Tuesday, 1 December 2009

BLD No. 1 (2)

Christmas is around the corner and I know that we are all very busy at this time of year. I want to make sure that you all have breakfast, lunch, and dinner (unfortunately I do not know who most of the artists are that are supplying us with nourishment).



Dede said...

Oh I love the breakfast, that would be so much fun! Thank you for a wonderful day of healthy nourishment.


Michael Rivers said...

Wonderful artwork! And I'm just heading off for breakfast!

studio lolo said...

we get most of our nourishment from you, dear one.

Holding you in my thoughts for today's scans.

I'll give my 2 cent interpretation later. I love every one of these images.

love you too!!


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

I LOVE the first image! How magical!
Love, Darla

Angela Recada said...

I'll be thinking about you today, and wishing you all the best, dearest Renee.

Hugs and love,

Deborah said...

You are just so darn cute!!!
MMMMWWAAAA! **kisskiss** Deb

Annie said...

Oh, I love all of these! That last one made me smile.
Love you, xoxo

Elizabeth said...

I think I love dinner the best. And my word verification is "giver."

Doris Sturm said...

How fun! I especially love the first picture. Thank God for art!

I wonder how you're doing. I hope you're having a good day.
(my cat is driving me nuts) ...but other than that, I think I'm ok (but I live in denial) so, have a nice day (hey, that rhymed!)
Doris :-)

lakeviewer said...

And nourishment they bring, all the beautiful images that keep our soulful selves looking for more around every corner.
Happy 1st, dear friend.

zoe said...

breakfast was especially tasty.. ;)
he looks like quite a graceful partner!
i hope these holidays are full of magic for you :)

Wine and Words said...

The Big Foot and little skater girl would make a lovely Christmas story.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Renee,

Love them all, especially the iceskater and decorating the tree.
Have a happy December and I hope that you are feeling better, dear friend.


Linda said...

Isn't it fun! Love the Christmas activity, even though I'm not doing anything here. I'll be traveling.

Check out my post today. The Santa is SO Las Vegas - it's a hoot! Just cracks me up every time I watch it. Enjoy.

Sarah said...

Ooooh I love every one..but I like the first the best..but you knew I would..wonderful sweet picture! How are you sweet Renee?? I have finished your tea shop..will email you in the am!! Hugs and Love, Sarah

ToM KiDDo said...

adore the third pic...I like black and gold :D

Silver said...

i love this pic of ..what do you call it, Big Foot(?) in a magical dance with this little girl (i like to imagine that it represents everyone of us.. )

love you,and love you big time.

;)Be well, my darling.

jacquie said...

i love love all three of them..
it makes me miss you more...
love you so..

Bella Sinclair said...

Here you are, feeding us well this holiday season. Dearest Renee, I'm thinking of you and praying that you are better.


Kelly Lish said...

Awww Renee- I love you!

You remember to eat too-ok!

Love, Kelly

Sue said...

I love BLD posts! You always find the most intriguing artists Renee!

My fave in this post is the Breakfast selection - lots of energy and good cheer to get one going for the day!

I hope your day was a great one!


Dawn said...

having mine Renee...putting on the lbs - must do something about it or I won't be wearing that little black dress lol

Great art x

Anonymous me said...

I do particularly love the top picture here. Kinda reminds me of the imaginary friend I .... well .. that I imagined I had when I was little. Someone playful and fun but also big and strong. Given my skating abilities I would definitely need someone strong in order to stay upright .... twirls are some way beyond me as you can imagine! Hope you are feeling OK today Renee. xx Jos

Shelly said...

What a wonderful way to get through December ... looking forward to it.