Friday, 5 December 2008

B L D No. 5

Nadalene and I went through my Christmas decorations one year when we had Travis clean out the crawlspace. We got rid of many decorations that just didn’t mean anything or I hadn’t used in years. They had been forgotten while new ones took their place and instead of giving them away or throwing them out, they were kept in Christmas boxes only to see the light when the box was opened to reach for a newer shinier ornament. How I must have hurt these poor old decorations of the past that had served my family so well.

The first Christmas after I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer I wanted Angelique and Nadalene to take most of my Christmas decorations. I can still see the hurt in Angelique’s eyes when I would try to pass off an ornament to her. ‘No Mom, you will still use these.’

Nathan and Wahid will be pulling them out of the crawlspace in a week or so, and I think as I go through each box that hopefully if they want any of them they will take them, and this time it is not because I don’t think I will ever need them again, but because I want to see them use them in their homes.

Different Christmas decorations used around the world today:

Angels: As early as the mid-1880s, using angels as Christmas decorations became widespread. Angels are associated with the Christian culture, but are also known in Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism, where angels or beings similar to angels are used as messengers.

Christmas balls: As far back as 300 years ago, glass balls were already used as Christmas decorations. Christmas balls were originally invented in Germany.

Christmas candles: To decorate the Christmas tree with Christmas candles is a tradition that dates back to the 16th century, the time when the Christmas tree was first brought into a living room. The candle symbolizes life and joy in a dark time, and so it is perfect for Christmas.

Tinsel: In 1610, tinsel was invented in Germany and was made from genuine silver. Machines that shredded silver into thin tinsel-sized strips were invented. However, since silver tinsel tarnishes and loses its shine over time, people eventually created artificial replacements. The original inventor of tinsel remains unknown.


glorv1 said...

I learned something new today. Thanks for the info. I have ornaments from way back. I save everything, well mostly everything. I have ornaments that my boys made when they were young, ornaments I found in thrift stores, ornaments from family. I like the idea. Thx for sharing Renee. Have a great weekend and I am sure your daughters will love having the ornaments you give them. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee, lovely to read about your Old christmas decorations.
Lovely that you found them and can share with you family. The photo of the dog photo is so cute also.
I have changed my text to cream, thank you for telling me, I didn't think to change the colour. Looks alot better.

Deanna said...

You forgot about the rare, but always appreciated "Christmas Frog"...mine is out year round, and I always think of you when I look at it...

Happy Holidays everyone!



Taylor said...

The Christmas Pickle:
(arguably German decent)
A pickle-shaped ornament is hidden in the tree Christmas eve. The First child to find the Pickle in the morning gets an extra gift from Saint Nicholas. our family it belongs to Dane and it's primarily because he loves Pickles. If it belonged to Anders it would be because Mickey-dearest loves him most.


Emerald Arts said...

The house I grew up in was overlooking the beach in a place called Dudley. When I was about 10 dad renovated the heck out of it. It went from being a two bedroom with a kitchen to a three level superhouse with massive columns in the entrance (which was two stories high) that a lady painted to look like marble.

Mum decided that since we had a new look house it was time for a new look christmas tree and bought this massive MONSTROSITY of a thing that was white with it's own ornaments. My sister and I sulked then set up the old one next to it. Didn't make an appearence the next year :P

I totally get what you're saying about your ornaments having told that story though. I have my favourites, but then there are some that I just don't feel the love for any more. I used to sneak them off then take them to friends houses.

Man, I was such a sneaky kid haha, what a wierdo.

I took my new book to show a friend today. He is a total nerd, fights with sticks in replication armour and is completely obsessed with drawing Lord of the Rings style art. I don't know if you've seen the movies, but in the first one the float on the river past these two massive monoliths. He loves them sick, has replication ones on his bookshelf. There is a page in the book that looks like these. He was so excited :)

Deborah said...

Oh Renee, I realize you were speaking of ornaments, but the Christmas Balls made me think of Saturday Night Live with Alec Baldwin selling cheese balls, and the family name was Schmelly. Oh no, now I am laughing uncontrollably....Schmelly balls...It was one of the funniest things ever. Schmelly balls dipped in chocolate and covered with nuts. MMmmmmmmm. Oops again. I am too chipper today. **kisskiss** Deb