Sunday, 27 December 2009

Regarding Mickey

I was born when my sister Mickey was just a little over 4 years old. Mickey had two older brothers and two older sisters; she was the 3rd girl born and the 5th child in a family that would be comprised of 13 children.

Many of my earliest memories of Mickey are of us in bed. How we talked the evenings and nights away. We banished the others from only what we two could hear. Mickey is considered the beauty of the family. In reality Mickey is that combination of beauty and brains. Together we are a kick-ass trivial pursuit team.

I have so many memories of Mickey from my childhood. I remember Mickey always letting me wear her clothes to school and I loved them. She worked and bought her own stuff and I was too young to work, but old enough to wear such cool clothes. Mickey would never let anyone else wear them. Only me! One time Colette or Jacquie or Camille had on a top of Mickey’s and when she got home Mickey had a total shit-fit. They would say ‘You let Renee wear it.’ Mickey would say “So, get it off now.”

Camille reminded me the other day of how one time she put on Mickey’s bra and Mickey went berserk yelling ‘You don’t even have anything to put in there.’

Between us Mickey and I have had 20 ear operations. I have had six and Mickey has had 14. My first ear operation was done at the same time as one of Mickey’s. We shared a hospital room together. I was only about 12 and so Mickey would have been 16. My friends were not allowed in the hospital as we were too young but Mickey’s friends were. I still remember her telling them all; night after night that they would have to leave as she was tired, but really it was just so that we could talk alone together.

Mickey and I had the most fun when we worked together. Oh what a blast eh Mickey?

We would have candies and I might cough and shove one in my mouth and then pass Mickey some too and she would cough and put one in her mouth har har. I don’t even know what that was all about.

Mickey tells me one of the girls at work thinks Mickey has put a curse on her and we laugh our heads off. Mickey is perplexed by the whole thing but I personally think it is hilarious. Like fuck yeah, Mickey just put a curse on you. Right! So I proceed to spread the word that people must be aware as Mickey has the ability of cursing people, and almost killed someone once with her bad thoughts about them.

We worked with this one girl Gerpal who was such a weirdo in the strangest way possible. She literally would scratch herself all the time. I am talking about scratching herself in private physical places in public places. Mickey and I are talking and Gerpal comes up to me and says ‘Oh your gaining weight, what’s going on? Are you pregnant?’ Mickey still laughs today because I said “What’s it to you scratchy snatch? Go have a shower.’

Mickey is my ultimate tag-team partner. Pity the man that gets in our clutches, his head will spin within minutes. Remember the men Mickey, putty in our hands.

I am Mickey’s favourite and of that there is no doubt. After all, really, who else is there?

Mickey is the family speech maker. We have an event, Mickey gives the speech. She not only gives them she writes them too. She is as clever as they come and as beautiful as the day is long. In every family speech Mickey states that Dad and Mom love her best and everyone in the room groans ‘yea right’ and then Mickey corrects it and says okay Dad and Mom love Renee best and everyone says ‘yes that is right.’

Describing Mickey I would say that she is a very attractive woman. When Mickey laughs she lights up the city. Mickey has gorgeous eyes and she is sincere, funny, super funny, kind, and will do anything for someone that she loves. I am happy that Mickey is my sister.

When Sheldon and Jacquie were in the hospital Mickey barely ever left it. While I was with Sheldon; Mickey would be with Jacquie. While I devoted my energy to Sheldon, Mickey devoted her energy to Jacquie.

For when three sisters love each other with such sincere affection, the one does not experience sorrow, pain, or affliction of any kind, but the other’s heart wishes to relieve, and vibrates in tenderness….like a well-organized musical instrument. ~~ Elizabeth Shaw ~~

I love my sister and she means the world to me. Mickey thank you for the privilege.

Happy 58th Birthday Mickey. Love Renee, Wahid, Angelique, Nadalene, Nathan, Josephine and Domenic.

*artwork by Kelly Vivanco


@eloh said...

Very nice.

RNSANE said...

What an incredible testimonial to a sister. It brought tears to my eyes with the love it conveys. You are an incredible writer, sister, wife, mother, daughter, friend and fellow blogger, Renee!

Allegra Smith said...

Happy Birthday Mickey, and many happy returns of the day. You are indeed a bunch of sweetpeas, all the women in your family. None could ever be alone knowing that the bond that holds you together is stronger than loneliness, because is made of love.

May you always have each other to be your safe anchor to windward. Much happiness to you, dear Mickey.

Bella Sinclair said...

Happy Birthday, Mickey! There is no doubt that a strong gene for beauty and wonderful writing runs through those family genes. I hope you enjoy your day and get all your birthday wishes.

Renee, dearest, you are everyone's favorite. Hahaha! More happy than sad yesterday. I hope it was that way for you and Jacquie, too. Hang in there, sweetheart. You have the world rooting for you.

RivkA with a capital A said...

What a beautiful post.

My girls are like that. They are also four years apart in age and share everything.

I am so grateful for their closeness and pray that it will continue into adulthood.

Your post gives me hope that it is really possible to maintain such a close relationship.

For obvious reasons, it is super important to me that they provide support for each other (and for their brother, who sometimes feels left out, as the only boy...)

Angie Muresan said...

Happy Birthday Mickey!! And countless blessings of love and peace and good health to her. And to you too, dear Renee. Thank you for sharing stories of your childhood. How completely delightful it must have been! Hugs and kisses!

cinner said...

What a touching story of you and your sister, I wish her a Happy Birthday. Take care.

Baino said...

The family speech maker had me giggling. My husband couldn't resist a speech. Borne I suspect by being vice captain of clubs for most of his life! Even at a family dinner . . When I hear about the closeness of your family Renee, I am lamenting what seems like th gradual dissolution of my own. I get on famously with my sister but am having trials with both my brothers. All over money of course. It hurts me but I don't know how to stop it. Then I shift focus to all of our children, all but two of the five are now adults and wonderful people and there is hope that our family will once again experience the closeness you lot seem to enjoy. It's very consoling that you are surrounded by such special people. Happy birthday to Mickey indeed. Tough shit having one so close to Christmas. Bet that sucked when you were kids!

Mim said...

as usual lovely post to your sis

but really..."scratchy snatch" - wow; what an interesting insult..I like it

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yay Mickey! She sounds like a helluva gal!

lakeviewer said...

What blessings you all are to each other, to the world. Glad to have met Mickey.

Debbie said...

Your sister sounds like a wonderful person and you have such wonderful memories of her! May you have many more!

Vicki Holdwick said...


I just love your stories and being one of 14 children, I can really relate.

I didn't have a special relationship with any of my sisters until we were grown, but now it is as if it has been forever.


Snowbrush said...

"I am talking about scratching herself in private physical places in public places."

God, Renee, what's with all this rhyming--are you turning poet on us?

Also, did you ever think that maybe she might have scratched herself in private physical places in private physical spaces AS WEL AS in private physical places in public physical spaces?

Here's my theory about why she might have scratched. I have a very beautiful dog (a goddess of a dog, really--you'd just have to see her; she's enough to make a Catholic priest turn beastiafile) that does that too, and my best guess about why she and some other females scratch like that is that they're so hot that they get tired of being hit on, so they figure that making guys (and a few gals) think they have scabies will deflect unwanted attention.

Maybe you and I should try it. I mean, we're hot, aren't we--you with your girlish figure and me with whatever it is that I've got in the way of positive attributes?

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Happy Birthday Mickey! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead and many more!
Love, Darla

Lisa said...

Beautiful birthday tribute, Renee. What an amazing family you all are. ♥

Jenny S said...

Oh I hope someday my siser will have such wonderful words about me!! Tell her Happy Birthday for us!!

Manon Doyle said...

I love your family Renee! When I read your stories I feel like I know them. Please wish Mickey happy birthday from me!!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Mickey!

You sound like a great sister and the way Renee writes about you is brimming with love and joy.

I nearly fell off my chair laughing about 'scratchy snatch'. In fact, I spewed a mouthful of coffee all over the mirror here at the Sheraton! Got most of it off.
I'm leaving a note for the maid telling her some crazy Canadian did it. ;)

Hope your Christmas was warm and wonderul. You have a beautiful family.

xoxo right back at you

yoborobo said...

Renee - how can I not love someone who can put a curse on people (hahah!), lent you her clothes AND loves you best? Mickey is a wonderful sister. I would expect nothing less from one of your sibs. Happy birthday to you, Mickey!! xox Pam

secret agent woman said...

That's a lot of ear operations!

A very Happy birthday to your sister!

Silke said...

Happy Birthday to Mickey!! You all sound like such a close and loving family - what a gift!! Love, Silke

Wine and Words said...

You memories are so nice. I had no such sibling relationships, just two brothers who were all to each other and me, a third wheel. But all those ear operations? Wow, whatever it was, I hope they are all fixed. That's a hell-ova lot! And...tell your sister, 58 is the new 38!

jacquie said...

"When Sheldon and Jacquie were in the hospital Mickey barely ever left it. While I was with Sheldon; Mickey would be with Jacquie. While I devoted my energy to Sheldon, Mickey devoted her energy to Jacquie."
for this i am eternally thankful.
mickey is also one of my favorites....and also one of kayla's favorites.
i love you and happy birthday mickey........jacquie

Marion said...

Renee, you are so lucky to have so many wonderful siblings! I wish your sister a wonderful birthday!! I was laying in bed with Mary Mace last night and she said, "Grammy, tell me about when you were a little girl at Christmas!" So I told her my favorite Christmas story about getting the bride doll in 2nd grade. She was spellbound and make the cutest comments! Yes, sisters (and granddaughters) are very special folks. Much love and many blessings to you, dearest Renee!!!! xoxoxox

Shelly said...

who else is there? Pfft! ME!

Mickey is one of the "kinder" sisters, and cares about the people she loves very much - there are days we (you + me) are guilty of a "couldn’t care less" attitude, but I don't think Mickey would ever not care. She is a very logical thinker and a good person to go to for advice.

Mickey can make people laugh like no other and has some really hilarious stories to tell – the girls from book club still go on about “the dr.” tale.

Mickey is my “go to girl” for organization (I have had to phone her on more than one occasion to find out where something was put) and laundry – oh how she loves to do laundry. She has a very particular way of doing her laundry too; she was over one day watching me change a load and I could tell the way I was doing it was really getting on her nerves, so hey I’m like “go ahead” – honestly you could see the change in her body, she relaxed immediately as she started taking each item out of the washer, shaking it out before putting it in the dryer?? She needs an intervention though because I think she is still doing her adult children’s laundry – note to self: “if your kids are in their 20s, never mind approaching their 30s it is time for them to do their own laundry” lol.

I don’t know how many times I have been talking to her and she says “I’m going to Costco (GF, St. Vital, the box mall etc.) do you need anything?” I’m like omg Mickey just worry about yourself – who has time to run around for everyone else? I don’t think Mickey does either, but always makes the time or will just get other peoples $#%& done before her own – I guess that makes her selfless …

Wow all these wonderful qualities no wonder I love her so much! Happy Birthday Mickey … xoxo

Jos said...

One of these days I'm going to write to my sister like this. I am blessed with only one but she is superb ... just like Mickey and Jacquie obviously are.

Renee thank you, yes I had a wonderful time with the boys. I am the proud (but very temporary) owner of the meccano crane we built together and I have a picture of a shark so I will recognise the younger one when he grows up. Seems he will not be content to become a man if there's any chance he might become a shark.

I am glad you told Daisy about Stonehenge, even more glad that it meant something to her. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers as always.

btw ... go to the opticians. You need better glasses. Thank you Renee, you are so kind (if a little blind) ... can't help it tee hee. xx Jos

Great-Granny Grandma said...

You write such beautiful tributes to your family. Maybe one day someone will turn your blog into a book.

Barbara said...

Lovely post!
I always was so sad that my sister and I were 6 years apart. That is a long time when you're young.
But time eventually passes and now we are best friends!

Annie said...

What a beautiful post for your sister. Happy birthday Mickey! love and hugs, xoxo

Deborah said...

I haven't read this post yet...I was looking at your picture...Lady in Red...then your sidebar and admiring all of the wondrous, incredible artwork that YOU have inspired. How many people can say that they have been the muse of many talented artists. You, Lovee, have made your mark on this world. You were given a very big work to do, and you have exceeded His expectations. You, my love, have changed people with a love so white that it melted hearts of stone. Now, off to read about Mickey. **kisskiss** Deb

Deborah said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Mickey! I would like to steal you for my own, but then again, what I actually would like is to be adopted by this wonderful, crazy-wild family that is overflowing with love.

Renee, you are truly a gifted writer. Book please and thank you.
*kisskiss** Deb

kj said...

renee, everything that deborah said is so perfect i don't think i could add a single word.

you are a transformer (see, i say i don't have anything to say and then i can't help myself, i just keep talking)

oh, but, i haven't read your post about mickey yet. i just read all the comments first!

so i get to come back and leave another comment about mickey and your family. good.


LDWatkins said...

Wonderful tribute to your sister and the love you share! Happy Birthday,Mickey!

aimee said...

a beautiful story! happy birthday to your sister!! :)

rochambeau said...

Happy Birthday MICKY!!!
You are a beautiful sister and I have enjoyed learning about your sisterhood with Renee. What a special family, and you a extraordinary woman!~
I adore you because I love your sisters Renee and Jacquie.

Manon Doyle said...

Renee.... you're so welcome my friend! YOU are surrounded by love! xo I love you!!

yoborobo said...

I already do, Renee! And I second what Deb said, first adoption and then "Book please and thank you." xoxoxo Pam

Sarah said...

Awww Happy Birthday to Mickey!! Waht a wonderful tribute. I do love learning about your family Renee..what a hoot!!
Hope your Christmas was calm and wonderful! Thinking of you hon!
Love, Sarah

Kelly Lish said...

Renee, I love to read your posts. You are so lucky to have Mickey. And she is so lucky to have you! A hug and a kiss I am sending to both of you beautiful girls...Love, Kelly
xo xo

Kelly Lish said...

Renee!!!! So glad you liked your treasure chest. When the girls asked if anyone wanted to be a part of it, It was like YES!!!!! I bet you recieved some beautiful stuff. I know you touch so many with your words and your was nice for us to get to give you something in return.
I love you too Renee!

Kelly Lish said...

Of course Mickey loved you best-duh!

Lori ann said...

you make me cry. i love your words for your sister. you are so blessed. i am blessed too. i love my sister in this same way. i love you renee.

Marie S said...

Happy Birthday Mickey, may you get all you could ever want and more than you can even imagine.
You are very lucky Renee to have sisters so close that it is like friends stayed over in your house all of the time.
Thank you for sharing that specialness.

I miss you too Renee!
My body just conked out and is still conking a little. Stopped me from getting all crazy and behind at Christmas. Just had to give up!
I liked not being under pressure to perform. I did what I could, when I could, and enjoyed all I could. I hope you had a wonderful and beautiful Christmas with your gorgeous family.
You and Wahid did good Renee, they are all beautiful.
Happy New Year, my pretty!

Elizabeth said...

I just love these portraits of your family. Happy Birthday to your dear sister Mickey.

Marie S said...

My spirits are ok Renee. Thank you for caring, I love you!
I am so glad you got your treasure chest in time, did you squeal?

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Happy Birthday to both sound like the sisters I always wished I had...You write such a beautiful, loving and thoroughly delightful tribute! I so enjoy your writing! You are a gem!! Hope you didn't feel too bad over've been in my thoughts...and I ran over here as soon as all the family events died down...Sending you much, much love, Janine XO

Silver said...

I like Mickey already!!!


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Don't know if my previous comment got and your sister sound like a dynamo team... everything I always admired and wished for...Happy Birthday, Mickey...Renee, you are such a beautiful write in such a compelling and authentic way...I love to read your words...I hope your holiday was filled with much love, and that you felt well enough to enjoy it!! You are much in my thoughts! Janine XO

Silver said...

My nephew (a year younger than my eldest son) and also a family friend from my hometown came to stay with us for a couple of days. So, it was ok. Of course, there's always an empty chair.. you just can't miss.


Lori ann said...

you are so ever and very welcome! i heard about it's perfect timing, i hope it made you the happiest of happiest, the entire chest, oh beautiful renee. enjoy it love.

Silke said...

Dear Renee, I am so glad you like the painting and the scarf. I had to pack it all up so quickly right before my dad got here, that I just had to sort of throw it together... I am so happy we've become friends!! And I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family! I know there is sadness, but hopefully also much joy... Much love, Silke

Rikkij said...

Renee- will the treasures that are your family never end? Happy Birthday, Mickey!! (you got a great Sister) ~rickxo

Anonymous said...

What an incredible story. Renee, you are amazing story teller. I want to meet Mickey; she sounds like so much fun. Sisters are wonderful!!! Happy Birthday Mickey. Blessings to all of you. Barb

Ces said...

Happy birthday to Mickey, another one of your fanstastic sister. What a family you have. I hope this day will also bring a smile to Taylor's face.

Ces said...

Oh BTW, today is Sunday which you normally do not blog but I say a sister like Mickey deserves to have the rules broken.

Odd Chick said...

what a beautiful tribute. just wanted you to know that i'm still praying for you here in my little part of New Mexico. but i have an inside with the Big GUY- i'm kind of like the kid that always got to sit close to the teacher's desk. it works out nicely though when I want Him to hear my prayers!

Linda Sue said...

Sweet Renee- You of course are the favorite- 13 kids- my GAWD! Your poor dear mom...Hope the sex was worth it...

Anonymous said...

Renee Love
Wishing your beautiful sister Mickey a Very Happy Birthday. So glad you can share her day with her. (does that make sense??)

Loving you beautiful lady


Pattee said...

I say Happy Birthday Mickey!!!!!
Wow I wish I was your sister~: )

I agree with Bella~ your everyone's favorites!!! You are my sister of the heart~
Love ~ Pattee

~Babs said...

There is no love more perfect than the love shared with sisters.

Happy Birthday Mickey,,,and what a gift you recieved for your birthday in Renee!

Anonymous said...

Scratchy snatch...hilarious!!!

Beautiful tribute...
Happy Birthday Mickey!!

Love ya Renee,

Sophia said...

What a fantastic tribute. Happy Birthday, Mickey!!! You rock! :)

Inner Toddler said...

I'm still laughing from scratchy snatch!!! xox susie

kj said...

'I still remember her telling them all; night after night that they would have to leave as she was tired, but really it was just so that we could talk alone together.'

anything i would want to know about two sisters four years apart would be clear as ice from this scene alone.

happy birthday mickey. i can 'see' you at the hospital with jacquie and sheldon and renee, and i can 'see' what kind of a human being and loving sister you are. i'm always glad to learn more about the people whose love carries renee ahd to whom she gives it back.


Arija said...

Yep, that's what sisters are all about. Nice one Renee.

XoX Arija.

Sonia ;) said...

Happy Birthday Mickey!!!!!!

“What’s it to you scratchy snatch? Go have a shower.’

LMFAO...Yes I can see this from you. Gerpal hmmm Herpal, hmmmm. LOL

Love ya Lovey...xoxoxoxoxox

PS..She is a Poet and KNOWS it Snow LOL

Bogey said...

What a tribute complimented with wonderful annecodatal memories. In a family as large as yours, it appears as though you found your protectorate, muse and guardian. To have a sister that close must have been a great comfort over the years. There is much to learn from that kind of a special bond. All the very best to your sister and may the years continue to shine on your relationship.

Anonymous said...

Thoughtful, kind and wonderfully generous, that is our Mickey.

I will always remember that when I was getting ready for my “FIRST” dress up doll like occasion of a school dance (sure that no boy would ask me to dance, really I wasn’t into to it at all, being a girl, I mean.) Mom and dad always wanted a baseball team (boys) and I did my best to be a “TOM-boy” so I was way out of my element, after-all I have nothing but beautiful sisters and I just was not as good looking as them, but let me tell you Mickey made sure I looked pretty (even, I saw a glimmer of hope…lmao) Mickey said “now Colette don’t you want to look like a girl, just for once?” I wasn’t sure that I was quite ready to give up marbles and tree climbing, (and protecting Mickey from all the “BAD BOYS!”) I was so tough that I would protect her.

Funny nothing really changes, we all look out for each other and there you go, Mickey (who I didn’t even know to be 58, and was really older than me) I believed that she was much younger that she is, and even today she has a youthful, fun, “LIGHT-UP THE CITY” presence.

Mickey, I adore you. Happy Birthday
With love from your “Truly Favourite sister.”


Renee said...

Colette you are kidding yourself. You are beautiful and always have been.

Love Renee xoxo

YayaOrchid said...

Happy Birthday wishes to Mickey!! God bless!

BT said...

What an amazing tribute to your lovely sister Mickey. Happy Belated Birthday to her. What fun you must have had as children and what secrets. You are a super writer Renee. xxx

Sue said...

Renee, you have such an incredible family. The love and devotion between so many siblings is marvelous to read about. You are all so blessed.

A happy belated birthday to Mickey - I hope her day was full of love and joy.


natalie said...

i love auntie mickey and have been lucky enough to have her as my godmother. you are so good at capturing people auntie renee. as you said, auntie mickey is halarious and very beautiful. some of my favourite memories come from the roadtrip we took with grandma and my mom to see uncle gerry out west. i love you auntie mickey - happy birthday.

Margaret Ann said...

So loving...this takes my breath away...and makes my heart smile.

Bridgett said...

As an only child, it's hard for me to imagine being so close to a sibling.

But I certainly enjoy reading about what it's like. And it's obvious your love for Mickey runs deeply.

So glad you had an amazing big sister to grow up with..


Daria said...

What an amazing family you have ... you are so fortunate. All the best to you Renee ... I think of you often.

Camille said...

Happy Birthday Mickey! Sorry to be so late. Hopefully Renee please tell her I've finally come back to life lol. Yes what a truly GREAT sister we have. I'm pretty sure I'm her favorite sister now that you have told the world her age. But honestly, Mickey is a very sincere,thoughtful, wonderful person. Whether its decorating our homes ( When's my turn)shopping, or just being there when she's needed most. Was great going for lunch and shopping! Love you Mickey Hope you had a good BD

angelique said...

Happy Belated bday to Auntie Mickey. She is always doing or offering to do something for someone. She is filled with so much love and I would like to be so thoughtful and generous. We are all your fans over here Auntie Mickey.