Thursday, 3 December 2009

BLD No. 3 (2)

What better way is there to get all dreamy about Christmas and prep on feeling good than watching some sweet movies with the people you love most? In my case, the people (usually Wahid) cannot mind that I am almost deaf and have the volume at the max.

Now watching these movies together will mean that I will watch and Wahid will fall asleep on me.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Snow White


Big Fish

The Polar Express


Love Actually


Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

March Of The Penquins


Deborah said...

The grinch; the old one or the newer Jim Carey version? I love them both. But not as much as I love you. Deb

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love Chocolat -- the movie AND the confection!

Linda said...

Dear Heart,
I have been commenting to all your posts and feeling your pain and anger. But I'm wondering if they are getting through to you? Just in case, I'll post on Blogland.
xoxo right back at you

Miss•Elena•Eous said...

Oh I just love Christmas movies! But what about Miracle on Thirty-Fourth Street? And The Holiday? And Charlie Brown? Those are some of my favorite holiday traditions....

zoe said...

ooh, some great movie choices in there! :)) i love amelie, and chocolat, and priscilla, and, and..!

Sarah said... snuck that "Dude" in there..more hugs hon..I will try to respond to this with a smile as you intended....
I adore Love Actually and always watch the Harry Potter movies about now..Elf just cracks me up and the Santa Clause I love too! The Sound of Music and the Wizard of Oz too. Oddly Lethal Weapon too - go figure! Love you hon, Sarah

Annie said...

Great films! I agree, there is nothing better. Glad you are taking care of your sweet self and finding some joy. I love you. xoxo

magikalseasons said...

I love Elf it cracks me up! :)

Angela Recada said...

Ah, Chocolat and Amelie and Elf are three of my very favorite movies of all time, too. Enjoy everything you can, dear friend.

Love you,

N-Search of Peace! said...

I could watch Love Actually everyday of my life and never, never be tired.

Then again, I wish that the love of this season could be carried through everyday of everyones life! Always!

I am armed for a revolution here, are you?

Love and Peace blessings....

pinkglitterfae said...

Yay for movies! I've seen everything you mention, lol!
and plan to start blogging about Christmas movies and stuff any day now. Been out of town, and feel behind, so just getting caught up on my fave blogs :-)


Kelly Lish said...

When ever my family and I watch Elf, we laugh our heads off. Thats my favorite!

Doris Sturm said...

I watch the Grinch every year - several times and I'd love to buy the Polar Express to have in my library. I have the Big Fish, that is a great adult type fairy tale and The March of the Penguins makes me cry...but I'd still like to own it. I love movies! I watch them alone - well, I do pretty much everything alone. I'm used to it...thank God for my furbabies :-)

Angie Muresan said...

Love Actually is one of my favorite movies ever! I have watched it at least a million times. Another one I really like to watch at Christmas time for the fairy tale feel to it, is Pan's Labyrinth. It is in Spanish though.

mansuetude said...

i love the Origional grinch; when his heart grows so big; that is Truth!

Max reminds me of my beagle! Ha. :)
try Babettes Feast.

Sending Blessings and healing light.

Anonymous said...

Renee Love
Thank you for finding a way to bring bring forward all the hope and wonder of the holidays. I will gather my family, make some popcorn, and cuddle on down this weekend.
Lots of love to you sweetheart
Loving you

Finding Felix said...

Some of my favourite movies are amongst your list Renee. Would love to join you and share a big bucket of popcorn and smiles and tears. Love and joy to you. xxx

Bella Sinclair said...

The dinosaurs in the snow! OH, that is GENIUS! Hahahahah

Love you LOTS

Elizabeth said...

That's a lot of great movies. They had a great article at today: a list of the ten funniest holiday movies. I think I'm going to rent and watch or re-watch all of them. I need to laugh.

Baino said...

Great selection although I'd add Polar Express and anything Christmas Carol. We're late getting Christmassy. We normally put the tree up on Clare's birthday but we're not all together again until Sunday night. Maybe I'll feel a bit more festive once he lights are flashing.Goodness you're a prolific poster this week. Distraction . . great strategy! Is it working?

studio lolo said...

I'd love to sit and watch movies with you ;)

love you!

Sara Williams said...

I do like most of the films you listed. I enjoy lieing in my bed with my boys on my memory foam mattress and under the duvet - great

Dede said...

The Grinch is one of my favorites. When that little tiny heart of his starts growing. My hubby agrees to watch movies too, and then within the first fifteen minutes is sound asleep. It is the thought that counts, he tries. LOL


Marie S said...

LOL!! That is Howard and I. He is almost deaf and I think I fall asleep from sensory overload.