Wednesday, 23 December 2009

BLD No. 15

I remember it being one of the potato times. The times where we had potato soup and potato fries and potato pancakes and bread with margarine dunked in sugar.

We were rich. We had it all.

It was the year that we received doctor’s kits. I don’t know who all got them, but a few of us did. The kits were new and they were special because we all received a doll that was broken and were told that Santa had fallen down the chimney and had wanted special girls that would take care of and love the dolls with their broken finger, or chipped nose or missing leg.

Each doll had a new dress on, or it appeared new as my Mom made sure they were sparkling clean.

Oh the hours we spent loving and mending those dolls.

Our home was an earlier heaven.

*artwork by Christine Pym


Annie said...

What a sweet story.
Sending you love and kisses, 2 days before Christmas, wishing you a very happy day. XOXO

Ces said...

It is still heaven dear, maybe not perfect but you are sorounded by love and it is your refuge. Sometimes heaven sucks but it is still heaven. Amazing stories from our parents to make up for what we lacked not knowing that what we did not have made us richer! I love you. Do you want me to start signing?

Angie Muresan said...

Such a beautiful story Renee. Heaven is all around us, isn't it? Little pieces of it floating around and settling on us, as lightly as a brush of snow on the shoulders on a winter's walk. Thinking of you, dear friend. Went to sleep last night wondering how you are doing, and woke up with the same thought in my head. Wishing you a piece of heaven this weekend, as your loved ones gather around loving you, and celebrating the family you and Wahid have created.
Love, hugs and kisses!!!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Beautiful Renee! Sending my love to you this Christmas!

Sarah said...

That is a lovely thing to do-so clever of your parents to think of it! xx

Deborah said...

Renee, first I laughed, then the have I come to know your family so well, and to love you all so much, as if we are connected...oh, but we are...through the blood of The One we now celebrate. You are my family. You are my heart. I love you, Renee. **kisskiss** Deb

Debra She Who Seeks said...

We had lean times like that too -- for us, they were "pancake times." When my little sister would get so sick of pancakes she couldn't eat them anymore, my Mom would try to pour the batter so the pancake would look like a cat or some other fun shape that would tempt my sister to eat.

Sarah said...

Ahhh that is beatuiful Renee. I love how you describe Potato times! Wonderful, simple..I try for that every year..less commercial. Hugs to you hon, Sarah
Oh the pictures today..loooove them. I do!

Dede said...

I too received a doctors kit. We thought we had it all, and we did. We had months of fish, we fished we ate. We had fun and ate. Those were the days of real fun and family.


Sarah said...

Giggle Renee...I totally got it..we eat alot of potatoes..not because we are in Idaho..but they are cheap and fill tummies.. I am always looking for ways to do that!! Hugs xxooxxoo

Nevine said...

Now that was a lovely little piece of you, Renee. And just in time for Christmas, right around the corner. I want to wish you all the warmth and love that you deserve this holiday season, Renee. My fondest wishes to you and yours, and may next year be filled with blessings and joy. Hugs and kisses.


zoe said...

what a beautiful post in every way!
i am very attached to that second image, lunch :D
merry christmas, sweetie!

julie mitchell said...

What a beautiful story of know you are pure this very moment I am sending you prayers of healing, hope, and love. I am so sorry for what you suffer...Holding you in the light...big hugs, julie

Angela Recada said...

Such a sweet memory!

I notice, too, that those precious memories of togetherness are the most meaningful. I don't remember any big gifts, either. I just remember the sparkling Christmas tree, the simple but familiar comfort foods, the Christmas music, and the feeling of magic all around. My children now look back on their childhoods and remember the simple things too, not the gifts.

I love potato soup, fries and pancakes! I still make my family's depression era mashed potato pancakes once a year around Christmas. They are sprinkled with sugar and served with apple sauce. The potato times can be the best of times, when there is love all around.
Today my baby girl, our Christmas miracle, turns 20. I don't know where the time went.

Sending you and your loved ones lots of love and hugs, today and always,

Anonymous me said...

I love you, I do. I walked to Stonehenge (don't be impressed it is only 3 miles)I stood under the open skies. I do not pray when I am in the forest.

Oh it's a magnet? After Christmas I will stick it on my fridge, then I will still see/think of you each and every day.

Yes dear heart I will be OK. I will live under open skies yet.

I have my beads, as have you. "I believe in God, the Father, the Almighty ..... Our father ... Hail Mary full of grace ... As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

I love you. Always. xx Jos

Karin Bartimole said...

What a wonderful memory! Your mom was really a creative genius :) I'm feeling hungry for the comfort of potatoes filling warmth.
i love you,

Anonymous said...

Loads of love!


lynne h said...

i had one of those doctor's kits. the case itself was a little hard to open (being all plastic and not having any real hinges), but once you got inside there was some good stuff in there. little boxes and more plastic... boy, i hadn't thought about that doctor's kit in a long time. i really liked it; as much as the play store we had, i think.

i love you renee...


Anonymous said...

Oh Renee, what a wonderful story. A little piece of heaven.
Blessings to you and your wonderful family for a joyous Christmas and New Year.Barb

jacquie said...

such a great memory for me really was the good times that i remember as a child as we felt chosen and special to be lucky enough to be the dolls nurse.
how i loved being in that big family and still heart feels full!

Anonymous said...

I cannot tell you how I love this post. I think that was the most wonderful gift, seriously original and outside of the box. I really love that your Mum did that and thought of such a cool explanation. :)
I cant buy anything for my kids this year and I am ok with that, I struggled with it at the beginning of December but decided that was completely pointless and just accepted it. They will get plenty of things from other people and I know that it wont always be like this so it is ok...... and now after reading this post and knowing the woman that this girl became....i am very happy to place real priorities above flashy presents that are not really needed in the first place.
Thank you Renee, you give so much.
I adore you.
and your family.

Anonymous said...

Renee love
What a totally awesome magical christmas your parents provided for you and your siblings. I love it when you share such moments. I am sure your children have similar stories to share. Thinking of you always.

secret agent woman said...

That story brought tears to my eyes. I have good memories of my mother making cloths for a doll of mine. Cursing the whole time because she really hated to sew, but she did it for us.

Sonia ;) said...

I received a Doctor Kit..It was a Fisher Price one...I got in trouble because I tried to play Dr. with my best buddy Al(aka- Allie). Uh ya my mom was not pleased. I had band aids on every doll I owned, and tried to put them on our pet skunk...they dont like that, just so you know. I would whack my dad in the knee and he would kick his leg out real high. I would giggle and do it again. I wonder if there was ever a bruised knee under those work pants. I think I was breaking more than I was mending.

Love you Lovey xoxoxox

PS..Like the middle one best - Looks Seigmund Frued walking off with the top ..LOL

Pattee said...

That really sounds like a special memory... I loved to lice in it for just a minute.. : )

Potato soup and pancakes, sounds like you were celebrating Hanukkah : )

I love you Renee...

Oh and the appetizers are still on their way...

Bogey said...

It never ceases to amaze me how the memories of days gone by can always come back to us as clearly as though they happened yesterday. I think it is what keeps that little bit of childlike innocence in our hearts. Thank you for sharing one of your very special memories with us all.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Wonderful story!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a prayer for healing!

Marion said...

Renee, I have the same memory and I love you for sharing it... Funny, but Warner came at me with a play 'shot' today and had a time giving me the play shots while I pretended it hurt. Mary Mace's legs have grown a foot (tee-hee) since I saw her last. I'm so happy! Our trip went well with only minor storms to fly over. Love is family, for sure. You have a wonderful Christmas, dearest friend. xoxoxoxox

RNSANE said...

I always wanted to be a nurse. My mother had been to nursing school but quit the last few months to marry my father. She worked for a daughter in my home town, however. The Christmas I got my first "doctor's kit" was the best of my life. Dr. Gilliam would then take me with him to do house calls out in the country and he would pay me a dollar! We made five visits to the poor on Christmas eve and everyone was so sweet to me.

pinkglitterfae said...

thank you for sharing your beautiful memories Renee...
I wish you a happy Christmas, and I continue to pray that you and your family receive many blessings in the years to come. You deserve it more than anyone I know

turquoise cro said...

O! How I loved my doctor kit too Renee! One year I got a beautiful ballerina doll! and of course I got a Shirley Temple doll one year! How sad I was when my mother gave all my dolls, my record player and I don't remember what else thank goodness away without asking me when I left home for the first time to work in a different state! I was 18 but still loved those dolls! Yes, my Gina got home safe and sound the same day your sweet Christmas card arrived!!!It had a cardinal on it too!!! hehehe MERRY CHRISTMAS DOLLBABY!!!

Sydney said...

I loved reading about a Christmas time past... we had our Christmas today as my step sons are in town. All the cooking is done and packed away, we're stuffed with rich treats, the kitchen is not horribly messy though I am leaving things to clean tomorrow, and the wrapping paper is in trash bags but the gifts remain on display under the tree. The fam is watching movies in the background and I'm in my pj's ready to collapse, lol. It was perfect to wind down with your post tonight.

It has been another year for you and yours, and quite and eventful one. Thank you for making my year much more deep and full. I wish you a heavenly holiday this year and know that you will be much blessed in the coming year. Smooches, Syd

Susie said...

Hi renee,
I'm just popping in to say hi. I miss you. And I'm wishing you a merry christmas with your wonderful family.

Bella Sinclair said...

Your parents were something else. That is the most creative, loving gift I have heard of.

Oh! Hey, you just reminded me. We used to have bread with margarine and sugar, too!

Darling, I want to sit up all night and hold your hand and watch over you. I wish I could put my arms around you and pat you until you fell asleep. Then I would go over to Jacquie and do the same.

Ces said...

When I was 25 I received a doctor kit but his name was not Kit.

studio lolo said...

Ours was bread soaked in milk...sugar if we were lucky that week.

The love in your family knew and still knows no bounds.
Your heart knows no bounds either.
It's as big as the prairie skies.

Merry Christmas eve, Raven Sister.

I'm stewing about the damn Canadian Postal service btw.
It's imperitive that package from KJ et al finds you ;)

i love you.


kj said...

i got a doctor's kit too. and like sonia, my best friend was the patient.

nursing a wounded doll back to health? your parents were geniuses. i will never forget that. i will do that for mr. ryan.

renee oh renee, i wish i could touch you, hold you, rock you rock of angels unless you told me i was fucking smothering you!

we are together this christmas, moon sister. we are together forever now. you are part of me. i wouldn't trade that for anything.

love to jacquie.

studio lolo said...

I'm glad I chose the right word to get your attention!

And I love knowing I made you laugh. I do. I love that ;)

I hate that I had to say what was in the package (damn customs) but I know it will still be a surprise.

Merry Christmas!

Bridgett said...

I love stories like this...very sweet. Did any of you end up in health care?