Tuesday, 20 October 2009

500th Post Giveaway

I have been thinking for a little while about what I could give back to all of you who give so much to me.

What could I give? What could I do? How could any of it have more meaning than just the here and now?

I know a young Australian doctor named Maithri (My3) Goonetilleke and he has a dream. He has a dream that I believe in. His dream is for the people of Swaziland to have running water and food to eat; a dream where children can actually survive childhood.

Maithri is instrumental in the group ‘Possible Dreams International’ and their website is http://possibledreamsinternational.org/ . Maithri’s blog is ‘The Soaring Impulse’ and his website is http://www.soaringimpulse.com/ . If you have not visited him yet, you really are missing out on an important young man.

My dear friend Tessa has been selling her prints and donating 100% of the proceeds to help save the lives of children in Swaziland. Tessa’s blog, where you can see her prints is at http://aerialarmadillo.blogspot.com/ . The paintings are beautiful and the prints are wonderful, I know, as I am lucky enough to own two of them myself.

Maithri wrote once “And yet, somewhere in our collective imagination, we have created worlds within worlds. Third worlds and first worlds. Worlds where it is not ok for even one child to die and other worlds where a child dies every 3 seconds and no one blinks an eyelid. I hear of words like ‘compassion fatigue’ …And I have to tell you that the concept nauseates me. That we who have so much can even contemplate tiring of reaching out to those of our human family who have absolutely nothing, is absolutely incomprehensible to my little brain.”

I have talked to Tessa about purchasing three of her prints for my giveaway and Tessa has generously offered to throw in a fourth so that we can have not one, not two, not three, but four lucky winners.

So on to the giveaway and how it works. Simple really….

Think positive thoughts and send them out to the world and then leave a comment with the name of the print that you would love to have from Tessa’s site and by next Tuesday, the 27th of October I will post the winners.

Good luck to all of you and please sit and watch this video and be as thrilled as I am about the good work that some good people are doing in our world today. People, hopefully like you and I that don’t suffer from compassion fatigue.


Love Renee xoxoxo

*artwork by my very dear friend Tessa Edwards


Tessa said...

Renee! You are more than wonderful - you are freakin' CELESTIAL! Truly an angel. When one thinks of what horrors and heartbreak you have endured recently and how you have to bear the rigors of your own ill-health -and yet you still reach out with love and generosity. I swear, you must be an earthly angel. I could just BURST with love and pride.

Congratulations on your 500th post - your blog is a huge inspiration to hundreds upon hundreds of people around the globe. I hope that you can feel the love that surrounds you from every corner of this planet.

I know, absolutely, that Maithri and everyone involved with Possible Dreams International shout out a rousing 'thank you, Renee' to you today!

Arija said...

Such a wonderful way to commemorate your 500th post Renee.
I too have visited his site and been impressed by his humanity.
My dear, I am not here for a prize, only because I too have been a starving child, so I know first hand what it is like with half your family dead or missing and bullets flying all around.
I hope we learn to care for each other before we have destroyed the world...I too have a dream...

Sarah said...

Oh oh oh Renee..I love this..It is so you and Tessa!! Wow ..Be back in a minute.....Love you and congratulations hon - wow 500..whoot..you know I am asking for 500 more Renee!! Sending positive energy already....Sarah

Ribbon said...

dear beautiful renee...

you know how i feel, think, believe about you... it's all up.

like tessa has said... i could just BURST with love and pride and that's all about you.

you have numerous gifts and i'm so pleased that one of them is the art of sharing.

big love to you clever pants on your 500th post :)

long live renee!
love always
x ribbon

yoborobo said...

Renee!! This is such a fabulous idea. I love Maithri to bits, and the work he is doing is so important. I am fortunate enough to have one of Tessa's lovely prints, so I believe I should step aside let someone else win this. I believe her art will help to change things, too. Her paintings are the heart of a people, and they touch you deeply, just by looking at them. Maithri is an angel. Tessa, too. And you are an angel. One that I love dearly and am so proud to call a friend. Congrats on the 500th post! xoxoxo Pam

Angela Recada said...

Good morning, dear Renee,

I cannot possibly say it better than Tessa did. You make the world a better place just by being in it, my wise, generous, and dear friend. I've said it before, you make me want to be a better person, and I'm sure many others around the world feel the same way.

You, Tessa and Maithri can change the world, one heart at a time.

Congratulations on your 500th post. People feel drawn to you and hear you. You were meant to be in our lives, every one of us who loves you, near and far.

Love and hugs and more hugs,

Sarah said...

Ok...so this has touched me as I follow Tessa's blog and adore her work. The chance even small to win a piece of her work and spread this amazing cause..well I can't resist..I love the women at the fish market..love it. Hard to choose though it really is.
Renee..this is so like you to do something so wonderful..thank you for being the wonderful you that you are. Thank you Tessa for joining you in this!!
Love you hon, Sarah

Silke said...

Oh, Renee, and love Tessa and the work she is doing in supporting Possible Dreams International ... and the inspiration she is! And I love you and the incredible inspiration you are!! What a generous and meaningful giveaway! Should I be one of the lucky, lucky winners, I'd love the print "Day Dreams." Congratulations on your 500th post!! Much, much love, Silke

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Wow!! Congratulations on 500 posts Renee!! What a beautiful and meaningful giveaway!
I looked at Tessa's prints and can not pick a favorite, they are all beautiful! I think what she is doing is definitely God's work and so are you. The video is so moving!

If I were ever to be lucky enough to win, I'd be honored to have a print that you chose for me, I really would.
Lots of love and bless you!

jenjen said...

Congratulations on 500 Renee - that is so great! And what an inspiration about your friend - I am going over to check out her site. That is amazing!


A Gift Wrapped Life said...

500!!!!!!! Congratulations Renee, that is a lot of wonderful, thoughtful, insightful, inspirational, generous, and beautiful words that you have shared with the world. Bet you didn't know you had that many words in you when you started, but thankfully you did. Keep going as gracefully as you have been. XO

Diana Evans said...

Hi Renee!!! you are not only a wonderful friend to all of us...but a very giving and special soul....you are always thinking about others and your strength and love of the world really is an inspiration to all of us....

I feel grateful to know you and to be inspired by you each and every day!!!

Bless your heart!


Deborah said...

Renee, 500,000 more posts is what I pray for. Tessa said everything that needs to be said. You give yourself away to us every day Renee,you feed us of yourself. Maithri, Tessa, and you, are all so close to God. The Lord has given you all very big work to do, and you do it gracefully and splendidly, inspiring all of us to become more. Please do not enter me in the giveaway...allow me to be a part of this important work, and purchase my own from Tessa. Have I told you lately how much I love you. Deb

Diva Kreszl said...

First let me thank you for the links to these wonderful sites...we are all God's children and those of us who are blessed with much, are expected to do much...we must lift up those in need! I would be honored to have any of these prints. Congratulations on your 500th post and for inspiring us to do good works with your blog!!!

Caroline said...

Dear Renee, Congratulations, 500 inspirational posts and a wonderful gesture to bring together a golden triangle -Maithri, Tessa and Possible Dreams International. Marvellous! x

turquoise cro said...

Congrats! dear woman, 500 more for sure!!! I will go to Maithri's soon! Tessa's prints are all Beauty Full but I love the "Water Bearers" ! Sisterhood is beautiful!One of my favorite peeps is Mother Teresa! We can all learn from her!She was a REAL human BEING giving Love, love, love!!!all her LOVE!! (((((Renee)))))

Marie S said...

You and Tessa are both celestial. And Dr. Maithri too. All of you angels on high.
500 posts is quite a big deal my pretty. Congratulations! Renee I would love to be a winner in this giveaway, but already consider myself a huge winner since the day I met you. The beautiful art of Tessa would the best icing in the world. I love all of her work.
Love and hugs.

glorv1 said...

Congratulations on 500 posts. I was there about 24 days ago. I even forgot it was my 500 post until the end. Who knew. I've enjoyed reading your posts and look for 500 more. Take care and have a great day. I will visit the blogs you speak of. Take care.

Jackie said...

WOW Renee!! I only recently discovered your blog and I feel truly blessed to have met you .Thank you for bringing Tessa and her art to my attention . I am sending many many positive thoughts and Some extra to you my friend . What a very generous giveaway this is and her work is beautiful and for a beautiful cause.Thank you sweetie!! I love the Water Bearers print, such beautiful colors .oh and congrats on post 500 . Hope their are many many more:)
Hugs ,

Annie said...

This is a lovely idea and Maithri
and Tessa are wonderful as are Tessa's prints. If I should win I would like very much to donate the print back, so she can sell it and
Maithri can use the money for his darling children. Is this okay? As I have little money and cannot buy a print, this would be a way to give.
Love to you and Jacquie.xoxo

Linda Sue said...

Love you Renee, Love that you know how to be such a wonderful example, WITH a sense of humour...rare when one faces all that you have in one lifetime! You are all about spirit , generosity, and good stuff- can we still be roomates when we are in the ever after?

Lori ann said...

Oh Renee.

What a way to start a day! Bless your gorgeous heart, thinking of others always, that's what I see in you. And what Tessa said about you, the same could be said for her, she is an angel here on earth too. I love you both and Maithri too. My heart is bursting right now and my eyes filled with tears, the love surrounding this place that you've made here is so powerful. I'll send it out further, just like you asked, I will. If my good thoughts were pennies I think i'd be a millionaire. I love you Renee. And I hope for 500 more posts too. Just not all together okay? I can hardly keep up with you as it is.
I love all Tessa's paintings, is it okay to want more if I already own two? I love the gogo holding the hand of the tiny toto. And the water bearers. I love her paintings so much. I really do. And all she's done for Possible Dreams International. And Maithri. And now you too.
Oh Renee.

XXX and LOVE, lori

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Well done, Renee! 500 posts is quite an accomplishment. I, like so many others, so enjoy my visits here. Thank you for sharing your journey with us all. And like you, may we never tire of compassion.

I agree that Tessa's artwork is amazing. I would chose The Three Kings if I had the honour!


mrsb said...

First off, congrats on 500 posts! That's awesome! And what a great way to celebrate it!

The fact there are still children in the world without clean water, enough to eat, a safe place to live or the chance at an education is just the saddest thing to me. Earlier today, I looked at the posting for an ornate, oversized, ridiculous house that is listing in my state. How someone can live like that while children starve... I just don't know.

As for the art - how gorgeous, and how generous for both your blog and for everyone who benefits from it's proceeds!

All the prints are gorgeous, and as he's one of my favorites, I love the Modigliani style.

My very favorite, though, is Bustopher Jones. I can never resist a cat :O)

lakeviewer said...

Oh you beautiful You! What a generous gift from you and Tessa. The world is a better place because of your love and courage.

Love and hugs.

500 posts? Congratulations! Now, let's go for 1000!

Jeanne said...

I have goosebumps all over after watching that video.

I read an article in National Geographic a few months ago about the lack of water infrastructure in the undeveloped countries.

Seems like that might be a better use of a few billion dollars than making war.

julie mitchell said...

I went to the website and blog...I come back here now with tears in my eyes...heart breaking stories yet beautiful in spirit. I will get my debit card and make a donation..small but....I feel so small and unimportant when I see what people are willing to do and give up in order to help someone else...I feel so small and unimportant when I look at the concerns in my life and how much I have. It's always the children who suffer the most...the women and children. When I read about children in Haiti being fed mud pies because it takes some of the pain of hunger away...I wonder how this can be..in a world so rich...how do any of us sleep at night???
I would be honored to have any one of the lovely prints of Tessa's my heart literally skipped a beat when I saw the one you've posted here.
hug, hug...thank you for making us more aware.

Bella Sinclair said...

I do not see 500 posts. I see 500 gifts. Many have made me smile and giggle. Some have made me weep. But all have made me thankful for life and friendship and love. How generous you are.

This is a fantastic idea for a giveaway! A beautiful collaboration of incredible souls.


Lori ann said...

only if you say so, only then okay?

TheChicGeek said...

Gorgeous post, Renee :) You have a heart and soul of gold. It is so good to know you and be able to share in your presence. You are a delight!

The prints are stunning...absolutely beautiful! What a great thing you are doing. I agree with you, we must never, never lose our compassion. The world is a better place with people like you in it. We can all do our part, can't we...no matter how small, no good act is wasted.
Have a Beautiful and Peace Filled Day!
May we all live today with gratitude in our hearts <3



Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Renee: You are such a generous soul and connect with others of like mind, like Maithri. Such vital work! I love Tessa's work and would be honoured to receive any piece.

Congratulations on your 500th post. May there be thousands more.

Sarah said...

Thanks for my birthday wishes Renee! I am so glad you liked the card too. This giveaway is brilliant-Maithri does such special work and Tessa is such a great artist and then there's you in there AND the chance to win a beautiful picture. It could not be better!
500 posts is amazing. Congratulations and I am looking forward to 500 more.
Lots of love, Sarah xx

rochambeau said...

Congratulation on your 500th Post Renee!!
You are a beautiful soul & a sincere blessing to us all.

What a generous giveaway~~
Yes to all being a part of God, I too believe this is true!

Anonymous said...

If only more people were like you in the world. Don't people understand it take a lot more energy to hate than it does to be kind?

Some days I plot, scheme and brainstorm about how it would be possible to give the world one great, big, ginormous ENEMA!

But I fear even those good folks at Guiness Book of World Records wouldn't be able to record the result if my plan were possible.

Ces said...

Everyone is so well-behaved and proper!

Will you please make sure that when you ship my prize, please instruct the mail carrier to NOT throw the package over the gate. It may rain and then Tessa's beautiful work will get wet and be ruined.

500 posts. That's a lot of sitting on one's butt. How's that chair, must have a butt divot or hallow marks on the seat?

Okay, I just want to be irreverent because I can. HAHAHAHA!

P.S. email coming your way for something offline.

Marion said...

Wow, that's really a huge milestone, 500 posts, Renee! Congratulations my dear friend. I love all of Tessa's prints and would be honored to own any one of them. I've been following Maithri for a while now and really admire him and pray for his work.

May God continue to richly bless you, my dear, precious, loving, giving friend. xoxoxoxo

Annie said...

Okay, then I will take the one of the little boys sailing their ships. Such a lovely print and has much joy in it.
Love you Renee, xoxo

staceyjwarner said...


You are an angel and much loved. I'm so blessed we have stumbled across each other's paths.

much love to you and congrats on your 500!

love you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Renee,
I am here to CONGRATULATE you my dear friend on your 500th Post! Okay this is amazing Renee! Just like you!
Here is to a trillion more!
Love you very much.

mermaid said...

Thank you for spreading Tessa's color and creativity and for the awareness of lives outside our own.

Michelle said...

I love the Beach Boogey print...it makes me smile.

Maithri is wonderful isn't he, and Tessa's prints are beauitful. So are you :)


Pattee said...

What a wonderful giveaway Renee...
You are an amazing woman that is why people like to give to you... (note to self FOOL) You are so wise and compasionate. With all the struggles you're dealing with in your life and yet you're always there, always shining...
After watching that video it took me back to when I and Russ and others went to TJ Mexico and the poverty was (is) horrifying.
If you don't mind I might put up pictures of my trip there and refer people to your blog. Just to get the word out about the human suffering.
SO much Love to you~Pattee

Oh my pick would be and it's hard to pick. It would be the little boys fishing the 13th picture the one on the bottom~

Breeze said...

Congratulations! What an awesome way to celebrate! I love this print http://www.theaerialarmadillo.com/large-view/Giclee%20Prints/206825-45-42-16638/Painting/Figurative.html but feel I'm already a winner and anything more would be too much.

I will buy a print regardless...how beautiful they are!


Ps...posting a link to your blog on my blog for this giveaway...is there a button at all or should I just linky?

Ces said...


THAT was just a joke!

You cannot do that!
That does not make me feel good.
Please don't.
Be fair!

Ces said...

You kill me!

Ces said...

besides, I am not entering. I am just spamming your comment section. So there!

Ces said...

But it is not even half of the society. You noticed Sister Marie is not there yet and lovely Diana Evans and Allegra and several others. I am emotionally drained after doing a woman.

Manon Doyle said...

Renee!! You have the kindest heart I know!! What a beautiful thing to do on your 500th post!!

Tessa's work is incredible and I would be honored to have any one of them .... but..... since I see that Ces is getting it.... lol... i'll congratulate her ahead of time!!! LOL

Thank you Renee for being who you are girlfriend!!

much love,

Shelly said...

500 Posts!! Amazing ... what a beautiful way to honor it...

I need to catch up and am especially interested in your "angels + demons" series - what a great idea.

Shelly xoxo

pinkglitterfae said...

Dear Renee, congratulations on our 500th post! I have enjoyed reading everything you wrote, ever since I was blessed to discover your blog.
You are a classy lady, and what a sweet thing to do for your loyal readers!
Thank you for introducing me to Tessa's blog! What gorgeous artwork she creates! You can't go wrong with any print, but if I had to choose, maybe I would pick 'elephant boy', coz I love me my elephants, lol!
thanks sweetie, may we be blessed with many hundreds more blog posts from you :-)

Chrisy said...

Darlin girl you give to us every time you type in a word...thank you...Possible Dreams International...just beautiful work they're all doing...and the prints...every page I looked at I thought...oh that one...next page...maybe that one...etc...they are all wonderful with each having it's own whispered message...any one would be damned fine with me!

Anonymous said...

oh but i not only love you, hee hee, i adore you! I think you are simply wonderful, i really, really do, from the bottom of my heart.

Linda said...


Your 500th post, how wonderful. Congratulations but I hope for 5000 more. My husband once asked me why I read your blog if it makes me sad and I told him it's because you, my dear, are truly an inspiration.

This is a really awesome post and the sites are so great. I plan to visit them again in depth.

I can see why you love Tessa's work it's all beautiful. It was so hard to pick one as a favorite but if I had to choose it would be "Italian Impressions." However, if I win, I would be just as happy if, instead, you would donate the money to breast cancer research.

Much love and again my congrats on your 500th post.

Momo Luna said...

Dear, sweet Renee,
i was going to visit here 'cause i wanted to let you know that i pass on a 'The gift of love'award to you. And then i find this lovely post. That strengthen even more my choice to pass this award on to you. You are such a caring, sweet person. Great idea to do this because of your 500th post. Congratulations! And i hope we can enjoy another 500 in the least. :-)
Sweet greetz and a big hug from Momo Luna

Ces said...

Hi Ho Ho Ho! That mild swearing won't bring Bella back! You have to swear and cuss more than that, Say something real nasty.

Debra said...

How wonderful and generous for you and your friend to do? Happiest 500th post, here is to another 1000 to come.

kj said...

have i entered the international renee khan fan club? or the saints of the world association? or maybe the orgasmic lovelorn society?

HAHA renee. reading all these tributes to you and all you contribute is a trip all by itself!

now then: about this give-a-way. i am currently blessed with two of tessa's prints. they arrived packaged in soft tissue paper folded just so. i look at them just about every other day with awe and gratitude. i love our friend tessa.

so i shall not enter this giveway, given i am already blessed with the grand prize. but i will contribute to maithri's angel work and i am congratulating you on 500 masterpieces of your own.

you ROCK favorite # 1 moon sister. i want 500 more and 500 more after that. please....


Ces said...

My dearest twin baby sister. Corrupted by a nasty foul mouth. Don't you see we never swear? Manon, Linda, me? Even non-Gemini Bella. Poor poor baby twin sister. Poor toy stroller!

Oh my God! That is so f-f-f-fu-funny!

I laughed so loud. Former Epsilon I asked what's happening. HAHAHAHA! OMG!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Renee, it is just like you to bless many other people all at once in celebrating your 500th post! What a generous way to have fun and spread the love around!
I love Tessa's work but if I had to pick I'd choose The Light. Thank you for including the video. I learned so much and am glad I watched. Those children are gorgeous. What great work Possible Dreams does!
Hugs and kisses to you, my friend!

Maithri said...

My beloved Renee,

When I started Possible Dreams International, I did so believing with all of my heart in the power of ordinary human beings to change the world...

To build bridges of hope across whose arms light and love could flow to those who are suffering in the myre of extreme poverty, HIV/AIDS and malnutrition...

You have been through so much my beautiful friend.... and I think it is the broken road which you have walked which allows you to feel for those who live each day under the spectre of hopelessness and fear....

Somehow your own journey has refined your heart in such a way the way that it has grown wings....

Its is my deep priveledge to take your message of love and share it with those who have absolutely nothing to call their own...

You and Tessa are proof that it IS possible....

That we are all connected.

That ordinary human beings can do extraodinary things.... when they dare to take a dream and breathe it into life...

I love you with all my heart,


Ces said...

AAAAHAHAHAH! OH I love you and your foul mouth and oh I love Josephine but you have to let her have the gentle years unadulterated by foul language. OMG!

OMG! I am laughing so hard, I wish you can hear me. I saw that! I saw you swear over there. Did you read my comment to your comment over at Bella's. You are so funny and I love you. I don't think I have ever heard or read Bella swear. You can toture her and all she will ever say is ACK! ACK! Not a whole lot of blackmail material. She might sight you some obscure psychology research study like something that will tell you swearing actually relieves pain.

Flor Larios Art said...

Thank you so much Renee for inviting me to participate in your giveaway.
I love Tessa's art. Congratulations on your 500th post and your wonderful blog!

Ces said...

You are full of it! I just read you over at my twin-sisterfriend's blog!

Renee said...

My Mom phoned and couldn't get her message to go on the blog so I just got off the phone with her and this is the message I am to type in.

Mom you are definitely going to win one of the prints, right Tessa?

Dear Renee:

This is not a comment is is more like a letter. Do you have any idea of the number of people you have helped in the last three years? Many of whom we have never met. You are a great daughter and a very good friend.

Love you, Mom.

Love you too Mom xoxoxo

Ces said...

Well, I will vote for Mom for Prime Minister! I will make sure I can vote in Canada.

Oh yes. You are making up for your cussing restriction here by doing it on my blog! Grrr!

kj said...

your mom swears our favorite f---word just like you?

HA! who knew?!


Nevine said...

Renee, I would like to congratulate you on your 500th post! I can't even imagine such a feat as I have recently only posted my 16th... :) I'm still a baby in the blogging world while you, my dear, are a queen. You can't imagine the joy I get when I visit your place - so happy and positive and bustling with happy and positive people. You attract goodness, and I love that about you. I feel so blessed to have come across your blog... just like that... one day... as I sat there and tried to acquaint myself with the whole blog thing... and when I found you... I smiled and thought, "Now here's a place that's good for the heart and soul." As for the gift, well, I think knowing you and sharing in what you do is the greatest gift here. I will be thinking positive thoughts. And I send positive thoughts your way, as well, dear Renee. Take care.

Nevine :)

Sonia ;) said...

Sweetie....your friendship means the world to me...I want all positivity sent to everyone in the world, and to learn from ur compassion. I step aside from the drawing for others to enjoy, because ur friendship is biggest gift ever recieved that is truly cherished by me.....Im working from home woot woot....we can play email tag lmao..

xoxoxoxxoxo Love you Lovey

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Renee! Congrats on your 500th post! What a special way to celebrate the event! Thank you for letting me us know about Possible Dreams and the talented works and loving heart of Tessa. Her art is beautiful. It was so difficult to choose. I love her print "Mermaid Dreams". Thanks again and Congrats!

Lisa :)

kj said...

i want to see how she smiles. i am willing to agree to a bribe.

i'll bet you smile like she does. i will not forget your father's smile.


Elizabeth said...

This is wonderful, Renee -- especially after my week of compassion fatigue posts. Really, it's energizing. I've seen both of those websites; in fact, I think I found you through them or vice versa! How wonderful this community is.

I will think positive thoughts and send them out to the world. And if I should win the giveaway, I would love Tessa's "The Light." So beautiful.

OH! AND HAPPY 500TH POST. We are all the richer for each and every one.

Love, E

Inner Toddler said...

I feel I've already won just by finding your blog Renee. You know that. Here's to the next 500.
BUT if I must choose a print, and it is so hard because they are all masterpieces, I do so like Abruzzo 2 and the Magic Hippo. If I must choose, I will do so later. Now I'm going to pour over your Aussie Doc. Sounds like the kind of person I want to know about. love to you! xo susie

pRiyA said...

terrific idea!a giveaway with a difference.

~* The Beldame on Peach Street *~ said...

This is wonderful Renee! You are always so giving. You have such a beautiful spirit!

I would be honored to win any of these prints. What a wonderful and worthy cause. I first learned about Possible Dreams on your blog a while back.

Maithri is such an inspiring person. What a wonderful way to celebrate your 500th post!


Mim said...

I love Tessa's work and everything she does. congrads on 500 - woohoo to you

Draffin Bears said...

Congratulations dear Renee, on your 500th post. That is a lot of writing and such inspirational posts for us all to read.
We are so lucky to have you as our Blog friend, thank you.
I love them all but I think my favourite would be the little boys fishing, that really spoke to me.

I hope that your week is going well.

Yvonne Anderson said...

It would have to be Elephant Boy Renee!

But Oh what a truly gorgeous thing to know people who are doing such beautiful things in the world such as PDI are. I am putting it out there daily how much I want to work in such an organisation!

Brilliant...just brilliant.

Your 500th Post...WOW

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely way to celebrate, and generous. I have a cause close to my own heart and love that you are doing this!

A Cuban In London said...

Excellent post about two very dedicated bloggers and writers, Tessa and Maithri. I feel embarrassed about not visiting him more often but the problem is that I cannot access his blog from work and if I do it from home it takes ages for the computer to load up his page. Great work they're both doing and so are you, my dear, for promoting their good deeds.

Greetings from London.

Ingrid Mida said...

Dear Renee,
Congratulations on your 500th post!! You have written a book, if not two!
What a wonderful idea for a giveaway to celebrate this milestone. You are the embodiment of kindness and generosity.

Björnik said...

Dearest Renee. This is so generous of you. I've been an avid follower of both Tessa and Maithri's blogs, just as I am to yours. 500th posts, how would I ever reach that number! Looking forward to 500,000 more!:)

Kathi said...

Mazel Tov on your 500th blog post. It seems the family generosity with give aways flows. I so love "into the Wild" Print. Her dynamic colors are amazing. Lots of positive energy going to Possible Dreams and the rest of the world.

Oops! Desperate Blogger~ said...

the world will be better for this....
What an awesome post Renee. The smiles...oh the smiles!

Oops! Desperate Blogger~ said...

Ps...I vote for your Mom!

Caio Fernandes said...

derful post Renee !!! i totaly agree with you , and you have touched me now .
sure i will see all this !!

thank you for all honey . my heart is with you .

SugarberrySensations said...


You have touched my heart and soul today with the way you lead your life! Me, a complete stranger! =)

Congratulations on your 500th post, you are an AMAZING woman!


LDWatkins said...

Tessa said it better than I could. So much love is sent your way and positive thoughts and energy go out to those in need. I, too, follow his blog. Maithri is such an inspiration to all. I love any of the pictures showing the women talking to each other. I like to think maybe they are discussing dreams.

mansuetude said...

... ah... still thinking about compassion fatigue. about blindness to bounty, perhaps that is what we should call it; our hunger curls around it...

thank you.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Congratulations on the 500th post! It is so sad that we put things into worlds. I've totally enjoyed reading through Tessa's blog..a new one to me. Both of you are spectacular people!
As far as Tessa's work? What a tough decision...they are all so wonderful. If I had to choose just one, it would be her avatar, Self Portrait (after Modigliani).
Here's to positive thoughts...

Christina said...

you have introduced me to tessa, how beautiful! maithri, is sheer love.
i send you hugs, on your 500th post. may you be inspired, to place your words of love here always.
i send you love and light~

Julie said...

Hey Renee! Congratulations on your 500th post, and I'll add my voice to the chorus that's praising your idea! Let's see...

I like: Maili - (after Modigliani)

Clarity said...

I've heard of Maithri, but this is the first time I've read that quote.

Darling Renee, I saw this and realised that postage of the prints would be high. Let's save that for the kids of Swaziland, a beautiful country I remember visiting as a child.

Therefore, I pay it forward, may whoever comments before/after me get my chance if I am blessed to win. Love to you and peace, XXX.

Meghann LittleStudio said...

Congratulations on 500 posts Renee! What a great idea for a giveaway. I however, am blessed just by reading your blog, so I won't enter the contest (though the art is beautiful!).

Anonymous said...

Oh what an awesome giveaway, such a great cause! Thank you Renee so much for this give away chance.

Loni Edwards said...

Congratulations on 500 beautiful posts! Awesome! What a great way to celebrate! Your blog is such an inspiration. I just love visiting here. Thank you for sharing about Maithri also.

Kaili said...

Hello my lovely friend Renee! Congratulations on reaching 500 posts! Wow, what a mile stone! I am barely past 60. And this giveaway is fabulous. You are too kind and generous! Tessa's work is absolutely beautiful. Sending my love our way. Kaili xx

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ah, finally, I meet Ces's Renee and she is as wonderful as described! Congratulations on the post number, and a hug and prayer on the health. You shall be blessed for what you are doing with your giveaway---to put joy in the hands of some, and help to others.
If I should win something, I would trust your judgement. You keep Ces in line...that says enough! ;) hee!hee!


Ribbon said...

renee I would like to apologise for not making mention of Tessa's wonderful artwork...
I figure that there must be a small part of me that doesn't feel deserving and therefore I failed to give praise where praise was due.

:) silly sausage me

angelique said...

I can't believe that there has been 500 blogs entries so far. Congrats and great idea! You always have such good ideas Mom. I have to admit that I am just so impressed and amazed by people like Tessa and Maithri...I can only aspire to do such good in the world. They are truly remarkable.

Lisa Holtzman said...

Through Ces I have the honor of being introduced to you Renee, Tessa, Dr. Maithri and Possible Dreams. What amazing people you all are! How fortunate the world is to have you.

Javajune said...

Oh Renee this is incredible. You are such a beautiful person. Congrats on your 500th post! Sorry it took me so long to respond my daughter has been very ill and in the hospital I've been caring for the babies. She is now better and I am so thrilled to send positive thoughts out into the universe. I would love any print you choose for me. It would mean more to me if you did the picking.
Love ya,

Isabel said...

Dear Renee,

May you have another 500 posts in this same voice of hope and community.
Maithri's mission is inspiring and moving and worth spreading.
I will post a banner on my blog and will think of something I can do to help his vision of possible dreams.
No child should go hungry or thirsty.
And if my comment is the winner of your wonderful friend Tessa's artwork, then may Tessa sell it and add the money to Maithri's cause.

You are a force of inspiration and I'm honored to have found your blog and through it-your voice, courage, and heart.



Miss Becky said...

I couldn't possibly say it any better than Tessa. Thank you Renee, for hipping me to that video. The joy on the faces of those little boys, washing with the fresh water, is immeasurable. What a lift up on this day. And...congrats on your 500th post. Wow! I am so happy to have met you Renee!!! You are a treasure.

Catherine said...

You have a wonderful heart and this is an amazing cause.

Congrats on your 500th post!

It's so hard to decide what print I would want if I was the lucky winner, maybe just let it be a surprise.

Love, Catherine

PurestGreen said...

What a wonderful giveaway, Renee - congratulations on 500 posts. I have looked through Tessa's work and it is so vibrant and beautiful. I love "In the Pink" best of all. I would love to see in colour like that.

I love doing the giveaways on my Scotland blog - there is something so joyful about it, and I hope you get the same feeling with this.

Big love from Edinburgh:)

Coastal Sisters said...

Renee...what a great artist Tessa is. My favorite one is "Early to The Market".

Congratulations on your 500th post! That is wonderful my dear.


Great-Granny Grandma said...

I would love to sign up for your very generous giveaway, Renee, and if by some good fortune I should be a winner, I would be happy with whatever piece you pick out for me. Surprise me! LOL

*jean* said...

mrs. merry berry for me...thank you, renee

Anonymous said...

Mabrook مبروك (congrats) on your 500th!
This is truly what the internet is about. This is the world as a global village, it can be done and you have done it on your blog.
Blessings and prayers to you and Possible Dreams International and Tessa. There's hope in the world as long as there are people like you.
If I win, I will be happy with whatever you chose for me.

Anonymous me said...

It shouldn't suprise me that angels congregate near where you are Renee. Tessa's pictures are just wonderful and Possible Dreams International is totally inspirational. 500 posts? Now that is a truly remarkable milestone, each inch travelled you have gathered more friends and given so freely from your heart, sharing hard earned wisdom and enriching so many lives. You astonish me.

Even if I don't win I shall purchase a print, probably Beach Boogy because of the purple dress and the joyous nature of dancing outside.

xx Jos

Jasmine said...

A very inspiring give away. I will look at Tessa's blog and put a link to it in my side bar. I admire those who do much for others.

Kelly Lish said...

Oh Renee, the video brought tears to my eyes. Such poverty and yet they still smile. Sometimes I wonder who is really happier-those of us with everything, or those with almost nothing-life is so tricky that way. Congratulations on your 500th post! You are an Angel, I am sure of this, and I know God is so very proud of you. I feel so lucky to know you, you have made my life and everyone's that you touch better. I will definately be sending positive thoughts to the people of Swaziland, and if I were to win a print, I would want you to be the one to pick it out. That would make the print mean even more to me, as it would have two beautiful souls connected to it. Thank you for this opportunity Renee-you inspire me.
Love to you, my friend.

Betzie said...

What a wonderful idea!!
Love your blog and your way of communicating and sharing your thoughts.

Bailey said...

Count me in Renee!
I had a look at the paintings and I couldn't decide! They're all too lovely!

Much love, Bailey xox

Lisa said...

You mean I haven't entered this yet? Where have I been?

kendalee said...

I haven't read all 500, but I wish for 500x500 more posts Renee! Congratulations on this milestone! You, Tessa (can never thank you enough for that introduction!) and Dr Maithri are all inspirational.

All Tessa's work is beautiful and I agree with her about you... some angels walk the world. Thank you!

Wine and Words said...

Renee, I came to visit you...well, because of the cancer thing, and because a family member just died, and there was an assist and a suicide attempt...and well, it's times like these that I come here. That aside, It's wonderful...the giving back, living outside yourself. I loved the artwork, the message, and the intent behind it all.

I liked "Oweeno Market" because it emobied what I find here in blogdom...connection, community, comfort. Women, to women, in a market of words, sharing recipes of life...supporting one another. Hope you are doing well Renee.

kate said...

I love the colors. they are all beautiful.

Have a wonderful day.

K said...

i'm SO in!!! big fat congrats on 500 posts!! wow!!
Tessa's work is stunning...all of it! What a precious gem!
I would have to go with "Araminta" as my fav!
xoxoxo - can't wait for 500 more.

Nina P. said...

Happy 500 to you!!! Happy 500 to you! Happy 500 dear Renee! Happy 500 too you!! ..... and many more! (sung to you in perfect pitch of course) May your words continue to bring encouragement, Hope, Joy, Compassion, friendship and caring for many more posts to come.
Your Light shines so Bright . Maithri, Tessa and yourself make a team that is unstoppable. With your help soon the Light of Hope will shine across the world. Believe and it shall be so; if not in our time, in a time to follow. Follow the Light. The message is loud and clear, we have work to do: spread Hope, Love, and Compassion to heal a hurting world. One person at a time, we can make it happen.
Again Happy 500th post! You are an amazing soul with so much to share, for that alone, I thank you. Love and Light, Nina P.

Camille said...

500 Posts! 500 Gifts to all of us. I can only imagine how many people you have inspired. Love You Dear Sister! Congrats! The History Keeper

Holly said...

500 posts? i am awed...by you, your family and the joy you seem to find always...may there be 500 more...

Rob-bear said...

Congratulations on 500!

Considering what has been happening in your life, you've had a lot about which to write. And you do write it so very well; with sensitivity and real passion!

Mim said...

you are an angel dear (metaphorically speaking of course)

Cindy said...

Congratulations on your 500th post! And what a wonderful way to celebrate! I love Tessa's work - stunningly capturing African culture...

I love them all! But I was thinking if I did get one, it would be the one of "The Kings" - sort of timely for the coming Christmas season and the way my family celebrates...

Loredana said...

I've knowen Swaziland about 30 years ago when I had a pen pal there. A boy who neither had the paper to write on and used to put together little pieces of who-knows-where-found paper. I have to admit I wasn't confortable to write him about my life, rich and full; to have to compare with his poor and empty... but there was our only friendship, and that was enought for 2 15 y.o.

Happy you reminded me this period, renee and Tessa, and Thank-you for your give-away how ever it goes!

Silver said...

Ooh.. my dearest.. I am so proud of you. 500 already? You're amazing, you know that!

I am not here for the prize either- just knowing you are well brings me much joy. But i wanted to make sure i look for this post to congratulate you.. and to tell you how much you are loved and that you are making a difference in lives that are connected to you.

love you,

Dawn said...

Renee, 500 posts you have shared with us all, your heart and soul, your joy and pain, laughter and tears - all there for us. Through it all your wonderfully special spirit shines out, you are an angel walking among us, it is a privilege to come and share your life here with you on your blog - may you share many more days, month, years with us THANK YOU for your wisdom and inspiration

Love you for always xxxx

Huge hugs my darling friend x

Melody Sage said...

Beautiful artwork and a beautiful cause! I especially liked "The Light" for its lovely expansiveness. Happy 500th post!

Marie Antionette said...

Hi Renee,
You are an Angel for sure dear.I pray that things will be better for you.You are a very strong lady.Its hard but you can handle it.
XXOO Marie Antionette

secret agent woman said...

What a fabulous idea. I'd have to say "The Light" because it reminds me of visiting the African savannah.

I missed this earlier, but maybe it was best that I read it on a day when I got to walk to raise money for a local food bank.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Congratulations on 500 posts Renee - your blog is such an inspiring and thought provoking place to visit. It is just like you to use this occasion to highlight such an important cause. Your friends artwork is amazing and is such a celebration of their way of life - love the vivid use of colour. 'Ssese Island Fishing' is one of my favourites although they are all fabulous. Lisa x

Anonymous said...


I can't believe you have reached 500 posts - congrats and best wishes on the next 500!

It is amazing to see you find your true calling - inspiring others outside of your household!

love always

BT said...

Congratulations Renee, I can't believe the coincidence but it was my 2 years of blogging on - 20th October!! I too have a giveaway of one of my 'Raggy Bags', so do go and visit the blog of 20th Oct and leave your comment. Love and hugs, Gina.xxx