Monday, 22 December 2008

B L D No. 22

It was our custom to open gifts after the older kids got home from Midnight Mass. We opened presents usually around 2 a.m. The older kids would wake us up by saying Santa Claus had come. We always had presents when we were kids and we thought Santa brought them.

It wasn’t until I was around 13 that I found out that my parents couldn’t always afford presents. One time the priest from our church brought a bunch of toys and he was dressed up as Santa Claus.

Another time Mom and Dad bought used toys from a Salvation Army outlet. Apparently some of the dolls were broken so Mom told us that Santa had fallen down the chimney with them. And being small, we loved the dolls even more. My doll was missing a nose and she had scratches on her face (Santa you have to be more careful). All of us whole little girls took such good care of our broken dolls. I remember telling my sisters “sshhhh” because they needed to get rest, thinking that if my doll had enough rest her nose would grow back.

I always feel that we had enough presents and I cannot remember ever doing without.


glorv1 said...

When I was young, we would wait till after 12 midnight because that's when Santa had already come. My dad could not affort much, but he always managed to get a little something. It's amazing how when you get older your thoughts turn to how it was with your parents. Very nice post Renee. Take care

Shelly said...

Funny, but whenever I hear those old stories or see pictures of you guys when you are toddlers I feel sad I wasn't around then and that I missed out on that time.

Shelly said...

Who wouldn't want to live in that red house - and who wouldn't want that women's breasts??

Anonymous said...

Renee, this is so sweet. Your mum and dad certainly had a way of making Christmas so special for you all. Bless her and all your family.
One year my mum ordered all the presents from a catalogue knowing full well she couldn't afford to pay for them afterwards. I went to court with her when I was around 12 years old and she told me this was her last payment. She said remember when you both were given the purple velvet coats when you was little. I did remember they were beautiful and had a hand muff to go with it.
I thought orgh! My mum was so skint. Took her about 8 years to pay off one christmas.
Merry Chrsitmas Renee!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story about the dolls.It warms my heart, Thanks for sharing such a touching story.
Blessings and love, Barb

one little acorn said...

We always did the presents in the morning. Together as a family. We had to wait until we were all ready.
I think my Mum worried as we gathered later at my Grandparent's home that we would feel hard done by when we compared our gifts to those of our cousins... but to be honest, I never really noticed.

I am lucky to say (like you) I have very fond memories also.
Love and Best wishes to you Renee.
And thanks. I think you're amazing.

flossy-p said...

:) That's so sweet!

Thank-you for your lovely Christmas Card. Wishing you and all of your lovely family a very very Happy Christmas together!

Lots of love
flossy .xx.