Wednesday, 16 December 2009

December = 12

Do you celebrate Christmas? Do I ever. Christmas has been and still is my favourite time of year. I like that everyone is kinder and more loving. I love the soft edge around people almost as if their corners have been covered by a nice layer of snow.

Have you ever been kissed under the mistletoe? I have been kissed under plastic mistletoe but never real mistletoe which is going to change. I am going to go and buy some this year. And than Wahid pucker up.

Get anything special last year? Last year Jacquie bought me a digital camera and gave it to me before Christmas. I love it. Horrible, I don’t even remember what I got last year from anyone else.

What do you want for Christmas this year? All kinds of things, most of which I cannot have. I want to be able to swallow food without feeling like I am choking. Also to stop retching would be nice too.


Anonymous said...

Renee, I want that treehouse that you have pictured here. You know my address. Please send ASAP!

Merry Christmas!

Annie said...

Wish I were a Christmas fairy, I would heal you and jacquie up real good and then I would bring Sheldon back, but I am not a CF so I have no power to do those things, but I can send you a powerful lot of love. XOXOXOXO

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I will pray for your retching!
I agree with you, I love the effect Christmas has on people--the softer edge, the thoughts about those who have less. And now you've made me want to find some mistletoe.
Love to you!

Caroline said...

I love what you say about soft edged people! I just wish shoppers were less frantic and more soft edged!! It was mayhem out at the mall this afternoon! No Xmas preparations at home for me this year - we're off to visit our daughter in Australia! I do miss the grand build up to the home festivities we had when the girls were little.... I hope you enjoy a super festive season, Renee. xx

translucentblue said...

Hi Renee... It's good that you have a family who love you this holiday, I know that's one thing I'm always thankful for. I wish you a warm and magical time..xx

yoborobo said...

Retching sounds bloody AWFUL. I want it to stop immediately (this is when I wish I had some dang superpowers!!). What do I want for Christmas? Just family and friends. Some lovely cookies would be nice, too. :) I am planning on leaving out my cookbooks and stocking up on supplies so that Caity will bake some for me (and think it was her idea). I love you, Renee - and hope you feel better. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox Pam

Linda said...

Good Morning!

I just logged on and there you are. {{{{hug}}}}}

The softness of people with their corners covered by snow is a Renee thought I will cherish forever. I DO wish we wouldn't forget all those generous impulses we have now. We are all better people than we allow ourselves to be each day.

What do I want? I want to have you forever. I want Wahid to give you kisses under the mistletoe that will make your toes curl. I want you to be able to taste little pieces of things that melt in your mouth and slide down easy.

I hope the lights from the tree are shining all day long and that kj didn't have anything to do with them so that they stay on! (Think she will see this?) ;>

I hope there is happy music playing and that you can sip on something warm and delicious. Most of all darling lady, I wish for pain free days.

xoxo right back at you

Angela Recada said...

Good morning my darling Renee. The last few years I've felt horrible this time of year, and this year is no exception. But after finding you and your blog this year, and especially after reading this post, I know I should kick myself in the butt. Hard. You inspire me to be truly grateful for what I have, even if it's not what I want.

I wish I could give you all you wish for, dear friend.

Love and hugs,

yoborobo said...

Renee - I am saying a prayer for you non-stop today that you get some relief from the nausea. I wish I was there to help in some way, or to just sit and talk with you. Love you xoxoxo Pam

Sarah said...

Oh Renee I am sorry..that just bites...I hope this for you too. Ackkk!! {{{hugs}}}sending more Reiki.
Honestly..I would love a Canon Rebel SLR camera...but it will wait. I really just wanted to be able to get gifts for the kids really. You helped with that hon..thank you! I think we have managed to get it pegged...Whoo hoo!!
Happy Wednesday hon!!
Love you, Sarah

Anonymous said...

What do I want for Christmas???
Well most of all ,is for my mom to be able to breathe easier!!!
For Lover to feel better and for Jacquie to feel better as well, and keep the rest of our family healthy.


Merry Christmas everyone, I love you "LOVER" xoxo

glorv1 said...

I hope for you what you hope for yourself. I wish everyone would get nice as pie. Sometimes my husband gets a little crabby this time of year. I don't know why but I sense a moodiness in him that isn't there the rest of the year. He gets over it though, because I try not to see it and am lovey dovey to him so that he gets over it. Oh welllllllllllllll. Take care and my wish for you is like I said, everything you wish for. Take care.

Renee said...

I love you too darling Suzie.


Caroline said...

Hi Renee, glad you like the owls - interesting that you have a family totem - how did that come about?

Dede said...

Renee, you don't have to pretend, you truly are an angel! I wish for you to feel better.


Angela Recada said...

Not preaching at all, dear one. You said what I say to myself every day. Thank you, my wise and loving and generous friend.

I hope you find some relief from all the pain and discomfort you're feeling. And I hope Wahid covers you with kisses.

I need to go find some mistletoe.
Hugs and love,

Deborah said...

"The softness of people with their corners covered by snow". It is thoughts like this that make you such a fantastic writer.

O Most Blessed Mother, heart of love, heart of mercy, ever listening, caring, consoling, hear our prayer. As your children, we implore your intercession with Jesus your Son. Receive with understanding and compassion the petitions we place before you today for Renee. You know her needs.

We are comforted in knowing your heart is ever open to those who ask for your prayer. We trust to your gentle care and intercession, those whom we love and who are sick or lonely or hurting. Help all of us, Holy Mother, to bear our burdens in this life until we may share eternal life and peace with God forever.

Arija said...

I do like your Christmas wishes and will have a little chat with Santa. I have had my fair share of the last one and find it definitely nicer being without.

RNSANE said...

Lovely Renee, I am so sorry that this terrible illness and its treatment makes you retch and feel so bad. You are amazing to still maintain such warmth and good spirits. So many of us in this land of bloggers care for you and pray for you to feel better.

I am not so cheerful as I should be. I still mourn the loss of my forensic nursing life after 21 years and having to retire means my income is so depleted that I cannot celebrate Christmas as

Arija said...

No such luck, and, for your information, ( can you see my snooty none in the air as I say this?) our possums, and your opossums and raccoons are entirely different creatures. (So there!!!)

Anonymous said...

Pain .. Pouff .. Gone
Retching .. Pouff .. Gone
I have magical powers, don't you know. You wait and see.
Hugs to you

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Renee: I want all who are suffering to be free from suffering. May all YOUR cells know warmth, comfort and bliss. May all your cells be healed, whole and at peace. May you be able to receive and take in as much as you give, dear one.

Lilacrobin said...

Dear Renee, I was once loved by a man (for 15 years) and we had many a Christmas kiss under real Mistletoe. Get some for yourself and Wahid soon! This year, 5 days after I lost my job, I learned he was cheating on me - now, I find myself alone at Christmas - no family (only child, both parents dead) job....but, I still have my faith. Without it, I don't know how I would have made it through this year. (Plus Annie's friendship.)

Your burden is so great and you have already lost so much... but, God has given you an amazing husband and family...and, many friends through your blog... never lose your faith - I add my prayers to others for you and Jacquie to recover. I pray you will feel stronger every day.

Don't give up.... and may you and Wahid have many lovely kisses 'neath the Mistletoe!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Oh dear Renee.....I remember the days from my chemo and all the retching! It definitely is not fun. My oncologist gave me something called Zofran that helped immensely.

My Christmas wish would be for you to fell better my dear.

Love you,

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yay mistletoe! Bring it ON! Wahid, you are one lucky guy!

Lori ann said...

God Renee.

I can't think of one thing to say. I'm so angry and upset. It's not right. It's not fair. I hate this.

I'm wishing as hard as I can. And praying too.

Anonymous said...

Renee, you always say the nicest words, you are so special!
Here's hoping you can eat your christmas dinner with no upset throat and tummy actions. Bless you Renee, you are really so very dear to us!
Lovely to read about Christmas being your happiest time of the year and that you will fulfill one of the Christmas traditions by kissing Wahid under a real mistletoe. I hope you have the best day ever and don't wear out your lips,lol!

Loads of Love and hugs!


Mim said...

I am going off to meet with Lolo and KJ and you can imagine that we will all be thinking of you

In the Light of the Moon said...

Sweet Renee,Thank you for another wonderful post.Your words are full love.My one have no fear.I am afraid everyday,and because of this I am more perhaps this is a good thing.Hubby was sick two years back and it was a very difficult created this fear of..not having enough time.And so my wish is bitter sweet for I try so hard to cherish every moment,and this fear makes it so...but it's still a fear none the less.Warmest Regards,Cat

Anonymous me said...

Oh Renee, I am sorry you are feeling so wretched. I wish ... well you know what I am wishing for this Christmas. Your well-being is top of my list. You definitely need real mistletoe ... oh and it must have berries (loads). Tell Wahid that traditionally he must remove one berry for every kiss. Once the berries are gone the mistletoe loses it's magic and should no longer be kissed under .... well that's the tradition anyway.

Renee my daily prayers continue, never doubt it. xx Jos

Ces said...

Hello sweetheart, you don't have to publish this because it is very long. I am very selfish. I am asking for a lot from Santa and whoever will give me what I ask:

- I ask that you my friend Renee and your sister Jaquie will not suffer so much and that they will be pain-free and experience miracles. May your family remain strong and loving. May Wahid remain strong and healthy.
- I ask that the Lord and all the Guardian angels watch over Dominic and Josephine.
- I ask that my friend Bella is peaceful, safe, happy and free from worry and she will publish an art book and her epsilons grow up more beautifully and safely each day.
- I ask that my friend Deborah will remain happy, beautiful, loving, caring and generous and may SPC Ryan will be home in the loving embrace of his family and not have to fight more wars.
- I ask that my friend Manon will be happy, peaceful and continue creating beautiful, passionate art.
- I ask that my friend Allegra and her Beloved; and my friend Tessa will be free from pain and relieved of illnesses.
- I ask that my extremely gifted friend Bjornik will find more success and prosperity.
- I ask that my friend Arija will remain energetic, creative, wise and passionate.
- I ask that my friend Baino and her beautiful children will be happy and prosperous.
- I ask that the devil will depart from the hearts of the corrupt Philippine politicians who loot the government coffers, forsake their responsibilities and may they let my Filipino family and friends prosper freely.
- I ask that my friends at work remain strong and driven and not be subjected to so much stress.
- I ask that my brothers and sisters and their families find prosperity from their hard work and they are safe and healthy.
- I ask that the Lord and all the Guardian Angels watch over my beloved teenagers and my husband and keep them away from harm and may they be successful in their endeavors.
- I ask and pray that everyone I love, everyone with whom I exchange a kind word or hello, will be safe from harm, and be healthy.
- I ask that my blogger friends be happy and successful in their endeavors.
- And I ask and pray that the government and politicians will not destroy my country.
- I ask and pray that the terrorists perish from their own evil deeds.
- I give up asking for all materials gifts for these intangible requests and wishes.
- Oh and I ask that I will be kind, humble, have courage and learn not to worry. I will not forget to give thanks.
- Also I hope that no one will give me a chia pet or laughing trout or a pig figurine from the dollar store. A plastic piggy bank is actually okay.

Angie Muresan said...

I'm so sorry sweet Renee. Wahid better pucker up real good. Hugs and kisses, prayers and warm wishes from me. Cause that is all I can give.


Renee said...

Thanks dear Robin, and don't lose faith, you will be happy again.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Wine and Words said...

Last year I got an iPhone. This year we are giving, getting, nothing. This is the first year there is not one single present under the tree. I am thinking of wrapping empty boxes just to make it seem like we have money. And I used to be a fan of mistletoe, but it became a parasite in our neighborhood and killed all the trees. Damn birds carry it from tree to tree and it just takes over and sucks the life out of it.

Jeeze, I didn't mean to poop on your party here. I usually love Christmas...can't frickin wait for it. Now I just can't wait for this year to end.

But get your happy on Renee. You deserve it and I hope your Christmas is just fabulous and the gifts are memorable.

Silke said...

Dearest Renee, Mistletoe is a wonderful, magical plant (and in Europe even explored as a supplemental treatment for cancer) and kissing under it is magical as well! We used to find it in NM where we lived and always had it hanging in our house (there can never be too many kisses), but here we haven't found any. Hmmmm...might have to remedy that!

I wish for you all the things you wish for yourself and for your family. I wish for peace of mind, a strong and fearless heart and miracles every day!

Much love to you all, Silke

Woman in a Window said...

I love Christmas. It is most definitely a state of mind though. It comes upon me in flashes. It is not a season, it is a feeling. Last night I walked into my home and my parents had been by and had dropped presents under my tree for my children. I jumped. My feet left the floor. It was Christmas.

I wish for you many things. I give to you my love.


Woman in a Window said...

Oh, and no to the mistletoe. I kiss anybody I darned well please whenever I darned well want. I will rely on no plant!

Baino said...

You have a camera but you hardly ever post any photographs? Aww darling. So sorry that it's hard for you to swallow. Time to be adventurous with soups perhaps? I've never been kissed under Mistletoe so grab a snog for me!

lakeviewer said...

Put Mistletoe everywhere. One cannot have too many kisses.

(p.s. poisenous stuff, keep out of reach.)

A big one from over here.

Marion said...

For Christmas this year I want for you to be well, dearest friend, more than anything else on earth. I much prefer giving to receiving (I really do) and have given a few small charitable gifts this year. There is not one single material thing I want. Not one. I have a home, a vehicle and my gardens, so I'm happy. I'm even thinking of giving up my cell phone because I seldom use it and it's a waste of money.

Last year my girls hooked me up to the Internet as a gift and are paying for it and that was my best gift ever because it put me in touch this year with so many inspirational, loving, caring, giving people. I'm so very happy I met you this year, Renee. I love you and appreciate your generosity of heart more than I can ever say. Love & Blessings!!!!!

"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." ~Luke 6:38

Purpur said...

My dear Renee, you are wonderful and I thank you. You are an inspiration! Love and wishes for the only thing that is important (and we tend to forget): life.

PurestGreen said...

This Christmas I am excited and happier than I have been in a long time. I'm google-eyed in love just happy to be able to spend time with my beloved over the holidays. We have our own tree and presents underneath. Simple perfections.

Break out your tinsel and celebrate - you deserve it.

Diana Evans said...

Hi Renee!! what a beautiful post...and you are so right...people are softer and kinder this time of year....

I ask for no material items ...I only ask that I may enjoy my family and friends and health and happiness....

I also know that miracles happen each and every day and I know that there will be many more in our lives....your lives and everyone around us.....

I am grateful for my wonderful life wonderful blessings and it is a gift I get each and every day I wake up and get to see my wonderful husband...and our son and our families......

Bless you Renee!!!


Diva Kreszl said...

Praying and sending healing wishes your way!

Allegra Smith said...

I want wellness and peace; I want to find chemo that makes us well without the horrible price for uncertainty, I want peace for everyone, I want clean water for those who have none, I want health insurance for those who need it the most, I want to truly forgive those who in some way have done harm to the innocent, I want you and Jacquie and the rest of the family to be well and healthy, for you to find a big bunch of "missingtoes" as the children used to call it when I used to hang it at the front door - no one was to escape the smooch even if it was the mailman(it never happened tho)and to have the sweetest kiss each time you are under it.

I want to know that children will be safe from predators and illness, I don't want anyone to go hungry...but this is not my list of Christmas wishes. I wish for all this the whole year long. I wish for you all the love you already have multiplying and covering you like a mantle of wishes that will come true.

I love you, LALF.

Sue said...

What a unique and wonderful treehouse!

Wishing you relief from feeling so
damn rotten Renee! Wishing you and Jacquie good health and
victory over this friggin disease.... wishing you lots of smoochies under the mistletoe.


nollyposh said...

...and this Christmas i send you a piece of my heart wrapped in a red ribbon for those times when ~shit is happening~ for you to remember that you are never alone <3

zoe said...

i love that photo!
i'm sorry about your throat and stomach...i didn't realize you were already having problems as a result of that..
we have tons of mistletoe in our yard, come on down! i make gabriel kiss me every time we pass under it, too, even if we're going back and forth, doing yard work :D i didn't know that about the berries, i don't think i'll tell him :D
for christmas, you get better. now.
here's my biggest, most powerful medicinal hug!!!

Mim said...

Renee dear - I did get my wonderful Tessa print - it is awesome and wonderful and I love it, love it, love it. many hugs and thanks to you - what a wonderful, wonderful treat!

Ribbon said...

I want you to receive everything that you need plus more.... lots of plus more.

You sit comfortably in my heart Renee and I thank you for doing so.
You help make it sing :)

You're a wonderful human being with angel wings :)

xoxoxo Ribbon

Marie S said...

I want you to be able to swallow food without feeling like you are choking and also to stop retching for Christmas, please.

Arija said...

Ha, you wish! One qualty item will beat quantity any time.


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Hi Renee,
'Get anything special this year?'
With that question, I can't help but think of you and how lucky I feel to have found you and your blog this year because YOU make me want to try being a better me♥
I wish I could make all your wishes come true. I really, really do!
Love, Darla

Betzie said...

I do love Christmas...just want another one this year to share with my mom...that will be the best gift possible.
I hope you feel better Renee!!!

ToM KiDDo said...

hey Renee, im not celebrating christmas..but im celebrating my mom's i guess im going to buy her a present or just make her a card, maybe...

Merry Christmas :)

Rikkij said...

what a beautiful child like spirit you portray here. You make us all a little more beautiful and Christmas attainable. Thank you. Love~rick

kj said...

moon sister, i can't even tell you what you wrote here because all i saw was the last two sentences. i want the same thing you want for christmas. i would give up my christmas everything if you can have that.

at christmas i think about the people i love. i want them to be well and happy. oh, and i want a way more peaceful world. i want that badly.

and i want lori's label maker...


@eloh said...

Gee Renee, I didn't see you there in the yard takin' pictures of the house... ya shoulda thrown a rock up... I'da made us some expresso.

Poetic Artist said...

I wish and pray for you to heal and be strong.
I have got to stop whining about my troubles. You make me realize so very much.

Bella Sinclair said...

I have never been kissed under the mistletoe, real or otherwise.

Oh, dearest Renee. I don't want anything for the rest of my years if only your wishes would be granted. When you are feeling better, I hope you get to celebrate Christmas dinner properly. Don't care if it's January or July.

Bella Sinclair said...

P.S., I have the most elegant cat and dog hanging from my tree this year.

I love you, dear.

YayaOrchid said...

I too like this time of year better than any other. It is also a time of faith and believing.

Pattee said...

I love that tree house it looks like something I and my sister made one time.... long ago....

You've changed what I need or want for Christmas....

I want you healed. To stop the retching the choking. To have you not have to go to the hospital... not have chemo running through your veins. That I can meet you in person. Another want is that Jacqui is healed also that she gets her feeling back, that you and her can enjoy each other and family... That is my wish. I think it can happen.

I'm praying ~

Christmas does put a glow on people. It makes us smile at someone that we would never do. I bought toys for children and am dropping them off at Toys for Tots..

I've been kissed under real mistletoe : )

My best present is when my husband broke down and realized that my car was falling apart and that's when I got my VW bug!

I don't need anything...
else..... but you getting better ~
Love oxoxo and then more love ~

Jaliya said...

ReneƩ, I want more than anything for your throat to heal and open.

I adore this time of year, for all the expressions of Light ... and for you, whose Christmas card I received today ... I will always treasure it 'cause it came from your hand and your heart ...

Christmas is about celebrating great spirits like you xoxo

Mistletoe: a few years ago, my favourite cousin gave me a "mistletoe" that is actually a soft vase-like thing that has fake mistletoe springing out the top, two huggy arms on the sides, and two pudgy bare feet popping out the bottom! I love it and it's been hanging over our living room hallway since the day I received it! :-D I'll have to take a photo of it for you ...

Last year ... I forget what I got. Doesn't matter. I have what matters most: the essentials to survive, and Love ... :-)

Enjoy the pucker up! ;-D

Love you xoxoxxooxoxxoxoxoxo

Chrisy said...

Hi my darling, I've been reading through the other many lovely people dearest..all wanting your wishes to come true...and I'm there with mistletoe here but placing a little butterfly kiss on your cheek...

yoborobo said...

Just checking in to see how that mistletoe is working out. Do you need me to send you some Chapstick? That kind of kissing is tough on the lips. xoxox to you! Pam

Anonymous said...

If wit and courage were all it took to beat mf cancer, you all would be as healthy as healthy are horses? anyway...I admire you immensely
as I trod along in my first year
amazed your spirit is so strong
after 4...
Bravely onward

Anonymous said...

Renee, how I wish I could grant your wishes. I enjoy parts of Christmas but it has never been my favorite time of year. Too commercial for me. I'm sending you my love and prayers that you will feel better for Christmas. Love, barb

karen gerstenberger said...

Oh, how I wish that all of your wishes, hopes, dreams and prayers will come true! XOXO

studio lolo said...

oh renee, I wish I could take it all away. The bad stuff I mean.

love you~
raven sister.

Elizabeth said...

I hope for all things good for you and your family.

Love to you, Renee

Becky said...

I hope I hope I hope that all you want for Christmas you shall receive. anything is possible, and may this be so...

Karin Bartimole said...

All I want for Christmas is for your Christmas wishes to come true.
I love you,

Bogey said...

If God does not recognize the need of your existence, then He needs to read the previous 73 Comments only to see how much of an impact oner person has had on humanity. Every person here has nice, soft and round edges on their heart and I can tell that their love for you is truly genuine. May the Blessings of this Christmas Season shine comfort on you today and always. Love and Hugs my friend.

Sonia ;) said...

Bogey said it like it is...Amazing Dear friend of mine..I love you beyond words. Im sorry this is happening. I wish we could curl up on a sofa and big fluffy soft blanket drink some herbal tea, and just laugh and talk...That would be my Christmas wish. But cant happen so I wish all my blessing for you and Jacquie have a GRAND Christmas with your families. I LOVE you Lovey and I thank everyday you are my friend to kick me in the ass and say FUCK with Har Har...ok ...Enjoy the spirit of Christmas, kiss Jacquie for me...I know Sheldon is curling up with you in that blanket....


pinkglitterfae said...

lovely post Renee, Christmas does have a magical feel about it doesn't it? Hard to find any other time of the year, I don't know why that is.
I don't really want or need anything for Christmas, but my one wish is for you to get your wish taken care of. Material things are so meaningless when a fellow human is suffering so badly.
So if God allows it, I want my wish to go to you.
blessings dear Renee

Great-Granny Grandma said...

You are one incredibly awesome lady. It breaks my heart that I don't have the power to make things right for you. Praying that the retching will pass and you'll be able to enjoy your Christmas meal--everything you want to eat--with no problem. May this be your most beautiful Christmas ever.