Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Wednesday's Women No. 8

That Santa is such a card. He can make me giggle just by walking into the room.

Santa was telling the girls that Ms. Claus is sometimes green, and we laughed and laughed and called Santa silly. Silly Santa you know I’m green how can Ms. Claus be?


Ronnie said...

Hi Renee,
I discovered your blog yesterday and happily added it to my follow list.
Not sure how I found you, but I'm sure it was another artist's blog.
I am mesmerized by the painting you've used in your header. Beautiful and provocative. Did you create it? Are you an artist?
Ronnie - in a small town in Georgia

Anonymous said...

Santa is so giddy here. Funny how he is all a muddle,lol!
Your angel should arrive soon.....
Keeping my fingers crossed, hoping this week?

Renee said...

Hi Ronnie:

I am unfortunately not a maker of art, I am just a stealer of it. So please do not report me to the art police.


Shelly said...

You are an artist, just not in the conventional sense ... matching your written word to the pictures you choose in your blog is art in itself.