Friday, 11 December 2009

BLD No. 9

Shelly was telling Angelique and I about this site with an interactive Santa Claus.

Angelique did it for Josephine and she just loves it. She was showing me it on Tuesday and kept saying to Angelique ‘Mama my email.’

It is super adorable and comes on like there is interference from the North Pole.

At one point Santa says ‘Oh I see you want candy for Christmas.’ Because that is what Josephine says she wants.

Anyway, totally adorable! Now get over there and hook up your kids or grandchildren. They even have one for grumpy teenagers.

How adorable to get an email like this.

*artwork B by Tom Browning and L by Victoria Ball and D by Walsh Works


Angie Muresan said...

Thanks Renee! My kids love things like that (and I do too!!!). Beautiful images! Wishing you a lovely Friday. Hugs to you!!!

Angela Recada said...

I love that it includes something to send to grumpy teens!

Give your darling Josephine and Domenic a kiss and hug for me.

Love and hugs,
and more love and hugs,

(Did you get my answer to your request yesterday? Things I've been sending have been getting lost in cyberspace, so I was just wondering if it arrived.)

Annie said...

I love the grumpy teen thing too ;-).
Have a wonderful weekend.
What is happening with you?
Love and hugs,

pinkglitterfae said...

Renee I will check out that site.
You always find the coolest artwork!
does it work for scatterbrained artists, lol?

Deborah said...

Oh Lovee!!! I just made the funniest one for Alice!!! Santa says maybe she should have stopped smoking and could have tried to not cuss as much!!! teeheeeeeeeeeeee

Do you feel the prayers? May your days now be blessed with the presence of pure love.
**blows kisses** Deb

Michael Rivers said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Renee I love u sooooo much! U r continuosly on my mind and in my prayers. U have had an amazing influence on my life. I cherish all the conversations we have. U nourish my soul!!!!xoxoxoxo

studio lolo said...

I love three images today! The meeces are my faves though.

You can do so much with the computer now. Today I was trying to see how to make snowfall on my header. I didn't understand it so I said 'fuhgetaboutit.'


Sarah said...

Oh how fun is that Nonni will love it!! The mice...oh I adore the mice too cute. Loved your comment at Ces's about freezing snot..giggle snort...come here it will!! Freezin' here!!
Love ya hon, Sarah

Sonia ;) said...

That was so much fun. I made one my nephew. Love you Lovee xoxoxoxo

Diana Evans said...

Thank you Renee!!! Coleeeeeeeee loved seeing Santa and how cool that you can add a photo and details...I love it!!!


Karin Bartimole said...

I've now sent this to two of my nieces Renee - it is So adorable!! I just love how personalized they make it. Thank you for sharing the link - it's really terrific :) Now I think I'll go send a naughty message from Santa to someone ;~)
xoxox K

Baino said...

Haha that was great. Sent one to Adam!

BT said...

Oh the elves are tidying the site so I'll have to try again! I love those pictures, especially the last one.

Sue said...

I would have loved that site when my girls were young. It is wonderful! Also wonderful is that email from last year and the pics
(my fave from today is the mice
chorus - when I first looked at it, I thought they were wearing diapers LOL).

Wishing you a fabulous weekend Renee and I hope you are feeling okay.


A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Wondeferful idea reneww. Something to do with my 6 yr.old great-nephew when he has a sleep-over with sat. night. He'll think I am awesome (instead of boring!).

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh my goodness, Renee. You should have seen the astonished glee in Emma's face when she saw this! Watching her amazement was pure magic. Thank you for this. Thank you, Shelly! I made one for Nona, too. She cried and cried last year when her friends told her there is no Santa. Booooo on her friends. I hope this restores some of the magic for her.

Now, I know that breakfast picture is supposed to be wonderful, and it is. But I also find it a little unsettling. I certainly hope Santa does not peek at me while I'm asleep. Unless, of course, he's that hunky, shirtless Beverly Hills Santa that hangs out at their mall.

Hope you're feeling okay, darling.


Great-Granny Grandma said...

My curiosity is getting the best of me. What does BLD stand for?

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Hi Renee,
That was the most magical thing to watch my great-nephew see Santa talk to him, he was entranced! He even spoke back and went to bed trying to figure out how Santa knew so much about that was fun! Thanks doll.

Daria said...

Love the singing mice ...

secret agent woman said...

I ilke all these. Thinking of you this weekend, even as I've been mostly off-line.

Kristin said...

What an incredible site. Thanks for sharing!

Shelly said...

That is exactly as i picture Santa

Julie said...

Renee, you gave Isaac an incredible gift through referring me to this site! I blogged about the experience. Thank you so much!