today?? You are on my mind!!!
Hmmm the first one looks like a horse chestnut that grace my yard each Fall. I would be quite upset if I found a sad little face like this inside.
I adore the wizard with his little bit of light he is creating.
The floating people - hmmmm they were cute but disturbing in a way.
Take care hon.. Love, Sarah

Ces said...

Dearest Renee, the story of Emily Dot is an old story I made up to explain some illustrations that I created out of the blue. I usually do not have anything particular in mind when I draw or paint, just a general idea like season, sorrow, joy, trees, etc. Then things just fall into place. However, my blog visitors often ask for the story behind the images so I made up the story. Most of the time, I just let my visitors make their own interpretations like the Abecedarian Series. I drew it a time when my mind was at peace and then something punctuated my equilibrium. It is over now and I have my equilibrium and peace again, thanks to three wonderful ladies Arija and Baino and mostly to a wonderful friend who touched my heart - Bella Sinclair! Blogging is bizarre, wonderfully bizarre. Of course when Bella waved her magic wand, my friends whose hands I have the privilege of being able to hold everyday, told me gather all my strength and rationale.

You are very special to me Renee. You have touched my heart as I know you have others who visit you everyday. You are a part of my day now, you and Bella. You are giving your blog visitors a most precious gift.

I heard a big party is about to happen, something that will give me excuse to wear my birthday suit - oh good heavens, that would be a traumatic scene!

studio lolo said...

Ooooh, great fantasies today! The top one is by one of my favorite blogging artists, Leah Palmer Preiss. It amazes me how much detail and emotion she can fit into her tiny pieces!
I recognize the wizard one too. Nice!
The bottom one has lots going on. I'm off to take a closer look!

Sending hugs to Winnipeg today.
Hubby will be home tonight and then we will discuss our upcoming move back east :)


glorv1 said...

I love these. I love the first picture the best. Trying to get out it seems. Have a great weekend.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I can't stop looking at that first image. So many times I've picked up a chestnut and imagined it as a sort of helmet, and there it is! With a bewildered soul inside!

Paula and Skip said...

The first one captured my attention. So watchful - which isnt necessary something negative. If it watches over me I would feel protected.

Shelly said...


I am mesmerized by the first one – love it!

linda cardina said...

hi renee, just stopping by to day "hello". ...and to give u a big ((((((((hug))))))))))). xoxolinda

Anonymous said...

Hope your having a great day, Renee!
So glad to hear you are feeling brighter! Do you get to spend the weekend with your family home? I love Fridays, Mark is home for the weekend and we can all chill.
Hope you have a bright weekend. Oh Boo,hoo still cold! I think that I will have a word with your snow king to let the sunshine have the limelight for a while!

Luv and hugs!

Delwyn said...

Good morning Renee
another fine artist to research
thank you
happy days

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Happy Friday, Renee. The most fascinating images, as usual. You're making me look boring here:)

That's okay, I'll let you have the glory, my friend!

I wish you laughter and love.


JonJon said...

I love the 3rd graphic. Very unique!!

Bella Sinclair said...

I must say, I feel like the first image quite often -- guarded and hidden most of the time. Is it me, or does she seem to be staring accusingly?

And that last image is bizarre in a very neat-o way. I like that little kid flying in his chair.

Hope you have a good night. xoxo

SweetAnnee said...

How whimsical..I love it
Love your blog..
Dee na

angelique said...

I am totally mesmorised by the first one too. I am going to go back and look at it.

Caroline said...

Hello Renee. These are wonderful images - I'm really taken by the first -it's mesmerizing! Thanks for your comments on my blog - and yes, 6 years on I am well, thank you!

kj said...

the pricklies protect in that first painting, but the eyes reveal the cautious vulnerability and willingness to connect and love.

that's my take on it, renee, and that's often how i feel!

your choice of art is fascinating to me. vibrant, wild, symbolic, impressionable. i like your take on yourself and the world. i'm glad lolo guided me here.

ps when will the candles be lit so i can hum and strum hb? :)

Dreamers Dream said...

i fall right into the eyes of the first picture

Björnik said...

The first one should be secluded habits.haha I cheated,I found the artist at flickr this afternoon and her works are marvelous.

I find it weird, because when asked for my opinion about art, I don't know what to say. Well, except for this.. the stare gives me the creeps.:)