Thursday, 15 October 2009

A To Z = Me

A = Age (53 years old)
B = Bed size (Queen)
C = Chore you hate (cleaning a turkey pan)
D = Dog (unfortunately do not have one)
E = Essential to start your day (cancer medications)
F = Favourite colour (butter yellow)
G = Gold (wedding rings)
H = Height (5 feet)
I = I’ve come to learn (love)
J = Judge (there but for the grace of God go I)
K = Kids (Angelique, Nadalene, and Nathan)
L = Living (the best way I can)
M = Mood (angry)
N = Nicknames (Lover and Pudd)
O = Owl (family totem)
P = Peeve (ingratitude)
Q = Quote (There are many paths to the same God.)
R = Reckless (never)
S = Siblings (eight sisters and four brothers)
T = Time you wake up (7:20)
U = Unhappy (less often than happy)
V = Vegetable you ate last (green beans and tomato)
W = Want (Jacquie to regain motion)
X = Xenophobic (no way)
Y = Yearn (to have a conversation with Sheldon)
Z = Zealous (over my family)


Annie said...

Very interesting list. 1st have a conversation with Sheldon, he is right there beside you(I know it won't be the same, but he is there)2nd go out and get a lovely dog.
Sending love.XOXO

Marion said...

Renee, what an interesting post. I had you pictured at least 6 feet tall!! LOL! I hope and pray that things get better for your beloved, precious Jacquie. Love & Blessings!!

Angela Recada said...

I love you A to Z, dear friend. And where did you get that picture of me??? I guess I do need a haircut.

(Now I will know to picture you in my mind as 5 feet tall.)

Hugs and love and more hugs,

Yoli said...

Adorable you. By the way I love your children's names. What's the story behind them if you don't mind me asking?

Diva Kreszl said...

great post again!!! Thank you for sharing yourself with us...we love getting to know you better with each post.

Arija said...

Wise little owl, that was well done.

Michael Rivers said...

This is fun!! I want to use this as a blog post too!

Deborah said...

These are great! Oh my, 5' are a wee one! May we please get a photo of you next to SPC Ryan (yep! another early promotion)...he is 6'4".
**kisskiss** Deb

Barbara said...

Renee, What a great, honest list. After doing a few of these kinds of lists that come along with awards, I'm realizing some interesting revelations come of all this introspection, and with one word, there are really no qualifying excuses to explain. Just simple truth. Hope you're doing okay, Renee. I think of you often. xo B

Ces said...

Hello Pudd, Oh you so tiny! Tsup!

karen gerstenberger said...

What a great idea for A to Z. I love learning more about you. You are a beautiful woman (and we're nearly the same height)!
Wishing you a good day, filled with things and people you love. XO

Inner Toddler said...

I am so happy to know all of these things about you my friend. And the fuzzy haired sheep? Did you post that in honor of the haircut that my five year old gave his baby sister yesterday...good lord. thank you for all of your posts and comments and sharings...xoxox susie

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Renee, this was great to read! I love learning more about people and sometimes these little quizzes/puzzles/lists are so fun! I hope you get your 'W'!!
Mail went out yesterday ;)
Love, Darla♥

Lori ann said...

I like you.

love, lori ♥
p.s oh, and you have grey hair, i see it in the picture!

Sarah said...

Beautiful hon..I love these!! Five feet!!! LOL girl I would be leaning on your head!! Giggle..not really. I loved the a to z's of you hon! Love, Sarah

Manon Doyle said...

Hey Lover!
Love the list! I'm glad that you are more happy than unhappy!! Do you want my dog?..... he's annoying!! LOL

Btw.... you're just a little thing.... good things come in small packages.... : )


Anonymous said...

This is wayyy cool. I'm gonna do one for my blog (and redirect the credit back to you, of course)!

Oh...and girrrrrl...that pix of the sheep...that is EXACTLY how my hair looks in the morning until i beat it into submission with a blow dryer and pomade.

staceyjwarner said...

This was absolutely beautiful in its honesty...

Sending you lots of love...

Pattee said...

I really enjoyed reading you're a-z

I'm wishing you a good week-end with you're family. Taking peace in each moment.

Muck love ~

yoborobo said...

Oh, I love your ABC's, Renee! Glad I got to come by and see them before they turn off our internet to fix it (what?!?!). That would be my letter "I". And my letter "F" is friend, like Renee, who I am taller than. LOL! Completely agree with J (I say it all the time, much to my kids' annoyance). WY - I know you do. And my Z is exactly the same as yours. Love you, and I will check in with you as soon as the Internet Wizards allow it. xoxoxoxo Pam

Elizabeth said...

OOO--I like this meme. I might post the same on my blog.

Thanks, Renee and I'm mostly glad that you're happy more often than unhappy. And I had an owl collection when I was a kid and am mad that it disappeared because owls are all the rage now.

And I want that for Jacquie as well.

Love to you, as always.

Kathleen said...

What a coincidence (which I really don't believe in any more)--
we are the same height, the same age plus or minus one year, have the same size bed, and are mothers to 3 children. What a delightful way to get better acquainted! May I borrow this delightful template some time to fill out on my blog?

Clarity said...

Dear Renee,

Thank you for the amazing love you share and for visiting me. I am in front of my laptop this evening and intend to read your blog first to catch up. Thinking of you and Jacquie. Sending my love and prayers across oceans. Peace and love, xxx.

glorv1 said...

Oh, that's quite interesting. I may do a post on A to Z = Me too. Not today, not tomorrow, maybe soon. Thanks for sharing and have a great Thursday.

Marie S said...

Renee have the conversation. And then listen,listen real hard, he will answer you.Maybe try other parts of your body to "hear" with.
Owl, I have a great story about them. It is now our family totem, since my grandmother.
I love this and knowing more about you!
I love you.

lakeviewer said...

What a neat alphabet, simple list to get us through the night. Amen, let's sing the blues kicking out the bitter vegetables and sucking on sweet melons.

Ingrid Mida said...

I like your list but I would change two entries:
C should be for courageous
U should be for unique

There is no one else like you Renee. Each time I come back to your blog I learn about love and courage.
Thanks for being you! Sending my love!

Daria said...

What a creative idea ... thanks for sharing.

Linda Sue said...

PUDD! You mean you get up at 7:20 PM...GOD! ME TOO! I must say your alphabet is way better than mine- all I can think of is food...
LOVE you big kiss!

turquoise cro said...

O! I get a throw away tin for that turkey pan!!! and YOU have such a large family!! Where are YOU, the middle, the baby?! I only have one brother, Barry! Sending prayers for YOU and Jacquie!all of your sweet family!

Nevine said...

How completely original is that?!? That was lovely, Renee. I just found out a whole lot about you, and we share at least one thing in common - I, too, hate to clean a turkey pan! :)


studio lolo said...

I have an inch and a half over you ;)

A-Z is wonderful and so is everything in-between.

You're wonderful and I love you!


P.S. Yes, we had a wonderful time but I got homesick (because of) the chaos that's happening here.

Rikkij said...

Renee-would have never guessed you to be capable of anger and wish you were just a touch reckless. Hope you have a good weekend, Dear Friend. Later, ~rick

Mim said...

the 5 feet tall caught my eye - it's a good thing you have a giant heart

Jackie said...

I am happy that you took the time to post this . I followed your lead on my blog.
I am praying that you get what you want for Jaquie. You know cancer pisses me off and some times we just dont have all the right things to say. I don't, but I am glad I met you and you are in my thoughts and I hope you know that through you words I felt as if I got a glimpse of Sheldon and that is how he lives on through you and others who love and remember him.I see your love for your sister as well .Thank you for sharing.

kj said...

know what i like knowing best?

that you are up at 7:20. don't ask me why. but i'm like knowing that.

i've missed you while i've been gallivanting. tsup! renee tsup!

Bella Sinclair said...

Really? Honestly? Of all the chores, like cleaning the toilet and ironing, you hate cleaning the turkey pan most of all? Like, how often to you cook turkey? And if you bought the disposables, you wouldn't be so angry anymore.


secret agent woman said...

I'm with Marion - maybe not 6 feet, but you are such an image of strength and power for me. And you've got me beat in the sibs department - I have 4 sisters and 4brothers. Great meme.

Sue said...

I loved reading this and finding out such little bits of info about you.

btw....My "O" is the same as yours.

Hugs to you!

Baino said...

I love yellow, my kitchen/family room is yellow! 5 feet! My you're a short arse!*gives little pat on head* I'm 5'8! Lovely alphabet though. You have a good weekend now. And be like me, just talk to anyone and anything, they don't always listen but I don't care!

A Cuban In London said...

I read your Y and it made my eyes water. Keep strong.

Greetings from London.

YayaOrchid said...

I enjoyed learning a little more about you Renee! So you're a shortie just like me! I'm also 5ft tall....and every pound shows more on a short person!

drollgirl said...

brilliant! and BOY do you come from a large family. wow!

Kelly Lish said...

Hi Beautiful Renee-this was very fun to read- but some answers make me sad. It's not fair that you feel angry, but I understand. I just read your comment about my brain surgery anniversary. Pretty weird huh? I think so. I hope you were able to have a cupcake for me :) I actually did have one today-it wasn't really fresh, but the frosting was heavenly!
So I had a brain tumor removed two years ago today. It was a very strange part of my life, but I feel rather proud of it I guess. I was having some dizzy spells, and my left ear felt sort of full, and funny to me. So I complained to my doc and we couldn't find anything wrong-she sent me to an ENT-ears, nose, throat doc and he did some tests...some of my hearing was gone on the left and I didn't even know it. I told him about my dizzyness and he ordered an MRI. It turned out that there was a tumor about the size of a walnut, growing on my hearing nerve (its called an acoustic neuroma) So they told me this in August 07, and on October 16, 2007, they drilled a hole in my skull (not to mention that they shaved my head on that side! ) and went in and removed the tumor. It was about a 5 hour surgery and it wasnt a very nice time of my life- duh! They had to cut the hearing nerve, so I'm permanently deaf on the left side, but it's okay, sometimes rather handy :) But ya know, at that time of my life, I recieved soooooo much love and affection and prayers, it was overwhelming. I wish that everyone could feel the love I felt. It was really life changing in a wonderful way. I hope you are constantly feeling that wonderful feeling now Renee, cuz I can see that sooooo much love is coming your way. How lucky we are. I love you. Thanks for checking on me! If you didn't have a cupcake today, maybe you could have one this weekend! Love you my special angel friend.

pRiyA said...

that sheep's head looks like mine this morning. same expression on my face too...

Karin Bartimole said...

oh, i love this renee!! keep an eye out,i'm gonna write my own a-z for you :)
i hope you're feeling better today,
love you, k

michelle allen said...

fantastic list! i'm with you on many of them. it's nice to know a bit more about you :)

Rob-bear said...

Thanks for sharing so much about yourself.

P.S.: Great hair cut you've got, and blissfully displayed at the top of the post. So chic; so avant-garde!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Renee,

I enjoyed reading your list of what makes up you.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all, especially Jacquie.
Take care and I hope that your weekend is going well.


Coreopsis said...

Most fascinating list. I really like things like this because you find out so much about people. I think I may borrow this idea....

Ribbon said...

Love the photo of you :)

you're clever!

xx ribbon

lynne h said...

renee! you are shorter than me!! i'm 5' 2". xxoo

Oops! Desperate Blogger~ said...

A former kindergarten teacher am the ABC's of Pudd (must be a story there!).

Vicki Holdwick said...

I, too, have eight sisters and four brothers. I actually have five brothers, but one of my younger brothers (I am 57) died of cancer last year.

Loved your a to z - a nice way to find out more about you. Thanks for sharing.