Friday, 9 October 2009

Fantasy Friday BLD No. 29

*artwork B by Konstantin Kalynovych and L by Jim Porter


Zom said...

Love to you Renee.

A Cuban In London said...

Love all the images. The last one top to bottom, is so ambiguous and there are so many interpretations that one shudders just to think about it. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Bailey said...

Cool artwork Renee!
I always look forward to your Fantasy Fridays :)

Love Bailey xoxo

joanne May said...

Hi Renee,
These are wonderful pictures. Very surreal artworks.
I love paintings that makes you think about the images.
Lovely to see you again and I hope you are well.
Love Jo.xx

Manon Doyle said...

Morning Renee!

These made me smile this morning especially the second pick. Kinda of looks like an umbrella on his head. I need that for my dog, Otis, when it rains. I affectionately call him Chief One Cloud because he refuses to go out if there's one drop of rain!

hope your day is lovely



yoborobo said...

Morning, Renee! I'm still having internet troubles, so I have no idea if anything I send out into cyberworld is going anywhere. Kind of like that first painting! :) These are all really interesting, I like the bird best. Hope you get this hello and a hug from me. Much love to you my friend - xoxo Pam

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Is that a nekkid hairdresser with frou-frou wolves? I like the bird with the built-in brocabrella too.

Javajune said...

I am intrigued by the second bird-like print. Hmmmm.
Congrats on the sisterhood award you deserve it my dear!
Happy weekend!

lakeviewer said...

I can't comment on this post because the previous one, which I just read today, has me in stiches.

Angela Recada said...

Love you and hope you have a good weekend, dear Renee.


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

How fitting to have an image with water in the moon on this day!
Great images Renee, but the last one scares me a little :) I'm a wuss!

Have a beautiful weekend!!
Love, Darla

Annie said...

Love that first image. Love you.
Hope you are having a good week, how is your sister? Kisses back a hundred fold. XOXO

Deborah said...

OOoooo I am quite drawn to drawing #2. Finally I know what to do with the horn on the top of my head! Brilliant.
**kisskiss** Deb
**kisskiss** Just because...

Miss•Elena•Eous said...

The first photo is wonderful... I don't think I fully understand it.

Diva Kreszl said...

what eye candy!!! love this artwork, allof it!

Art by Sascalia said...

Beautiful artwork Renne! Hope things are o.k. with you.
Love Sascalia x

Ces said...

I wish I can paint like Breakfast

or Lunch

or even Dinner.

I love you.

Do you love NUTS? Are acorn nuts? Are you a nut? Probably NOT. But I am a NUT, hahahahah! NOT!

Please email me your address again because I am a lazy NUT and I do NOT want to go through old emails. Thank you.



Kelly Lish said...

Hope you have a good weekend Renee!

Ces said...

Yes I am, and it won't fit your in your mailbox and I have to declare it. And thank Bella for whipping me into doing it. She looks out for you, because she loves you. But no Moleskine with it yet because I can't find it. Hehe!

Oh and I love you too!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

These are pure fantasy! The last one reminds me a bit of one of the creatures described in a Harry Potter book. All are so creative!

rochambeau said...

Hi There Renee,
Very nice selections today. It's great that you share these works of art on Fantasy Friday~

Hope your heart is smiling today.


Diana Evans said...

Hi Renee!!! I love your Fantasy Fridays....but the third one....made me wonder what you were thinking about!!! lol....

Just kidding....hope you have a great weekend!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


staceyjwarner said...

These images made my day....

much love to you!

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Beautiful art work !! Amazing post !!Unseen Rajasthan

Ces said...

NO I did NOT toss your Moleskine under the bus! Why would I do that! It's somehwere in one of the desks, among the piles and besides, I started having problems drawing on it because YOU are such a complicated person and I do not like my drawing of Mother Superior and her nuns after Bella made a much much cuter version on her Moleskine. But I think I will look for it this evening. I feel bad about it, I promised and I am taking my time, so makes everyone wait. I promised many people, oakey (misspelled intentionally)just you and Caroline but I feel bad. As for Caroline, I feel anything I draw for her is substandard because you should have seen the watercolor drawing and the folded paper art on ATC she did for me. But I think you will be pleased because that's all I wanted you to be. So I am ready to pack things this weekend.

glorv1 said...

Great paintings, makes you ...think...hmmmm.:D Hope you have a great weekend and I read that someone congratulated you on your sisterhood award and so I congratulate you too. Well deserving.

Marie S said...

Adapt, this is what the pictures remind me of. Miss Madi loves your header, it makes ger smile!
love and hugs from both of us!

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Renee! Great images! I like all three of your picks, especially the last image. Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Lisa :)

Pattee said...

I always love your fantasy Fridays... The art work you come up with is wonderful.. thought provoking and mesmerizing sometimes...

I love you Renee....

P.S. yes and my dad's ears were like that too but he had them altered...
Am I fairy folk? I think so : ) LOL!

kj said...

breakfast: a fish, a bell, a sail, a world. looks like freedom to me.

lunch and dinner. i got to enthralled with breakfast. i'll be back when i get hungry again

dear dear friend.

Sarah said...

I love that last picture-though I would not fancy shearing those wolves! You did miss the giveaway-I had it to celebrate one year blogging. I think I will have another one soon for my real birthday though. I will tell you when!
Sarah xx

Zom said...

It's amazing. I can feel your huge heart in your comments.

Daria said...

Love them all ... we had snow in Edmonton as of yesterday.

Hope you are well.

Allegra Smith said...

Hello love, how are you? How is Jacquie? You two are such a part of my waking hours that it is hard for me to know we are so far geographically and that I cannot pop and bring my special scones to her - as if I could bake these days...sigh - or have a spot of tea with you.

Thank you for being there for me, I know you are, I told B.Loved I feel your presence so many times around that he shouldn't be surprised if I start talking to you. I have not lost the few marbles I have left, I just believe that you would hear me from here and it would be easier when I cannot type.

A week from today is going to be the end of the second cycle. We shall see what that brings. Give Jacquie a hug for me and you have one or two. I love you and I feel totally blessed by the powers that be for having you in my life.

Silver said...

Silver Loves Renee.

lynne h said...

woo! love these pieces! happy weekend, renee! xo

sara said...

thank you for the love on my blog renee!you are truly a beautiful makes me feel good just to know that i live in the same city as someone as wonderful as you.

Arija said...

I would love to have the umbrella but would need to rectify my nose to go with it.
I left you something on my blog, you probably have it already but what the heck, I thought it too nice to keep to myself.

Marion said...

I love the bird with the hat head and the divining rod in his hands. He speaks to my twisted heart. LOL! I love you, dearest friend! Blessings, Peace & Healing to you---

studio lolo said...

Covered in snow already???? I couldn't deal with it quite yet.

Okay, my quick interpretations before KJ picks me up.

B) Seems to be a tribute to fishermen who have gone before him. The face in the ice is a culmination of spirits.

L)At first I thought he was holding a wishbone, perhaps wishing he wouldn't become extinct. But then I realized it's a divining rod and he's trying to find water. The head covering is protection from the intense heat.

D) Holy cow. I see this as a 'coming of age' piece. The young man is going through puberty (see the hair under his arm and the deliberate, yet genius position of the lion's private area where the boy's would be.) I don't know why he was wearing a rabbit mask or why his quiver is shaped like a carrot. It still hold one arrow.
The blood on him and the beasts could mean it was an even match and now they have mutual respect. He has now become a young man.
It troubles me that his feet are blue, but it could just be another sign that he's becoming another version of himself.

That's all I've got today!!

Love you. I'll think of you in Ptown ;)


Woman in a Window said...

Something about that last.

Been dreaming in animals continuosly, Renee. Continually. Curious for me. Bears mostly. Some wolves. Sometimes men on beer coolers that look like giant herons from afar (but I think I have that one figured out). It's odd for me to have so many animals featured as of a sudden though. Wondering what I'm trying to tell myself.

Sweet dreams, Renee. Wondering what you dream of.

secret agent woman said...

Oh my! When I first saw that last one, I thought the guy was holding scissors instead of a mask and I wondered what in the world he was about to do to that poor animal! I should probably get some sleep.

Sue said...

Great paintings again Renee! I love discovering new artists through your Fantasy Friday posts. My favorite is the first Man in the moon/water painting - I'm wondering is this a warning that we should not be bombing our ole moon?

The other two are great also, although I'm not quite sure about the last one. LOL

Hugs to you!

Woman in a Window said...

How is it possible, Renee, for symbols that we are unaware of, to make it into our dreams? What you say of bears and wolves is so obviously bang on point for me right now. Only ever had one bear dream before in my life and now I dream them weekly, and wolves peppered in for good taste. To me, it is mind blowing that these symbols can find their way to us without us asking. It almost doesn't make sense, you know, and yet, here they are!

No, usually not cynical, but from time to time, unfortunately so.

Sweet dreams, Renee.

Woman in a Window said...

How do I feel when I awake?
I feel like I should be looking closer, that I should be learning something. I feel privledged. I feel like I've been handed a clue to something larger but yet I've no idea how to read the language.

Recently, there was a friendly bear. I wasn't afraid of it. And then there was a second behind it. It was larger and more menacing. I was filled with fear. And then I realized that it had been the ass. There was a bullet lodged there, that's why it was pissed off. The strangest thing was that its ass was its mouth was its ass. I gentled the bear and tried to help it, tried to withdraw the bullet with slippery chopsticks.

Earlier in the same dream there were all sorts of animals around me. I was on my bicycle riding amongst them. I was honoured. A wolf jumped at me. I thought, this is a wolf, i should be afraid, right? I was asking myself, is this right? But as it jumped I realized it was just in play. It just wanted my attention, a little love. I pet it quickly and off it went satisfied. And then the bears...I woke up to withdrawing that bullet with the great bear on its side releasing a breath of relief.

me again...
do neither of us sleep?
who has time for dreams?

Tessa said...

Extraordinary and so compelling. The last one may have inspired the story of Edward Scissor Hands, do you think?

Rikkij said...

Renee- they all seem to warn of danger. impending doom. hmm.. maybe it's just me. Love ya, Kiddo~rick

zoe said...

beautiful find! thank you!

Dr Karl Shuker said...

Hi there, I've just noticed Jim Porter's artwork, 'Dowser', here. I am trying to obtain a contact email for this artist. Does anyone have one that they could send to me? Thanks very much, Dr Karl Shuker